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  1. Jglopez7

    Masks For Sale

    Tried emailing but didn’t go thru. Take $100 shipped ?
  2. Jglopez7

    Smitty's Poly Spandex 36x30 Combo Pants

    How tall are you?
  3. Jglopez7

    Can you do anything here?

    How did I get brought into this?
  4. Jglopez7

    Nike ti, Wilson pads

    Well well...
  5. R1 off on the pitch. PU calls it dead upon calling batter interference. Result: crew called R1 out.
  6. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

    No ejection. This was also the very first batter of the game. Two batters later, it was a hit by pitch.
  7. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

  8. Jglopez7

    6A UIL Championship Collision

  9. Jglopez7

    MLB gray panel shirt

    I’m up next!
  10. Jglopez7

    Sticky situation

    A statement was released by the asst coach. Stating when the runner slid home the catcher thought he missed home so he tagged him again. Runner was upset when tagged a second time and made a comment which started the incident. Initially the umpires ejected F2 and the runner scoring. But the tourney director wanted action to be taken as per the rule for JUCO/NAIA.
  11. Jglopez7

    D3K Missed Touch

    Exactly my thought. That only applies to appeals if I’m correct ?
  12. Jglopez7

    D3K Missed Touch

    Bases were loaded. F2 touched home. @maven
  13. Asking $30 for both shipped PayPal F/F only within the US. XL navy fits like a large. Great for a starter Umpire. Navy won’t upload.