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  1. Jglopez7

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    Great! Making my purchase today!
  2. Has anyone purchased the black jacket from officials depot ? And any suggestions for the Smitty jacket sold by ump attire. I’m asking due to price differentials between the two.
  3. Jglopez7

    Everything You Need For Sale

    Interested in the majestic short and long sleeve along with the majestic convertible black pull over. PM sent.
  4. Jglopez7

    Masks For Sale

    Tried emailing but didn’t go thru. Take $100 shipped ?
  5. Jglopez7

    Smitty's Poly Spandex 36x30 Combo Pants

    How tall are you?
  6. Jglopez7

    Can you do anything here?

    How did I get brought into this?
  7. Jglopez7

    Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Well well...
  8. R1 off on the pitch. PU calls it dead upon calling batter interference. Result: crew called R1 out.
  9. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

    No ejection. This was also the very first batter of the game. Two batters later, it was a hit by pitch.
  10. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

  11. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

  12. Jglopez7

    MLB gray panel shirt

    I’m up next!
  13. Jglopez7

    Sticky situation

    A statement was released by the asst coach. Stating when the runner slid home the catcher thought he missed home so he tagged him again. Runner was upset when tagged a second time and made a comment which started the incident. Initially the umpires ejected F2 and the runner scoring. But the tourney director wanted action to be taken as per the rule for JUCO/NAIA.
  14. Jglopez7

    D3K Missed Touch

    Exactly my thought. That only applies to appeals if I’m correct ?
  15. Jglopez7

    D3K Missed Touch

    Bases were loaded. F2 touched home. @maven