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  1. JimKirk

    Metal throat guard straps

    If you had a choice, guard and throat straps would work/look better in general matching each other....but there could be some exceptions depending on the frame/pad color combo you had.
  2. JimKirk

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    Thanks for the love! We sent out the most packages ever Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Appreciate you guys being a part of that. You are correct @JSam21. The NASO preferred vendor discount access is easy. If you use your email you use for NASO as your account with us, when you log in, your discount magically appears at checkout without you needing to enter a code. Have at it @gnhbua93 and PM me if you need additional assistance. Hope that helps.
  3. JimKirk

    New Diamond CP

    We put this into replay. Length is: 13 inches (not 13.5) without extension. 4 inches (not 4.5) on the extension. We have some worn shots in development with and without the extension going up this week. Stay tuned.
  4. JimKirk

    New New Balance Shoes?

    Just having some fun with you guys. I like your excitement for what’s next. In all seriousness, it is VERY early in the process of NB’s next base shoe. If I WAS at liberty to share the details of the concept we saw, it may end up quite different in the end. If anyone wants to share any additional input on base shoes for NB, you have our ear and they have ours. I will say the designers at NB are super sharp, eager for input and committed to making the best umpire shoes.
  5. JimKirk

    New New Balance Shoes?

    Thanks for the question. NB has been on an update cycle of every 3 years for base shoes and for plate shoes. If that stays on track, that would put new base shoes in late 2019. We were fortunate enough to see an early design of a future concept base shoe recently, upon which we were able to give our input. Below are the details on the specs I can share at this time:
  6. JimKirk

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    I wish I had an update for you. If and when I get one, I will respond here.
  7. JimKirk

    Rusting T Hooks/Hardware

    You know that wasn't even on our radar. Will add to the consider list. Some are different sizes due to different elastic thickness and/or widths....so that could make things more complicated. Will add to the "Research/consider" list. Thanks for your question.
  8. JimKirk

    Rusting T Hooks/Hardware

    https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/TH2B_Metal-Chest-Protector-Replacement-T-Hooks-Pair https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Replacement-Mask-Pads-Straps/LG-RS_Umpire-Shin-Guard-Replacement-Strap-Metal-Buckle
  9. JimKirk

    Douglas Shins Discontinued?

    We are simply discontinuing them from OUR selection...we move things in and out all the time depending on factors too numerous to mention...nothing more complicated than that.
  10. JimKirk

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    This one with black pads? https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Gear-Footwear/Masks/FM4000MAG-UMP-SV-BK_All-Star-Silver-Magnesium-Umpire-Mask-with-Black-LUC That one is available now. Or asking about black frame? All-Star says by end of year on those (with black pads and with grey pads).
  11. JimKirk

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Hoping for sometime in September.
  12. JimKirk

    Problem with Force 3 shins

    I am giving this some thought based on if you were in my office, and we could test this out thoroughly. Here are the things I would check first: Are your shin guards the right size? Is it possible that you purchased a size too long, and these are riding up past your knee (as these are not supposed to) and causing the problem in some way. Is your top strap tight enough? With the strap being on the top "knee" and that "knee" fitting at the knee, being too loose could cause it to not hug to your knee as well. I have a strong hunch that 1 is your issue, but read further if you still have the issue despite the 1st 2 checks. Given that your shin guards worked with your pants before and these are even lower profile, I assume it is not a cut of the pant issue (e.g. that you need combo or plate pants). Beyond the above, I would consider 1 of 2 things if you want to stay with the shin guards: Try a different fabric pant. The poly spandex material is great as it slides more easily over your shin guards. We would throw a pair of those on to check. If you don't want to do that, I would send you off to a tailor or seamstress to add a layer of silk on the inside of your pants where your shin guards are catching so that it slides more easily. This is an old trick I learned from former Minor League Exec Director and now MLB Replay Center Head Justin Klemm. If this still does not work, then you should quit umpiring for good...just kidding...then either give it some more time and/or try a different shin guard. I would love to hear how all of this works out for you or if you find something different that is causing the issue. I learn something new every day.
  13. JimKirk

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    Whether you go plastic or metal, make sure the throat guard won't hit you in the throat. You want it long enough so it hits your chest protector. Check that in your stance. If 4" is not long enough, go 6".
  14. JimKirk

    Throat guard for F3 Defender V2

    That is true. Heard him say it, too. Makes 3 people.
  15. JimKirk

    Mask Porn?

    New throat guard to match that mask coming soon from Force3. Stay tuned!