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    I have been umpiring since 1980, starting in LL. I am now working college, high school, American Legion and yes, still doing LL. I have umpired in tournaments as far away as Guam.

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    Career Fire Captain / Paramedic
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    College (D-2, D-3, D-1 non-conf, CCBL), High School, American Legion, LL regionals/WS
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  1. I was recently notified that - I was selected to work the 2018 Little League World Series in Williamsport Pa. I have set up a personal blog to show my 'journey' throughout the year. Got to: http://www.easternmaineumpires.org/troylare.html

  2. LLWS 2018

    I know the clinic you speak of - I hear really good things about it. Some friends of mine teach it. I have never been able to attend either because of work or baseball schedule.
  3. Cold Weather hoods

    There are different models for nomex hoods. I am a Firefighter in the Northeast, so we are issued a couple of different styles. I have a thinner one for warm weather and a thicker one for winter. Back when they first came out, they had a cotton blend.
  4. LLWS 2018

    I will put my # on here when I get it, I think they still do that. If I suck then it might be a different one
  5. LLWS 2018

    Thanks guys - Aging called me yesterday and said he was going to do this - Thanks Bill! I am looking forward to this trip, I will try to post a schedule from there.
  6. Bomb Cyclone 2018 Pics

    Depends on which way from Portland - up towards NH got pounded. Big winds down there as well.
  7. Bomb Cyclone 2018 Pics

    In Maine we were supposed to get it bad. Not so much. We got maybe 12 inches in Central Maine, winds were up, but the storm was nothing compared to last year's blizzard. Weather has been below 0, but going to near 50 this week. The motto here is - If you don't like the weather just wait a day or 2. No pictures to add, 'cause this was just another storm :).
  8. Cold Weather hoods

    I second this, but they do stretch out over time. On another note: they also work really well in really hot places too!
  9. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    Good for you for stepping up to help! Just a few tips from an old paramedic: Study hard Skills are the easy part Treat EVRYONE with respect (same as you would treat a grandparent) Have fun along the way The career should give you time for lots of baseball.
  10. Now THIS is a plot twist.

    Congrats - are you sure you want EMS? I have been doing it for almost 40 years - you won't get rich! The film way seems cool to me.
  11. Your Umpiring New Years Resolutions

    I really like the play it forward resolution. We really need to get young umpires into the game and work on retaining them. This one I got messed up last year - recognize when I have a concussion and give myself a break (or even go get checked). It effected my concentration at the end of last season. Being a paramedic - you think I would pay more attention when I get hit.
  12. 'tis the season

    I have played snowball softball tournaments in more snow than that!! The infield is real slow on ground balls, so bunting skills are very important.
  13. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    I agree, it seems that very few test questions are NOT from the NCAA book or mechanics manual. I find the NCAA rules easier to remember and enforce than the FED stuff.
  14. 2 umpire system mechanics question

    This could depend totally on the crew and what they have pre-gamed.
  15. Where to start on learning NCAA ruleset

    An easy way that I learned is that the NCAA rule book is gospel and anything not covered there in covered by OBR. Basically, the NCAA covers the differences. You could also check with your assignor for possible conference adopted rules as well.