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  1. Sticky situation

    A statement was released by the asst coach. Stating when the runner slid home the catcher thought he missed home so he tagged him again. Runner was upset when tagged a second time and made a comment which started the incident. Initially the umpires ejected F2 and the runner scoring. But the tourney director wanted action to be taken as per the rule for JUCO/NAIA.
  2. D3K Missed Touch

    Exactly my thought. That only applies to appeals if I’m correct ?
  3. D3K Missed Touch

    Bases were loaded. F2 touched home. @maven
  4. Asking $30 for both shipped PayPal F/F only within the US. XL navy fits like a large. Great for a starter Umpire. Navy won’t upload.
  5. Runners Lane Interference feedback

    Right hand would be a strike. We adopted it as a chapter the safe signal. If we are unsure, a quick glance at our BU, who may have a better view would provide an open hand (uncaught) closed fist (caught). This mechanic is easier since we do adopt it on regular catch or no catch calls on the field. On close calls to avoid confusion, I do verbalize no catch or catch. This was pretty obvious due to F2 blocking the ball, a safe signal (no verbal) was enough I believe.
  6. Runners Lane Interference feedback

    Correct the blocked ball ended up inside. I came up slightly and straddled the foul line. Once I saw the runner change his path and get hit I made the call. While making my call I walked closer to the play, makes it look like I was closer than I actually was. @Thunderheads coach said "im just gonna stand here because that's a good call unfortunately" we acted like we had a conversation then parted ways.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/pawsox/status/988142674233516032
  8. See the video of my call of RLI. What do y’all think?
  9. Squeeze Play

    This has to be a balk. Since the Baseball never crossed the foul line to make it a legal pitch. AmiiiiRighttttt!!?!?
  10. Interference

    His response, “But how much more obvious can it be if the catcher throws out the runner even with the batter runner interfering?” If we use the OP.
  11. Interference

    I’ll let you know my response. He also mentioned what if f2 scooped the d3k and had a play.
  12. Interference

    I’m trying to find a way to explain it to my partner. He’s fixated on two outs.
  13. Interference

    I get the batter interference rule. On the play you posted for the dropped third strike interference where he is now BR. Y’all said kill it, call BR out and return R1 back to TOI. Only penalty is BR called out and R1 returns correct? I must have stated it incorrectly in my previous comment.