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  1. gsdesbiens

    New Balance plate shoe tear

    All is right, Ump-Attire stepped up and will most probably replace the shoes once they inspect them. So I am packing them up for shipment as we speak. Seing that I am not the only one with this problem, did anybody either repair or reinforce the leather behind the steel toe?
  2. gsdesbiens

    New Balance plate shoe tear

    Thanks, but that might take longer for me, as I live in Canada ...
  3. gsdesbiens

    New Balance plate shoe tear

    Gentlemen! First time caller, long time listener! I ordered the new New Balance plate shoes last July from ump-attire.com. I had the chance to work around 8 games last summer with the new shoes, and loved them! Yesterday, I took the field for my first exhibition plate job, and noticed the tear on top of my shoe after getting off the field. Now I spoke with a rep from New Balance, and they said I should try to contact the original store. I tried to get a hold of ump-attire today, but the phone lines seemed to be jammed. Sent an email and waiting on a reply. As you guys probably guessed, I am pretty saddened to have this happen two weeks before opening day here, and I'm just hoping that I'll be able to have some shoes that aren't torn for the start of the season!