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  1. Sayhey

    Backswing (followthrough) interference

    I'm more confused now than when I started reading these posts. Is follow through interference an automatic out because Feds. Stress safety? Or does the follow through interference need to actually interfere with the catcher throwing( making a play)? The example is nonsense. A waste of time because it's never going to happen. Feds. Suck. If the defense is so bad that R-1 is on second base when the interference occurs why does the runner go back? R-1 attained 2nd base by merit. I apologize for being so dense. I read the posts and I'm still struggling. I have the official rule memorized and have used it in summer ball. I got a 94 without studying but I think I missed this question. I think I thought it was an automatic out because of safety concerns. Thanks for the help. Again, my apologies for being dense.
  2. Sayhey


    Heads up. I ordered a thermal jacket from +POS 2 weeks ago. They sucked $58 out of my checking account within 12 hours and I haven't received my shipment. On Feb. 18 the POS phone is shut off. My friend ordered plate shoes last year and it took two months to get them. Anyone have similar issues with +POS? Thanks if you respond!
  3. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    I'm not hyper sensitive. I just wanted some help on a rule. Half the umpires on this site come off as super umps with big egos and smart ass comments. I didn't step on anyone's dick, which is the comment of a child masquerading as a man. I'm not the only one that thinks there are miserable s.o.b.s on this site. My partner was fine with everything I said and did. I talked and acted very gently and slowly on this until the head coach became a 200 lb. Rat. Even then we never required the pitcher or coach to do anything. No one spoke a single word in anger and everyone was friendly after the game.
  4. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    The plate umpire did ask the coach in between innings to fix the problem. He refused. I told the head coach it must be corrected or his pitcher would have to play another position. My partner told the head coach we would play on and take no action and we would talk about it after the game. At dinner he said he would bring it up at our next meeting. You don't have to be present to know rhat a cap coming off the pitcher's head is distracting to a batter. Common sense and an imagination can help you visualize, or you can read rule 10.2.3© or you can tear that page out of the 2015 casebook. How any umpire can think this is ok is bewildering.
  5. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    Reading carefully is important. No where in my post did I say that I didn't know the rule. I've known the rule for 20 years. I told my partner the rule. My partner talked to the coach between innings. The coach did nothing to fix the problem and after incident 20 I addressed the situation. The coach told me there is no rule to back me up. I don't see it as a trivial and arcane rule.how do I know it's distracing? Because I have common sense. As a plate umpire we watch the arm slot area to see the release of the ball. If a cap is flying off the pitcher's head how is that not distracting? You can tell that is a question by the question mark. How's the attitudes on Umpire Empire? Answer- a little too much
  6. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    My plate umpire and I went to dinner after the game. He had zero problem with me talking to him about the rule between innings. He had zero problem with me talking to the coach about it when incident #25 happened. He didn't act because he was unsure of the rule and apparently I wasn't convincing anyone with my rules knowledge. I think it's poor sportsmanship.how can it not be distracting and how can it not be an advantage? At dinner, my plate umpire said it was distracting to him calling balls and strikes.very cool Beatles reference. Great song. The coach wanted to know why I waited until the 5th inning. I told him I was being lenient and I was hoping it would stop. 25 times isn't a few times. My job is to manage the game and make sure the playing field is level. I believe the cap coming off is an advantage. It is a rule in the 2015 casebook. Should we enforce the rule with wisdom and paitience or should we "let it be" completely.
  7. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    Mid Am ump. Big ego. SH*#ty attitude. We umpire as a crew
  8. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    When I got home from the game I opened up my Jaska/Roder and the Fed. Rule book. I found that Jaska/Roder referred me to 10.2.3© that didn't make sense because that section of the rule book is about umpire duties. I looked under cap and uniform for rules interpretation. I called another umpire and he had just studied this subject. Upon closer review 10.2.3© is the correct reference. It's hidden in plain sight in casebook. I was looking for help. I thought the question was obvious. Next time, if there is a next time, I will state that I'm asking a question. I completely disagree that only the plate umpire can handle this. The plate umpire refused to deal with it. Please tell me how a cap coming off the head of a pitcher can be anything but distracting? As far as dicks and other body parts, half of you on here need to grow up and get a way better attitude
  9. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    How can a cap coming off the pitcher's head not be distracting. My plate umpire after the game said it was distracting to him trying to call balls and strikes. 2015 Fed. Casebook-10.2.3. © f1's cap frequently falls off his head and in the umpire's judgement, it is either distracting to the batter or delaying the game. Ruling- the umpire shall instruct the defensive team's coach that F-1's cap must be secured. If this situation is not corrected, F-1 will be removed as pitcher. - the casebook says nothing about "treading lightly", or that the situation can only be addressed by the plate umpire. I was part of a crew that saw a violation. I talked to my plate umpire about it between innings. He refused to act because he was unsure of the rule. I reject your opinion that only the plate umpire can act I this situation. I also reject your childish language.
  10. Sayhey

