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  1. stevis

    Was that a foul ball?

    It was a foul ball. It was also caught for an out. Scored 2-3.
  2. stevis

    World Series - Game 2

    Strikes me as the umpire equivalent of this:
  3. stevis

    run scores or runner out

    LL is OBR based, so from what I'm seeing here about multiple OBR sources conflicting, I would say it's up in the air. Sportsmanship wouldn't enter into it in LL I wouldn't think--more likely to be a massive confusion/misunderstanding about the proper action than a deliberate attempt to cheat, at least outside of the international tournament. (There...I wouldn't put it past some teams.)
  4. stevis

    Bad throw to first, B/R misses first ....

    Nope, the rulebook says "clearly intended."
  5. stevis

    Funny Grand Slam

    Good thing that account is from Venezuela then.
  6. stevis

    Some Nachos with that Foul Ball Sir?

    What, no ejection for applying a foreign substance to the ball? Must've been American cheese, then.
  7. Yeah, full speed, I've got a baseball play made by kids without enough baseball experience to make a better one. Catcher didn't need to run at him but I didn't see a shove--I saw him run at a runner and apply a tag, and a runner who didn't slide or attempt to get around.
  8. stevis

    Mound Visit

    Someday I'm going to say "Candlesticks always make a nice gift."
  9. stevis

    Cincinnati Umpire

    Little Leagues are almost always looking for adult volunteers. Might not be what you're looking for, but it's a foot in the door. Some of them even pay, and sometimes the umpires there will have connections that will open other (paying) doors for you, if that's what you're after.
  10. They have not reorganized yet, but the ruling remains the same.
  11. stevis

    Little League Manual

    They do sell a Kindle edition for $5: https://www.amazon.com/Baseball-Official-Regulations-Operating-Policies-ebook/dp/B01BCWI3H6?ie=UTF8&keywords=little%20league%20rule%20book%202016&qid=1463923229&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1 Which doesn't address the issue that they ought to be giving it for free to those who volunteer for them, but I digress. (And I know..."you get what you pay for" and "if you're good at something, never do it for free" apply.)
  12. stevis

    First Fan Ejection

    Ignore your chief, because he's wrong. Any youth league is what everyone makes it. I got a jump start from the losing coach last night. Because we've spent years cultivating the experience we want the kids (and families, and volunteers) to have. But I definitely agree with everyone who says to not work leagues or travel that don't control the madhouse. Ain't nobody got time for that. Steve
  13. stevis

    Why, oh why oh...

  14. stevis

    Parents: Totally Ignore?

    Failure of Leauge Officials to be present certainly sounds like failure to adequately handle. I'm sending teams home and letting the board sort it out later if I have. You're going by the book instead of with the book.
  15. stevis

    Parents: Totally Ignore?

    We're at fields all over the county rather than a complex. I AM the league official. So watch me do it, after sending the teams to the dugout and giving the coaches a chance.
  16. stevis

    Insulin Pump Tagged

    Oh geez, that's not how I read it either. Yeah, in the case, clearly an out. He doesn't get to block part of his body from being tagged by having the pump there.
  17. stevis

    Parents: Totally Ignore?

    How so? I mean, he can't forcibly remove them, but we will send everybody home for the day if they don't leave. 9.01(f) covers this.
  18. stevis

    Insulin Pump Tagged

    Hi, people may remember, I've the resident insulin pump user. And I say tough #$(&(#%, that's a toss. He would be allowed to stop and give himself up, for sure! Also, when I've played (rec softball, granted) wearing one in a hard case, and I would put in on my left hip so I could slide on my right. These days, if I played, I'd be more likely just to remove it for the couple of hours and catch up the insulin when I was done. When I umpire, I stick it in a back pocket. Obviously I'm not sliding them, I'm just trying to put my body between the ball and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. As to the original question...I probably wouldn't initially have ruled a tag, admittedly out of sympathy. But I don't think I can defend that. As we ask things like medical alert tags to be taped down, so should the player's insulin pump be secured so it doesn't come flying out and hurt someone. (It's a solid chunk of plastic housing circuitry. Only a few ounces but would leave a mark.) Effectively it's a tag on the islets of Langerhans, right? (although anyone tagged on their biological islets is probably malicious conduct, and rather a lot of blood.) Here's what we're talking about: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ChF63dTWIAIJnTw.jpg:large The scale on that is about 3.5 in long. Here's a photo as I' wearing it today--I would not consider that secured for athletic activity beyond running to catch the bus: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0ojgHnbIZHWYmhyelFNS2hVb0U/view?usp=sharing The cannula is only about 2cm; yeah it hurts a bit getting yanked out if you catch it right but I've also had it come loose and not noticed it. (not so much lately--they've improved the adhevise's reaction to sweat.)
  19. stevis

