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  1. TChildsUMP

    Reebok Zig Mag Plate Shoes White Classics

    That’s a great price!
  2. TChildsUMP

    Nike NRS/College Steel

    Your prices are always fair and reasonable. You weighed one of those HS Nike’s just over a lb as I recall Wolfie, slightly heavier than the titanium
  3. TChildsUMP

    Nike NRS/College Steel

    Meaning these are used by NCAA catchers and are not sold to the general public via officials sites a la ump-attire
  4. TChildsUMP

    Con-Cushion Mask Enhancer from Gerry Davis

    Why do you think Gerry uses blue, to advertise it?
  5. TChildsUMP

    Cheap pants?

    @Fid00 I have the size you’re looking for, Smitty poly wools in your size 34/34 charcoal grey. If you want pictures inbox me your #. I’ll sell them to you cheap. Just pay for the shipping.
  6. TChildsUMP

    Douglas Chest Protector(s) 12 or 13

    You can shut this one down @Thunderheads this has been sold
  7. TChildsUMP

    CP under plate coat

    I concur, Dan Iassogna was the first pro I saw rock that look. Just looks professional and sharp
  8. TChildsUMP

    CP under plate coat

    Then pony up the bucks @BT_Blue
  9. TChildsUMP

    West Vest customization

    Love the American Flag sticker!
  10. Why are you selling this for over $100 more than retail?! @panda76
  11. TChildsUMP

    Ebay finds

    @BT_BlueI smell a pirate $1K for a hat. I’d love to know what he’s smoking?. Lol
  12. TChildsUMP

    SOLD Nike Teardrop

    Some one will grab it eventually. Same here with my Douglas(es) someone is bound to grab it before the season starts.
  13. TChildsUMP

    Douglas Chest Protector(s) 12 or 13