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  1. Its a brotherhood

    Was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor??????
  2. Jason Leffler

    I was there when it happened. Nasty wreck.
  3. Indicator Refurb

    Haven't used an indicator in 2years.
  4. Pitcher to catch to pitcher

    Can not catch 4 or more innings then enter to pitch.
  5. Gerry Davis Charcoal Base Pants - 34x31and up

    They are 34/30 with 2in to let out if needed. $35 shipped Can do PayPal
  6. Gerry Davis Charcoal Base Pants - 34x31and up

    Have a pair of 34 base . I believe there 30/31 will measure tonight. Also may have a pair of combos if interested. Will reply back Friday.
  7. An Ejection leads to 5 arrests

    I will say it shenanigans!!!!!!! May need boots for this!!
  8. Transaction Experience Thread

    tldavis19 Great buyer had shoes listed at 346 had paypal payment an hour later Thanks
  9. Transaction Experience Thread

    Sent prompt payment Good Guy!!! Also prompt payment from Zoops Great Guy!!!
  10. Reebok Zigs (All Black) Plate and Base

    just took them out of the box way to tight and narrow. Up for sale for me too. gonna order the old model!!
  11. Just got them tried them on way to tight. Going to order the old style Brand New Size 11 $99 Shipped Paypal email jntoliva@verizon.net
  12. Lowest price I have found. Just order an 11 EBay member ussportinggoods $99 free ship. From SC Has all sizes low and nid http://www.ebay.com/itm/Reebok-Zig-Magistrate-Mid-Plate-Umpire-Shoes-J91739-Black-White-/121102432055?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item1c32447737
  13. Undergear

    Ump attire carrys umpire specific leggings made by shock doctor. They are like hockey leggings without the Velcro for hockey socks.
  14. Team Wendy Mask Pads

    I reported him last week. After I got a bunch of bs broken English emails on the stuff I was selling. Guess it went nowhere.