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  1. Double Forfiet

    So what is the NJCAA fight rule? NCAA: "Leaving position to participate in a fight" is an ejection plus 4 game suspension.
  2. Pithcer wearing sunglasses

    To play baseball?
  3. R3, R1, 2 outs. NCAA game. 2-man crew, I'm PU. Sharp ground ball hit to SS, which is booted and rolls about 10 feet into the outfield grass. R1 makes an attempt for third base, while the SS hustles after the ball and makes a throw to third, resulting in a very close play. Upon seeing the ball get away from the SS, I rotated to third base as fast as I could while also trying to watch the touch of home. Got into pretty decent position about 8-10 feet from the bag right along the foul line, although I didn't have much time to get set. Just curious on any feedback on the rotation aspect of this play or if it would have been better to let the BU take it.
  4. DH info

    You got that right. I printed it off in about 10 font and it's still bigger than a a 3x5 card, 2-sided.
  5. Detached equipment

    Let's say the catcher flings his mask off as most do and it contacts the ball, slowing it down or landing on top of the ball? Still give the award?
  6. Detached equipment

  7. Detached equipment

    Is this really a 2 base award in FED? c. two bases if a fair batted or thrown ball becomes dead because of bouncing over or passing through a fence, or lodges in a defensive player's or umpire's equipment or uniform; or if a live thrown ball: 1. including a pitch, is touched by an illegal glove or mitt, or by detached player equipment which is thrown, tossed, kicked or held by a fielder; or
  8. Batter interference Rangers A’s

    Would any of you support not calling BI here? I know we're going to give the benefit to the defense but I could definitely make the argument that the catcher was not hindered.
  9. Base Award

    Not sure if that's a rhetorical question, but no, it was not a batted ball of course.
  10. Base Award

    Was doing a HS game a couple days where one of the teams was very bad, which might help you envision this play: R3, pitch in the dirt kicks off the catcher to the left about 15 feet. The pitch was ball 4 but the batter only took a couple steps toward first and then watched R3 run home as the pitcher covered home plate. R3 scores easily but the catcher makes an attempt to throw the ball to the plate anyway and throws over the pitcher, and the ball almost rolls into the dugout. If the ball had gone into the dugout, what would be the proper base award? Would this be considered the first play from an infielder (2 bases/time of pitch)? I'm assuming the the BR is not considered to have acquired 1B until he touches it (much like if ball 4 goes into the dugout after kicking off the catcher - the award is only first base) and so his award would be second base regardless if you go 2 from the time of pitch or time of throw, but it was an odd play so I just wanted to throw it out there.
  11. Runners Lane Interference feedback

    Without a doubt. Freeze the video at :06 - the kid's left foot is a good 2-3 feet in fair territory.
  12. BR Reverses Direction to HP, Baseball

    I know the NCAA explicitly covers this play in their rule book; in OBR or FED would you quote the "3-foot" rule or is there an Interp somewhere?
  13. Umpire tells defense to appeal

    If it's 30-0 I might make an exception to this 'rule'
  14. RLI on outside / foul territory side

  15. Darvish balk

    Yep, I'd go start/stop.