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  1. maven

    TV Blooper

  2. So dumb luck takes the force off?
  3. maven

    Unusual activity warning

    Yes: I'm Captcha'd just hitting the site, even when previously logged in.
  4. maven


    It depends on what the umpire yelld.
  5. maven

    Runner intentional interference

    For this play I'm watching for hindrance. When F6 fields the ball cleanly and makes the play he wants to make, I've got nothing. In a play with hindrance, I'd get 1 out here. For OBR, the criterion is willful and deliberate attempt to break up a double play, but unless the runners do something dumb only 1 out is likely. For FED, the bar is lower (DP is possible), but I'd treat it the same.
  6. maven

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    I think they're all there, but PU didn't. Runner out of lane Quality throw Hindrance of fielder taking the throw I wonder how this call was graded. PU was ruling on the tag at HP and got to the BR late. U1 had a weak angle on RLI, but might have had info if asked.
  7. maven

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    PU judgment that it was RLI.
  8. maven

    Interesting Play

    Huh? You posted exactly what I recalled. My point was simply that if the BR does not immediately return, F3 can tag the base and need not chase the runner around. The rest is umpire judgment: if I judge that action is "relaxed" (to use J/R), then I might kill it to allow a player to retrieve his equipment without penalty. If not, then I won't. None of this is about trumping rules. And as far as I've been paying attention in this thread, I haven't disagreed with you, so I'm not sure why you're picking a fight.
  9. maven

    Interesting Play

    I seem to recall WUM having a new-ish interp that F3 can retire a BR who fails to return immediately by tagging the base, not only the BR. However, depending on level, heat of the game, etc., for game management I might treat this as a standard "BR dealing with equipment after acquiring 1B" and kill it before the festivities begin.
  10. maven

    CI, BI, nothing, Benintendi swing

    No hindrance = no INT.
  11. maven

    CI, BI, nothing, Benintendi swing

    It can't be CI/CO: the batter has a right to an unimpeded opportunity to hit the pitch, and the pitch has ended when possessed by F2. If you like CI/CO here, then we will have to rule it a batted ball when that swing dislodges the ball and drives it into fair territory. It might be BI, depending on all the usual BI conditions.
  12. maven

    Balk Rule - runner at first

    Apparently not. This is pretty basic, even for rec ball.
  13. maven

    Unusual activity warning

    Yes. I log on exclusively from non-mobile devices. I get the errors only (a) on weekends, and (b) when I'm using my VPN. During the week or turning off the VPN, I do not get "Captcha'ed". Correction: I'm now Captcha'ed any time I connect while using VPN.