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  1. TChildsUMP

    West Vest customization

    Love the American Flag sticker!
  2. Why are you selling this for over $100 more than retail?! @panda76
  3. TChildsUMP

    Ebay finds

    @BT_BlueI smell a pirate $1K for a hat. I’d love to know what he’s smoking?. Lol
  4. TChildsUMP

    SOLD Nike Teardrop

    Some one will grab it eventually. Same here with my Douglas(es) someone is bound to grab it before the season starts.
  5. TChildsUMP

    Douglas Chest Protector(s) 12 or 13

  6. TChildsUMP

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I paid $295
  7. I have two of the newer version Douglas chest protectors. I have a 12 in and a 13 in. I’m only selling one to the first buyer. Both have the T-Hook slots inserted. The 12 inch also has the buckles still on the side. I have two harnesses; Douglas and System 7. Message me for pricing and questions.
  8. TChildsUMP

    Nike Mask Harness

    I concur, no way I’d spend that when @Razzerhas his for under $30. @BT_Bluehow you liking that harness from Ray?
  9. TChildsUMP

    Mask Porn?

    Late to party but here are my masks; Nike Titanium powder coated gun metal, champro sun visor, Honigs harness, spider throat guard Wilson Dyna Lite Aluminum chopped off horn powder coated metallic silver, diamond sun visor, Wilson harness, Wilson 6 in throat guard All done by Tony at Mask It Sports
  10. TChildsUMP

    Lt Blue/Tan Wilson pads

    I always tell the truth, even when I lie!
  11. TChildsUMP

    Lt Blue/Tan Wilson pads

    @BT_Blue don’t do it!! Those are FUGLY, lol
  12. TChildsUMP

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I ponied up the big bucks 2 years ago from Honigs when they had them readily available seems like they’re no longer marketing them on their website?! Looking forward to hearing your review @JDavis225
  13. TChildsUMP

    ISO 13" Douglas newer model

    One day @BT_Blue you will find that shovel. But for right now you can only hope!
  14. TChildsUMP

    Stoping motion with no runners on.

    Just because something looks weird or awkward doesn’t make it anything! Don’t be the type that has to insert yourself into the game when it’s not needed.