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  1. does the run count????

    You assume people would read that post.
  2. Coach demands Ref be removed... and she is.

    Received an email from IAABO today condemning actions of Addidas and requesting an apology.
  3. Stealing and foul ball

    If the runner reached 2nd before the pitcher started his motion he gets to stay there. I am assuming that you are saying that the runner got to 2nd before the pitch left the pitcher's hand, that isn't the actual standard for time of pitch.
  4. Missed Plate during Celebration

    Also note that your players cannot go into the opponents dugout and tag a player.
  5. RLI...................... again

    Batter-runner gets some leeway if he has been in the lane the whole way and come out of it at the very end, no leeway if he wasn't in the lane until he absolutely needed to leave it to reach the base. The way I read "to the left" and then "back near...the runners lane" I have this as interference.
  6. Bases-loaded tag play appeal

    Assuming that the runner from 3rd has scored before that appeal - the run counts
  7. Balk / Illegal pitch question

    Did he come to a stop in the middle of this? Otherwise this reads like a normal windup to me, am I missing something?
  8. Obviously dumb. But is it illegal?

    Would this not be covered in OBR by the new "hybrid stance" ruling that the pitcher must declare they will wind up from what looks like a set position?
  9. competency

    Don't feed the trolls
  10. Batter

    It doesn't matter that the pitch hit the ground other than it can't be called a strike (might still be a strike if swing and miss). Most likely it is batter hit by pitch and awarded first base.
  11. Tag or forced out?

    Runners are never forced to retreat. R2 going back doesn't actually force R1 anywhere.
  12. Post Game... Hanging Around

    You are correct and it applies to at least baseball and basketball, the two sports I work. We fought it but really wasn't anything we could do once state decided it.
  13. Mr.

    In this instance (ball hit bat rather than bat hit ball) the ball is either fair or foul depending on where it is either touched or comes to rest, per usual.
  14. Base running

    Assuming that this league or organization allows batters to attempt to reach base on an uncaught third strike the answer is yes. At that age some never allow batters to run on an uncaught third strike regardless of outs or other runners.
  15. Re ambi infielder

    Agree on #1. For #2 the O.P. indicates a step off, after that I believe the pitcher, now acting as an infielder, could change hands to make a play just as any other infielder.