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  1. The 2 majestic shirts are now sold! Thanks
  2. Smitty Full Zip Thermal Jacket Size XXL. Lightly used with no defects. $25.00
  3. I have 3 shirts that I no longer need as I have lost weight and need a smaller size. $25 each or $65 for all 3. Thanks 1. Majestic MLB Side Panel Black / Gray XXL 2. Majestic MLB Side Panel Blue / Black XXL 3. Smitty MLB Side Panel Black / Gray Long Sleeve XXL
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  5. BravoUmp

    $100 Challenge

    Food for thought... Rule 8j A.R. 1 No run may score on ANY play when the third out is either a force out or the result of a batter-runner failure to reach first base safely. NO Runs would score under this rule!
  6. BravoUmp


    Quality of throw only matters in NCAA. In Feds it simply states "a throw must be made". Quality does not matter in Feds.
  7. BravoUmp


    Running lane violation = interference. Same Thing. Out of lane = interference. Both guys where they are suppose to be, on base and running lane = train wreck. Yes, I agree. Obstruction is called, just ignored. Should have said " only time obstruction is enforced is if the runner is out".
  8. BravoUmp


    Depends on where the throw is coming from. A throw from the shortstop won't make the running lane relevant. The throw does not matter if he contacts him in fair territory preventing him from making the catch if it pulls 1st baseman to home plate side of 1st base. It does not matter where throw is coming from if he contacts 1st baseman outside of the running lane. Now granted, his last stride will be in fair territory, but his step before that must be in runners lane as the rule only applies if his last step was from runners lane. Rule 8-4g.The batter- runner is out when he runs outside the three-foot running lane (last half of the distance from home plate to first base), while the ball is being fielded or thrown to first base;
  9. BravoUmp


    You have obstruction which entitles him 1st base. He obtained 1st base on his own, therefore, obstruction is ignored and the play goes on. Since the ball went into dead ball territory, he is given 2nd base. Question- If he had thrown it 3 feet over 1st basemen's head and no obstruction occured, you would still give him 2nd base, right? Same here. The only way obstruction needs to be called is if the 1st baseman obstructed the runner and he was out. On this play, you could have interference if the batter-runner is out of the running lane or obstruction if he is in the running lane. Thats why plate man needs to be at the 45 ft line up 1st base line.
  10. Tennessee- Navy blue shirt, gray pants (heather or charcoal), blue hat with red/white TSSAA. Jackets / coats must be BLACK! So you wear a blue hat, black coat. Looks GREAT! LOL. I wish we would go to all black or all blue. I hate the black / blue combo.
  11. I would never call a runner out for being on top of another player's foot, especially on a sliding play. Its a lot easier sell that a portion of his foot was on the bag as opposed to being on his foot completely. You then get yourself into trouble because then the fielder start playing footsies with the runner in an attempt to get call again. Sometimes its about game management and that is setting yourself up for chaos.
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