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  1. Agree with you guys, between this and the pitcher being ejected a few games ago, part of my heart warmed a bit when I saw Vandy's rally in the 9th to end Louisville's season. I know just about all of these teams have their a-hole moments but they got what was coming to them.
  2. No doubt the CWS umpires have forgotten more about umpiring than I'll probably ever know. I am sure they did something to address it as you can see the Vandy manager running by and stopping, presumably to talk to the umpire about what is going on. It just wasn't shown on TV how the umpires handled it. I guess my angle is how would we (you) handle this if it were to happen in one of your games? If a pitcher is walking off the mound yelling "F U" to the opposing batter, you'd have to have an ejection in a normal game wouldn't you? Is this a situation where if only the batter and pitcher can hear it, it's not EJ worthy? Is it just a warning on a stage such as the CWS?
  3. I didn't watch the whole game so not entirely sure if there were things leading up to this, but surprising that it seemed the PU didn't get involved here. Then Vandy rallied in the 9th and most of their dugout was out taunting the pitcher. How would you handle this? As an aside, I was surprised to see ESPN replay the pitcher's tirade a couple times where you could clearly see he was f-bombing the batter (it wasn't fuzzed out like it is on the link), especially in a college game. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/baseball/cws/story/_/id/27027839/vandy-rallies-9th-pitcher-profane-taunts
  4. Not that I think it needed to be, but is this reviewable?
  5. Looks pretty clearly to be the correct (no) call... https://www.espn.com/video/clip/_/id/27005726
  6. Pause the video at about :27-28. The runner only ducks as the F5 is about to release the ball, basically as a reaction to not get hit by the ball about to be thrown at him. If he had bent over at the waist upon realizing that he was tagged out by 30 feet I'd be ok with no FPSR but he's still standing upright as the F5 starts to make his throwing motion.
  7. Looks like textbook FPSR (although the textbook would probably show it at 2B, not 3b )
  8. https://zippy.gfycat.com/ClearcutEllipticalCockatiel.webm
  9. If it's occasional, probably just ignore. Repeated, I would give a "knock it off."
  10. Why was Jimmy Buffet called onto the field while drinking a coke to talk with the umpires?
  11. Had almost the exact same play happen this weekend; our run scored though.
  12. It was loud enough to hear in the stands nearest first base, as the few (opposing) fans standing next to the fence made an ooh, ahh type noise when he said it. Play was relaxed at the time since the HC and U3 were talking. Probably not loud enough for the whole park to hear. He might not have been talking to U3, but he surely was talking about him. What's the threshold for vulgar language if it's not directly at an umpire? I guess I don't see why we should allow players to talk like this. It's one thing to strikeout or boot a ball and let out an F bomb, another to be describing a call that everyone on the field can hear IMO. For those in the do not eject camp (most of you), would you recommend a warning (I basically gave one the inning before), or to just ignore? I felt this team was heading out of control as they were whining about every close pitch, etc. Maybe a warning would have reigned it in as well. FWIW, they didn't make a peep the rest of the game and hit the tar out of the ball after being scoreless up to this point and won easily. Appreciate all the feedback - I work a fair amount of JUCO/D2 ball but have not had many instances like this so it's just something I don't get much practice with.
  13. JUCO playoff game. 2 teams that have a pretty good rivalry and have played in a previous round (both advanced to this round). I'm U1, 3 man crew. About 3 innings in, the F4 and F3 start getting upset about the PU's zone. They had booted a couple balls that led to an early deficit so I'm sure some frustration was brewing from that as well. They start talking between themselves (90 feet apart) in between pitches about how "f'ing terrible this guy is" and a few other lines using the f word disparaging the zone. I could clearly hear it even though they were on the downwind side of a 20 mph breeze. After hearing it a couple times, I told them to knock it off and play baseball. Next inning, R1, double play ground ball hit to F6, flips to F4 and the runner goes in straight but there is some contact and the runner may have swung his foot out to get the F4. It was close, I couldn't quite tell as I was more focused on the ball than exactly where the R1 was sliding (feel free to provide input on that as well). F4 starts complaining to U3 about it, and U3 tells him he had it clean and when the F4 continues he tells him no more. Head coach calmly walks out to talk to my partner and while they conference the F4 says to F3, who is about 20 feet away, loudly "why the F is he telling me to be quiet when he should be worried about getting the F'ing call right?" I dumped F4. Head coach had no objection to it. I know in a high school game this is a no-brainer but thought I'd just see if anyone would handle this differently or let it go in a college game.
  14. I watched about 2 innings of this game and he had 4-5 identical pitches he called strikes as well (strike was a curveball at the same spot). Not throwing stones, just was definitely a rough patch for Hamari.
  15. Unless you judge the hitter was doing something to intentionally hurt the catcher, that sounds like nothing to me. I don't have a problem with you getting in between them, depending on how violently they were going at it. No issue with stepping in between them, which could bring some incidental contact..."rodeo clown." Wouldn't recommend pushing them apart or wrestling them away from each other. Keep in mind they probably have insurance, we don't. If two scholastic-level coaches are chest-to-chest and yelling profanity at each other, this seems like an easy, automatic, mandatory, whatever adjective you want, ejection for both. Obviously I wasn't there but I just don't see how you can let that go.
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