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  1. Interference

    His response, “But how much more obvious can it be if the catcher throws out the runner even with the batter runner interfering?” If we use the OP.
  2. Interference

    I’ll let you know my response. He also mentioned what if f2 scooped the d3k and had a play.
  3. Interference

    I’m trying to find a way to explain it to my partner. He’s fixated on two outs.
  4. Interference

    I get the batter interference rule. On the play you posted for the dropped third strike interference where he is now BR. Y’all said kill it, call BR out and return R1 back to TOI. Only penalty is BR called out and R1 returns correct? I must have stated it incorrectly in my previous comment.
  5. Interference

    Batter cannot advance if first is occupied with less than two outs. The penalty is not an out for R1 regardless, the penalty is sending R1 back. Correct?
  6. Interference

    8.4.1(h) is there reference with total disregard to 8.4.1(a) I'll try to find it because we have lots of veterans who refuse to accept this as a rule. We've been having this discussion over text all morning. Stating if the BR prevents an obvious double play then you get two...
  7. Interference

    I am on the same boat you are. Most guys refuse to kill it and would rather it play out like batter interference. I cant find another way to explain it.
  8. Interference

    Referencing FED Rules, in lamen terms this would be hard to explain. Best way to explain I believe would be “the batter runner is retired coach because he interfered therefore he cannot advance and r1 returns to first”
  9. Interference

    I get it. But does it need to be intentional ? Kicks the baseball, sticks his arms out in front of f2?
  10. TASO Exam

    I copy and pasted all questions. I believe I might have overthought them as well.
  11. TASO Exam

    Seeking info and feedback regarding the few questions I got wrong. Read below. 1. A force is reinstated when a runner retreats past the base to which he was forced to advance. T or F I marked False due to a runner who passes a base needing to be tagged upon returning. Unless I am misinterpreting the question. Correct answer is TRUE 2. No outs, R3 on third and R1 on first. R1 attempts to steal second. B4 interferes with F2, but F2's throw gets R1 out. During the play at second, R3 scores. B4's interference is ignored and R3 scores. T or F. I put false due to the interference from my understanding runners return back their base start of pitch. Correct answer is TRUE. What if R1 gets caught in a rundown because hes thrown out by a mile? Kill it if first attempt is not successful? 3. A coach physically assisting a runner during playing action is interference. T or F. I put TRUE and apparently its false. Any feedback is welcome.
  12. Still curious on what went on.
  13. Carlucci Hall of Fame Model

    I have the same cologne!
  14. New Balance MU460v1 Plate Shoes SZ 10 EE

    $90 shipped to your door.