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    Hello from CO

    Welcome !
  2. Ump29

    Simulating Delivery & Disengagement

    To start with - did he step forward or backward to disengage ?
  3. Ump29

    Base award clarification

    14. PLAY OR ATTEMPTED PLAY Rules 5.06(b)(4)(G), 5.09(c) [former Rules 7.05(g), 7.10]: A play or an attempted play shall be considered as one of the five following situations: Tag or attempted tag of a runner Tag or attempted tag of a base Throw from another fielder in an attempt to get an out Rundown Balk
  4. Ump29

    1st baseman holding runner on.

    5.02 Fielding Positions When the ball is put in play at the start of, or during a game, all fielders other than the catcher shall be on fair territory. Note that this rule says nothing about what happens after the ball is put in play.
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    crazy 10u play for your amusement

    I will second that !!
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    Dropped third strike

    @beerguy55 So, if you can point out any all girls baseball league or tournament...or even an all girls high school baseball team...I'd be much obliged to learn about it. In my neck of the woods this is quite true. Females are involved in almost all levels of youth baseball both in co ed teams and all female teams. These all female teams play in the same leagues as the boys. Our umpire association also has about 8 percent female membership who can work games which are all male , mixed or all female. There has been a National Championship played in our area for several years which consists of all female teams. There is also talk of starting all female leagues this summer. Baseball Canada holds several all female National Championships every year. So yes female involvement in baseball is alive and well. By the way I am male and have been umpiring for almost 30 years.
  7. Ump29

    Dropped third strike

    You are assuming that because the OP mentions girls that it is softball. Female involvement in baseball is alive and well.
  8. Ump29

    Dropped third strike

    Who said this was softball ?
  9. This is OK if you go by MLBUM interps.
  10. I can only speak about OBR but for those rules there must be all players in fair territory except the catcher at the time of putting the ball in play . At the time of pitch the players can be anywhere (in theory). There is a difference.
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    LLWS 2018

    Congrats !!
  12. Ump29

    run count?

    Correct. Some people think this appeal is a force play. It is not.
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    Welcome back !!
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    1st game in 26 years.

    Welcome !
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    Greetings from MI

    Welcome !
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    Greetings from PA

    Welcome to the site and welcome back to umpiring !
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    First Game this weekend

    Welcome to the site.
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    Back at it

    Welcome back.
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    New Student-Ump

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    New from Illinois

    Welcome and enjoy !
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    Bragging a little bit...

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    New Umpire In DFW

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    Celebrating 10 Years

    Lost power just after my previous post. Storm yesterday and last night with hurricane cat 1 winds. No snow but lots of rain and wind. Power back on early this am.