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    I have been umpiring since 1980, starting in LL. I am now working college, high school, American Legion and yes, still doing LL. I have umpired in tournaments as far away as Guam.

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  1. maineump


    Yep, I had them twice. The 11 inning and against New York. Great kids and outstanding coaches. Hawaii and Georgia shared the sportsmanship award.
  2. maineump


    Thanks for the insight. We did ask if there was a tag of the runner. Lots of confusion for everyone. The pitcher was confused about how to do the appeal to start it off. From the replay you saw, did the runner leave early? I have not seen any replays yet. The only replays I have seen were on the 2 calls I had reviewed at the plate. That was in the replay room at the series.
  3. maineump


    If I remember correctly. The manager felt that the step off was a balk/illegal pitch. This was while PR was attempting to appeal a runner leaving early. So, after finally figuring out what he was asking for, we got together. Our discussion (as I remember) was about the appeal and if it was proper, we also talked about an illegal pitch, and everyone had a proper step back. So bottom line (in our opinion) was - 1. proper step-off - check 2. appeal on runner - we decided that the appeal was improper. He touched the wrong base and did not tag the runner - so safe. To the last part - adding a ball? I'm not sure if it would have helped or not - don't remember the count.
  4. maineump


    There was some talk after the game. I agree, they did crowd the plate. Hawaii played it well and threw inside. The Koreans could still get their hands through, they we aggressive at the plate. Not sure what the plat guy had to say about it, as I never asked him.
  5. maineump


    Yes we did attend the classic. Very good show by MLB and LL. We also had our pictures taken with the Phillies, and spent an hour or so with Gerry Davis and his crew. If I remember it was Chris Guccione, Mark Ripperger and Jeremie Rehak, a call up. They were great guys and fun to hang out with. Lots of knowledge in that group. Chris called to innings at 2B in the LL game and got a banger. He sold it and didn't get reviewed. He was all smiles when he came back the locker room. Well, there were lots of things going on. Mostly, the manager was trying to tell me what he wanted in Korean (BTW, I don't speak Korean), and it frustrated him until the interpreter got there. If I remember correctly, he wanted to review the play at HP. After that review, Puerto Rico wanted to review 1B. There was also something about a balk - there are no balks in this division. I think that was on a tag-up play, and PR appealed incorrectly. Most of the issues, IMO were language barriers and a very different culture. I think in the end we got it right. It was a lesson in International relations. I hope this answers this part of the question.
  6. maineump


    Typical day started with breakfast at the hotel. It depended on game times on who showed up. We were generally at the venue 1.5 hours before your assigned game time. This time was used for cleaning shoes and gear, collecting cleaned uniforms, discussing the day before (early in the tournament we really didn't watch each other due to the number of games. There was also the usual locker room banter. Pre-game was 30-45 minutes before we went to the field. Post-game after was led by crew chief and staff. Depending on schedule some went to eat at venue, went to watch another game or returned to hotel if last game. We did carpool with each other as well. We stayed very busy all week, and generally were at the complex. It seemed most of the week waiting out rain delays. We did have a day off, and guys went and saw local things. Sounds boring, but we all felt we were there for baseball.
  7. maineump


    Nope. 1bx was what the individual umpires did on their own. We were told to do what you do at home. I used 3bx into the wedge on my plays at the plate. I was asked by the other guys how to do it. During the week, the guys would talk and try to learn from each other.
  8. maineump


    Well the 2018 LLWS is in the books. This has been a very busy 10 days but was a very cool experience. I checked in a few times late at night after a day at the complex. I saw a few questions that came up, but don't remember them. If anyone has questions about how things work during the series, please ask away. I will be on the road all day Monday, but will try to sign in Wednesday to answer stuff for you all Thanks for following along ( if you did) and call em like you see em.
  9. maineump

    LLWS 2018

    This is my 4th extra inning game of the series
  10. maineump

    LLWS 2018

    The real story behind the picture? The Australian manager told this guy, that I had the authority to make him cut his hair. He was sucking up to me, to try to talk me out of it. He was a great kid, and one heck of a ball player. We got to hang with Gerry Davis' crew today. Great guys one and all. Got to watch them work tonight at the Classic. Games on Monday the 20th - 3:00 at Lamade (3B) and 8:00 at Lamade (LF Line)
  11. maineump

    LLWS 2018

    4:00 2B 8:00 RF Don't remember the teams.
  12. maineump

    LLWS 2018

    Thanks guys for the posts. I can answer a few of them here. The rest of the questions will be later. 1. My mask is a Rawlings with spider. The TG is hand delivered from Japan. 2. Yes we heard it was a record. Not a good one imo ☺ more on this subject someday. 3. I got to see what the replay system was like. They have a good set up and I got to see what they saw in the reviews after the game. 4. International relations was a key to this game. Interpreters were great to work with. 5. The pitchers were on. The kids were swinging. Despite the time, it was a great game and fun to do.
  13. maineump

    U1 in 3 Man

    This would depend on what U3 is doing. If he is inside then take the play by starting outside and stepping in to make the call. The only time to come in is when U1 has to take BR to 2B.
  14. maineump

    U1 in 3 Man

    U1 has outfield responsibility if U3 is in D as well. Basically, both base guys que off from each other. If U3 goes out, then U1 takes BR all the way to 3B. This is the same as 2 man. If U3 comes in, then U1 needs to read that and think about HP coverage. We use a 'mirror the runner' technique to rotate. PU mirrors runner from 1B to 2B. U1 mirrors runner from 2B to 3B. You have to make sure that there will be no plays back into 1B. If U1 is in deep B, then you might be making calls at 1B from in the dirt. You can get a great angle from there too. Like the guys said above, it can be complicated, but with practice it is a lot of fun to do. There is a lot of communication involved and you need to think about more stuff than 2 man. Just remember U1 in A anytime there is a runner on 1B, or with 2 outs.