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  1. Over at Uni-Watch, Paul Lukas has unearthed some ejection reports from the 1952 AA season. A fascinating historical look (full of profanities, of course.)
  2. In Little League, catchers who catch four innings in one day (one pitch caught = caught for an inning) may not pitch the remainder of the day. Other youth leagues may be doing their own thing.
  3. Little League (Intermediate) - Play at the Plate

    I agree, out because of the tag of the base. As for waiting, not even the LL Rules & Instruction Manual clarifies. I have always taken it to mean "sufficient time that the runner can actually react by sliding or attempting to get around" which is a really HTBT ruling. (Don't take the quote phrase as authoritative; just using quotes to delineate my reasoning). I don't think I would have it as you describe--I think this a out and a train wreck.
  4. Baseball Umpire

    You haven't lived until you've officiated a game of Brockian Ultra Cricket. You're rarely allowed to live afterwards either, but that's another matter.
  5. 0-2 purpose pitch

    I see this all the time in Little League districts...only it's worse because it's the big kid throwing heat to the 7-8-9 hitters who have no chance of catching up and no power if they do. Then they futz with the curve ball that they have no control of, and end up missing when they go back to the fastball. I want to scream, "You're on a pitch count--blow that kid away! Save the change of speed for the kid your size who can take you deep."
  6. Do you rip the sleeves off your umpire polos too? Cause with arms like those I totally would.
  7. Little League pitcher to catcher

    That's looking forward though--catch four innings, can't pitch after that (for the day.) It doesn't apply retroactively.
  8. Intentional walks

    No. I mean, no more than once per plate appearance, but that's not what you meant.
  9. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Was the coach used to Little League? Little League only allows one batter out between innings. That could be where he got the idea, in any event.
  10. Youth baseball HBP Rule ?

    At that age, that is trying to avoid being hit by the pitch. Send them to first.
  11. Improving tracking and timing

    That sounds exactly like a first game to me. Good news--you're not behind the curve! And you're asking for advice, looking to get better. Implement the good advice you're getting, and have the patience to let it take root in actual game situations. Your fifth game will be better than your first, and your fiftieth game will be better than your tenth.
  12. Dangling Throat Guard

    This year, I told both our coaches the following about throat guards on catcher's masks: "Do you all see these scars on my throat? Of course you don't, BECAUSE I WAS WEARING A THROAT GUARD. The league gear has them, if anyone brings their own to the game, they need one on there too."
  13. Umpire as a translator for another umpire

    The big issue here is the umpire who threw his partner sous le bus in a language his partner didn't speak. Geez. But no, were I able to translate and doing so, I would not volunteer anything unless asked specifically as an umpire by my partner. The tricky part would be resisting the urge to add on to the translation. "He said there was no way that was interference, and that your mother is a favorite of the sailors."
  14. New umpire getting started with his kids

    Welcome! That is so great to see.