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  1. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    The big issue here is the umpire who threw his partner sous le bus in a language his partner didn't speak. Geez. But no, were I able to translate and doing so, I would not volunteer anything unless asked specifically as an umpire by my partner. The tricky part would be resisting the urge to add on to the translation. "He said there was no way that was interference, and that your mother is a favorite of the sailors."
  2. New umpire getting started with his kids

    Welcome! That is so great to see.
  3. LLWS 2018

  4. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    Alrighty! Go to it!! It's certainly a career that is more robot-proof that some.
  5. Quick Tip Videos

    How basic do you want to get? Just one going over the usual signals would be a wonder for me to send around to our kids in the spring. But I would also use more advanced and tricky plays as discussion points too.
  6. How in the world can you change that call?

    Yes, but why did he listen? That discussion should have been a conversation about how late The Wieners Circle is open.
  7. Backswing interference?

    Here's the second half of that entry from 7.14 though (emphasis mine): Doesn't that imply this interp applies when the catcher is not in the act of making a throw? Although I guess now that I think about it, this is what nompere's second paragraph is getting at--it's not meant to be that broad but it sure looks that way. Now, in my youth games, a kid getting whacked aside the head on a follow-through is more likely to go down wincing than go chase the ball. Is that hindrance then? (Corollary question: Should Wieters have flopped?)
  8. Don't think it was crap; think it was targeted to get the call. Cannot for the life of me figure out what the six-person discussion was after the call, unless it was to wonder whether it could be challenged. I mean, presumably they already had reservations at Rasika, so they didn't need to decide where to eat after the game....
  9. Kneeling for National Anthem

    Mm-hmm. And Kapernick is employed where again? He's paying the price.
  10. Kneeling for National Anthem

    That's what they're trying to do. This started with Kapernick's stand against racial discrimination and police brutality. Drawing attention to it is the first step. I'm stealing from someone on twitter, but I want to work to make this a country where everyone will gladly stand, because they want to. Here's the thing: I can be proud of my country AND work to fix what's broken.
  11. stevis

  12. Eclipse

    Just stunning. The sky goes almost twilight, then--it's just eerie. You've got the tiniest amount of direct light you've ever seen. Then--the last sliver goes, you can see the corona blazing, look around in the eerie light from just outside the shadow--sunsets all around, it looks like. Beautiful. Already plotting April 8, 2024. Seriously--take this experience if you can at all get it.
  13. Eclipse

    I am here--I95 took about 2:30 more than it should have--but not too happy with the cloud forecast.
  14. Volunteer UIC survey help...

    Stay away from bad leagues. Never had a problem with either one I've been involved with. Mud, do you have a junior umpire program? Granted, you got to pay the kids too, but at least you can keep it Little League focused and in the spirit of developing young citizens.
  15. Eclipse

    Headed to Columbia, SC on Saturday.
  16. Coach pitch umpire positioning

    So that's where they're learning it. That's what our Little League does at one level; we only provide umpires for their end of season "fun" tournament, at which point I hustle league gear out to those fields and have them work standard one (or occaisonally two) person mechanics.
  17. Two Quesions

    This is how I would do it in LL (Intermediate and up, natch) as well. Likely the coach and I will have a firm discussion about how balk is a word only the umpire should speaking loudly, and how we don't want to have that interfere with play.
  18. Umpire in Wheelchair

    "Reasonable accommodation" is the phrase under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I don't think it's obvious what that implies for a baseball umpire. But I do think that, were I have to take the BR into third with nobody on as PU in the two-person system, or take R1 into third as BU since my partner would have a harder time rotating up, those would be reasonable. YMMV and I'm not going to claim I know exactly where the line is. I would certainly think you should give someone a personal evaluation and a chance versus making blanket statements. It's about opportunity. Certainly there was a time that, as a diabetic, I would have been deemed too fragile to be out there.
  19. Pitching

    Yep. Arm safety rules are by day; lineup/substitution based eligibility is by game. If the pitcher at time of suspension threw only a handful of pitches (i.e. they require 0 days rest) they could resume on the mound as well.
  20. 3 batters in, 2 gone!

    Game got better when they left, right? Geez. Yeah, while kstrunk has it right, I wouldn't have thought to do it either. Probably would have given them a staredown, which they probably would have ignored. They blew right to the eject step, which you correctly executed.
  21. Bears!

    Including things that make them belch. Bears repeating.
  22. Coach Thinks ENTIRE Batter's Box is FOUL

    If this happened in my LL (where I do the same job you're doing, so you have my respect and empathy), I would be looking at the field diagrams in Rule 1. It would be Diagram 2 in the 2017 LL rule book. Not sure what your house league would have to point at.
  23. Jim, we need you now

    As another one of the LL guys on here, I'd be happy to be a beta tester.
  24. LL Coach

    Don't squat like a catcher to warm up a pitcher at the game site--pre game, in game, or bullpen. That's really all it comes down to. LLI doesn't want you screwing it up and hurting yourself and suing them. #can'tproveitstillbelieveit I have no problem with warming up a kid to fill out the odd number (although can no one do three way any more?) or even warming up the right/left fielder IF you have no bench players. Otherwise, leave the game to the kids; we adults screw it up enough as it is.