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  1. maven

    Obstruction Awarding of bases

    If it's a kind of OBS where the ball remains live, then runners may advance. If they advance beyond the base they would have been awarded, then they do so at their own risk. If retired, the out will count.
  2. maven

    What's the call?

    The specific rule is the one that says a runner who abandons is out. If you want a rule number, you'll need to be more specific about which code the game was played under. They all have this rule, but the numbers (and a few details) vary.
  3. You're looking for the last sentence of 6-1-3: "After the pitcher has placed his pivot foot on the ground clearly behind the plate, he then has the right to throw or feint to a base the same as that of any other infielder." That's going to apply to your play because the pivot foot coming off the rubber during a legal feint to 3B is a kind of legal disengagement. The pitching restrictions are no longer in force, so F1 now enjoys the right to throw or feint "the same as that of any other infielder."
  4. maven

    Dump the asst. and restrict HC?

    The issue isn't control. The issue is some few HC's running their AC's out to be asshats and get run, and themselves not having any consequences. HC's might not "control" their assistants, but they are required by rule to take responsibility for their behavior. In a nation where the abuse of officials is an epidemic, that's a welcome step.
  5. maven

    runner interference

    It depends also on what he yelled, when he yelled, and how he yelled.
  6. Please do not explain tangle/untangle in terms of "just doing what they're supposed to do." That is NOT the basis for the ruling. Using it as such invites mistakenly applying it to other runners at other bases as well as numerous other errors of interpretation. This exception to the runner INT rule (which ordinarily would protect F2 from any contact by a runner, even accidental, while fielding a batted ball) is explicitly in the rules/case plays. It's a special case with a unique circumstance and is restricted to the BR immediately running to 1B. Same ruling all codes. The proper mechanic after the contact—which can be substantial enough for one or more of them to go down—is to signal 'safe' and verbalize, "That's nothing!" (For younger players, who seem to stop whenever we say anything, we can add, "Play on!")
  7. maven

    Dump the asst. and restrict HC?

    This is a violation of 3-3-1f(6), which prohibits "any member of the coaching staff who is not the head coach (or designee) in 3-2-4 leaving the vicinity of the dugout or coaching box to dispute a judgment call by an umpire." It's a good idea to know the 3 parts of 3-3-1 and the different penalties they incur. Violations of 3-3-1 subsections f–k require a written warning and restriction of both offender and head coach, with ejection on second offense. If the violation is "judged to be major," the umpire may eject on a first offense. Without knowing more about the situation, we can't really assess the umpire's judgment call here to eject on a first offense. Subsection f(6) has its own special comment in the PENALTY: "For violation of f(6) both the head coach and offending coach shall receive a written warning and be restricted to the dugout for the remainder of the game unless the offense is so severe the umpire may eject the offender and restrict or eject the head coach." So yes, the head coach must be restricted, if not ejected, in this situation.
  8. maven

    Pick off move on the way to set

    I too am struggling to understand the description. If the free foot is moving in any direction than toward 1B and F1 throws to 1B, that will be a balk for not stepping directly to 1B ahead of the throw. If the hands are moving as if to come set, and F1 does a legal jump spin to 1B, that's legal. There is no requirement to initiate a pickoff attempt from a stationary position. If neither of those is covering the play, then I don't understand it.
  9. maven

    Interference or Obstruction?

    The typing was fine. The reading was suspect. Sorry!
  10. maven

    Does the run count?

    They haven't, and it's South Carolina (don't be shy).
  11. maven

    Interference or Obstruction?

    Protecting F3 here is fine: I'd support an INT ruling, R1 out, BR awarded 1B. No, because the ball is still live after OBS, the foul ball or foul out will "count." Either the batter returns to the plate after a foul ball, or he's out on the foul out.
  12. maven

    hit by a pitch

    Yes, unless the bats had hands installed on it by the manufacturer.
  13. maven

    High school game. Balk?

    I'm also wondering whether "goes into motion" suggests the windup. It's illegal to throw OR feint to any base from the windup in FED baseball. It's also worth bearing in mind two points: ugly ≠ illegal never seen before ≠ illegal
  14. maven

    Coach Assist or not?

  15. maven

    Finishing a game

    Yes, suspended games pick up where they left off and continue until completed. Normal game ending procedures apply (not sudden death). Leagues can have their own rules about how each step works, so it's hard to be more specific without knowing more about the situation.