    Pitcher's cap

    varsity pitcher can't keep his cap on while pitching. After incident #12 I spoke to my plate umpire between innings about the poorly fitted cap and its frequent flier miles. He wanted no part of it. I left it alone. About the 20th time it happened I walked to the mound and told the pitcher he needed to find a way to keep his cap on. His coach wasn't happy and argued that there is no rule stating that the flying cap is illegal. I told the coach it was distracting to the batter and if it didn't stop his pitcher wouldn't becallowed to continue to pitch. I got zero support from my plate umpire. If you can't have white sleeves or a white glove because it is distracting how can you be allowed to have your cap fly off your head every 4th pitch. Jaska/ Roder says the cap must be worn properly.
  11. Sayhey

    Force at first

    Has anyone actually seen a "casual step" touch of a bag? It's good that we covered all the details of this scenario to prepare for what may happen , but I have never seen a player casually step on a bag. A player steps on a bag for a reason. Speaking of casual, should an umpire act casual when observing a runner miss first base?
  12. Sayhey

    Force at first

    Mooseloop- great question. A runner aquuires a bag when he either touches a bag or passes by the bag. He is subject to be out on appeal if he passes by the bag. An umpire must use judgement to determine when a runner passed by the bag. If he touches to the foul side of the bag I would say he has passed by the moment his foot or hand reaches the point where he is at or near the bag and would have touched the bag had he been moved over a few inches. As for running over the top of the bag and not touching I would say he has passed by when his foot is over the front edge of 1st base, but I am not sure. I look forward to learning the answer. I appreciate the discussion. Thank you.
  13. Sayhey

    Question #77

    You are right about that! I woke up grumpy and "thin skinned". I'll listen more and post less until I earn a right to speak. I haven't earned a right to be so Damned opinionated. My apologies. I do appreciate this site. I learn a lot on here. It has good value.
  14. Sayhey

    Question #77

    My apologies Johnny. I am being impatient this morning myself. Thanks for your paitience with me. I do get frustrated with the rules differences. It's just the way it is. We make the adjustment and call the game. For what it's worth to you, the San Diego group has Crew Chief Mike Winters teaching ac12 week course on pro rules and then the high school group uses the Fed. Rule and casebook books and Carl Childress to make adjustments. Others don't want to study or hear anything about pro rules until we transition into summer ball. It's personal preference.
  15. Sayhey

    State Uniform Policy

    Part of being an umpire is buying gear. You are lucky to break even your first year. $500 is average for your first year. We require charcoal pants. We require a navy blue cap and black cap. We require a navy blue jacket and most have a black jacket in several styles. Some have black jackets with Carolina blue stripes. We can wear whatever we want as long as we match. We work three man and it is acceptable for the two wing umpires to be in jackets and the plate umpire to be in a long sleeve shirt. Under no circumstances can you wear a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt. No Jerry Crawford look. 90 % of the time we are " men in black". Our association has a long standing tradition of giving used and new gear to new umpires. You could come into our group with no money and be completely outfitted and ready to work a game. You have to pay back later in beer. Summer time is a free for all. Cream, red, polo blue, Bermuda blue, black, green, white, maroon, and short sleeve jackets in black or blue. We do not wear an American flag as a shirt. That is disrespectful.