    Fence That Was No More

    Plus, that Hobbs kid finally gets his chance to play
  20. stevis

    Ball Magnet (not me)

    Whew--it was an autocorrect of "contusion." Just on the bench for a few days.
  21. stevis

    Ball Magnet (not me)

    So this is less my war story but still worth telling. One of my junior umpires left a game after a head shot last week. Word I had from the parent was that they didn't say concussion, but did want him to stay off the field for a week. No problem with that! He was back out Thursday night. Today I had the first of a pair of games with him, was going to have to leave him for the second game to go watch/pseudo-coach my daughter. (age 6) First game, I took the plate and we didn't get through one inning before the rain came down a little too hard to play, and this field (notorious for ponding quickly, it's in a flood plain) became not playable. Amazingly, after we all went home for lunch, they recovered the field after the rain ended (same field, enough time between to not really be back to back). Since my daughter was sick, she wasn't going to her game, and she was well-attended and stable, I joined this young man for the second one since we didn't get anyone else to take it. He was having a nice plate game, especially for a kid who just started three weeks ago--really had a good zone and good handle on a pretty good offspeed pitch for this age. (~10, half-curve/half-eephus, but really dropping it in there.) So of course, he took a foul ball right above the elbow. Down like a shot and an early candidate for our golden icepack award. I had to run to my car and gear up (in base pants mind you--I hadn't brought any others, I definitely did not do our profession any favors in the looks department)--and finish up the game. Tonight I hear it's not too bad, but he's in a sling. Also the parent said they said "concussion." I sure hope that's an auto-correct of contusion and we didn't let him out there like that. (Not that I didn't try to sound the warning on that...only can do so much if the 1st doctor wasn't smart or the parent wasn't listening.)
  22. stevis

    OBS Plus INT Equals ?

    This didn't precisely happen to me today, but it made me think of this hypothetical: R1, outs don't matter. Ground ball to F4. F3 is a doofus standing in the wrong spot and obstructs R1. F4 charges the ball, and reaches it about the same time as R1, who (gently, non-maliciously) bumps into him. What've we got? I had just the INT in a LL Majors game today...coach asked about the OBS, but I didn't see it as PU and my partner didn't call for anything either. So I said we didn't have that, coach said ok and we played on. But it got me thinking how to sort that out--my initial take is that the OBS doesn't absolve the runner of his responsibility to run the bases correctly, to include don't interfere with the fielder. But I'm curious. Arguably, if the obstruction was severe enough, he's past that point before he could interfere. But you could loop yourself in circles that way--is there an established precedence?
  23. stevis

    What's the Count?

    Yep. In the younger levels you're never going home if you ask them to catch every strike. 12s though--LL Majors, or the 50/70 we run--I want it caught more often than not, especially on the corners so I get a fair look at it. Belt high at the point of the plate, it's kind of hard not to call a strike. Kind of hard to see how they drop those, but they do. To the original point, yeah, give the count when the runners moved up and it's likely nobody heard you call the strike due to parents yelling like monkeys. At the very least, settle the confusion immediately after the event.
  24. I probably would have answered "That has to be properly appealed." or some such language that indicated I heard his request, but had no way to act on it until it was requested correctly. As a courtesy, not a requirement--I don't think you did anything wrong.
  25. stevis

    Training junior umpires

    Yeah, let me also double down on what scrounge says about the slot. I see kids wanting to drift into the kill zone all the time. I think intuition is that it's safer behind the catcher, but of course we all know better.