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  1. LLWS 2018

    Congrats !!
  2. run count?

    Correct. Some people think this appeal is a force play. It is not.
  3. Re-Introduction

    Welcome back !!
  4. 1st game in 26 years.

    Welcome !
  5. Greetings from MI

    Welcome !
  6. Greetings from PA

    Welcome to the site and welcome back to umpiring !
  7. First Game this weekend

    Welcome to the site.
  8. Back at it

    Welcome back.
  9. New Student-Ump

  10. New from Illinois

    Welcome and enjoy !
  11. Bragging a little bit...

  12. New Umpire In DFW

  13. Celebrating 10 Years

    Lost power just after my previous post. Storm yesterday and last night with hurricane cat 1 winds. No snow but lots of rain and wind. Power back on early this am.
  14. Celebrating 10 Years

    Glad to be one of the originals
  15. 'tis the season

    Looks familiar !
  16. Assigner (Never Assignor) Question

    assigner – a person who assigns, allots or apportions. assignor – a person who legally transfers to another some property or right.
  17. New guy on the block

    Welcome !!
  18. Ump29

  19. Eclipse

    No plans. Saw a total eclipse in 1970's without leaving work.
  20. New ump from PA

  21. Balk while stealing

    Exactly right.
  22. Hello from Chicago

    Welcome !
  23. Hello from Arizona

  24. Greetings from NJ.