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  1. Starter uniforms for rookies

    One of the problems in recruiting people to call rec level ball is they are reluctant to purchase a lot of gear and uniforms until they are sure they want to continue to do this expensive job. All of us have loaned or given uniforms and gear to youths and some adults only to never see them again after the season and/or 2-3 games. Good umpire pants are $40-$50, good shirts are $25-$30, fitted caps are $15-$25 and so on. We are toying with the idea of allowing rookies to wear khaki pants with plain black polo shirts, black belt, black shoes and adjustable black hats while only mostly getting field assignments. Once a person gets the proper uniforms AND plate gear plus being evaluated ready then they will be in the rotation for all assignments. This allows anyone, youths and adults, to go to Walmart and get a cheap “starter” uniform until they have the desire to be a Big Boy and look like a real umpire. Comments please
  2. This is a great part of this forum. I do think it should be posted every year, on the anniversary of losing Mike, a profile of this great man. Some new members should know who he was. He had no equal on this forum.
  3. Insurance null and void IF?

    Hard to believe guys the fine print is ambiguous in an insurance policy. I have pings into NASO and ABUA now. Will post when I get an answer.
  4. Insurance null and void IF?

    If an umpire calls a game where there : 1. Less than the required number of players to field a team 2. Game where pick-up players and/or borrowed are used 3. A pick-up game 4. A practice game Is the umpire: 1. More liable for injuries suffered during any of the above games? 2. Not insured at all. We have some umpires claiming that their insurance is void IF the call any “non sanctioned” games/event I carry NASO and ABUA insurance and cannot find any exclusions in either policy BUT did not read all fine print Comments please
  5. Non-Ejections: 2 Examples

    "I had both coaches sign the Game Card" Nothing good happens when a coaches and umpires interact after a game is over. Be the first ones off of the field when the game is over.
  6. Did I handle This Correctly?

    Umpire Bumper sticker: " You promote what you permit"
  7. Assistant Coach

    Umpire bumper sticker: · “ If you have 100 monkeys misbehaving, KILL ONE, watch the rest of them straighten up”- Bigumpire
  8. World Series - Game 2

    Maybe he had the bottom of his pockets cut out.
  9. Opinions

    Sorry Your "role" is to take care of you team member FIRST! I wont respond to this post again BUT if a 'superior' directed me to abandon my partner when he needed help JUST FOR A BASEBALL GAME things will get ugly real quick. Combat is different. Baseball is just a game for little boys and and is being ruined by greedy tournament directors. OUT!
  10. Opinions

    Then you should know.
  11. Opinions

    Good job Chief It seems some on this forum are not Ex Military. When I am/was on the field the only friend I had was my partner. He will be protected by me at all costs. I expect the same. Hooyah @JaxRolo
  12. Throwing The Bat

    Our first priority is to ensure the safety of all involved. Do what you have to to to make this happen. @notrump - you did it right!
  13. Throwing The Bat

    As much as I dislike USSSA the Georgia rule book has this we use to handle a bat thrower. WE call it " dugout Prison" Ejections carry a hefty punishment so we use this book rule: 10.05 Managers, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, scorekeepers, players and other dugout personnel shall be confined to the dugout for the remainder of a game as an alternative to an ejection at the sole discretion of the Director / Umpire(s). Rule 10.05 Comment: Confinement to the Dugout is defined as remaining in the dugout until the conclusion of the game. This included between half innings, between innings, during time-outs, during pitching changes, etc. Managers, coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, scorekeepers, players and other dugout personnel shall not leave the dugout until the game concludes or upon direction by a Director / Umpire(s).
  14. Umpire Evaluations From Coaches

    Guys As requested by the league the purpose of Coaches evals is to pick umpires for post season. The UIC will be valuating each umpire throughout the season as well. This league has struggled when recommending umpires for post season and someone says " NOT this guy- he has stunk all season" and the league officials say to the coaches" whey haven't you stated this all season?" I agree most REC coaches dont know a good umpire from a blender BUT here is some criteria I have selected in this draft of the Electronic version we will have the coaches ill out on the league website when they report their scores. As @greyhawk stated "Coaches evals are: "Not for determining if an umpire had a good or bad performance for that particular game, but rather to spot trends. If several coaches give the same feedback about an umpire over the course of a season, then it's likely something that should be addressed as a learning opportunity." BIG shoes to fill BUT @greyhawk MAY be our new Mike Taylor. This is a draft of the statement/questions; Coach Thanks for spending your time with these young people! We REALLY do value your opinion on how our umpires performed during your game. Please rate the Plate Umpire 1-10 on a scale of 1-10 1=He stinks/Kill the bum! 10= This is the greatest umpire I have ever seen! 1. Appearance/Comment_____/_________________________________________ 2. Strikezone/Comment______/_________________________________________ 3. Pre-game meeting/Comment_____/____________________________________ 4. Kept the game moving/comment_____/_________________________________ 5. Temperament/Comment_____/_______________________________________ 6. Attitude/Comment______/___________________________________________
  15. Local Rec group I consult for is asking how to get the coaches to submit evaluations on the umpires after the game. There are paper forms BUT it does NOT seem practical to meet a coach after a game and ask him to spend his time to fill out even a simple form especially if he loses. Just getting them back to the UIC in a big spread out park would take lots of organization and manpower. I also don’t believe umpire evaluations, paper or electronic should be public. A person transporting the completed eval could lose, alter or never get it back to the UIC. One sharp IT type of umpire suggested that when the coaches log into the league website to record the game score they have to fill out umpire evals on the game FIRST. Any suggestions?