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  1. NAIA Hats

    Yes, only place. Contract goes back several years through this year.
  2. New Wilson helmet

    No longer making. The Pro Stock is new but there are current stock issues from Wilson until April on those. So for all practical purposes, the ShockFX is still current for customer purposes ad we have around 40 steel and 10 titanium. The HELMET20 code is still active as of writing if anyone wants a ShockFX or other helmet now.
  3. New Wilson helmet

    I agree. Spendy. Especially the titanium.(Not so spendy version coming in April). I will say I had the same first impression when seeing a photo before I saw it in person. I was pleasantly surprised though on how comfortable and lightweight it was when I did. It definitely changed my perspective from my first impression.. 2 pounds 4 ounces spread across the entire head would feel weight-wise like a 1 pound mask would...if that's fair to compare that way. This is going to NOT be for those who don't like buckets, but the ones who have been thinking of switching or upgrading their current one, this one will be one to consider. You guys now can check out equipment and then send back on our dime. Only problem is we sold out of the titanium version today. More or on the way. Sign up for a back in stock alert from the product page if interested.
  4. New Wilson helmet

    Good points @kylejt. It is definitely more protective there. Curvature there is more similar to All Star MVP plus it has more padding inside at that spot than before. A cage would have added even more protection but weight is trade off. And weight is something they were working hard to reduce.
  5. Fred Munster Feet

    Hmm. Thought I saw 6E on those. You are correct. Call overturned! Here is another I found that might work: https://m.shoes.com/mt-emey-9713-walking-boot/829941/1816725 Either way, there are some close enoughs out there. Might just take some trial and errror (if a site is offering free returns then that will help as well). Necessary goal in this case is protection and comfort (I do worry the safety toe on some of these shoes may not go high enough...do check.) Secondary: functionality (can move in them / have at least some traction). Least important: look.
  6. Fred Munster Feet

    I would just Google "6e safety shoe" or "6e steel toe" and there will be options. My search found some NB, Skechers and other options including a Dunham's "Lexington" oxford style that looked somewhat close to an umpire plate shoe. http://www.wideshoes.com/mobile/Black-Steel-toe-Work-Oxford-P458.aspx
  7. Adidas Base Shoes

    One thing is there are lots of holes there if you are going for a deep polish to be concerned about doing just right. But for a day to day cleaning and buffing, these start out "shiny", should stay that way and that is throughout the upper (no mesh, hence the holes for venting). This post got some conversation going in the office as well to make sure I had explained myself to you correctly. Hope this helps.
  8. Thigh Protection

    There is no one who has spent more time talking about and researching thigh protection for umpires with customers and suppliers than me. Of all items where there is a true need, this has been the hardest problem to solve over the last 5-6 years. Indeed, we have a whole shelf with samples of items that have thigh protection made for hockey, for football, for catcher's and even martial arts plus protypes made from companies who attempted to make an umpire thigh protection prototype at our urging with some type of hex pad technology. Here is what you'll find as I did: -No inner thigh protection where umpires need it most. -Additional protection where it's not needed such a outer thighs, hips and tail bone. -Padding too soft to make much of a difference. -Padding too hard to be wearable. The only company who really understood what we wanted and made it happen was Force3. Now the reviews are mixed. Most have loved them, but some have been disappointed. You can read them here: https://www.ump-attire.com/Baseball-Umpire-Equipment/Clothing-Apparel/Under-Apparel/F3-TIGHTS_Force3-Umpire-Tights-with-Kevlar-Thigh-Protection If there is something in particular you'd prefer out of the Force3 - compression fit, shorts version, more/less padding covetsge, etc, I'd be happy to share for a later potential version. For now, my research and work on this is that @bluejersey and the many that use the Force3 tights have found this is the BEST alternative currenty available. If there is something that some one discovers otherwise, do share.
  9. Adidas Base Shoes

    I'll answer for Scott. He's busy getting out all of our products sent out today for the MiLB Umpire Training Academy starting this weekend. Good question @Thunderheads and the answer is yes....very nice shine throughout the entire upper, especially compared to New Balance and Under Armour.
  10. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Thanks for sharing. You've given me some food for thought. I'd be curious to hear if anyone else uses something like this to extend the length of a non-lengthy CP and how it works for them as well. Certainly advocate that ribs are covered - whatever it takes. Good work @wolfe_man!
  11. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Interesting idea. Wore one of those in high school for football. Is this something you wear or plan to? I'd be curious how it works out and to potentially pass the feedback along to Champro to modify to optimize for umpires.
  12. NB base shoes

    I like 'em! Silver N, why not? Maybe NB should hire you to become their next umpire shoe designer. Leave it to you @Majordave to do something "froggy".
  13. Tall Umpire CP Survey!

    Very good answers here. I'll add the copy from our buying guide with my thoughts on CPs thst provide protection via a hard shell top to bottom: Best Hard Shells for Taller Umpires: If you are a taller umpire, say 6' 1" or 6' 2" or taller and you want your ribs covered, some umpire chest protectors, due to their smaller size range, just will not do. In general, all Wilson chest protectors have sizes 13" or lower. Most likely a 14", 15" or perhaps more would be needed for taller umpires. (The Champion P2 17" is 4" longer than the 13" Wilson Charcoal) Below are the 4 umpire chest protectors options for taller umpires in a hard shell: Champion P2 Has 3 sizes inlcuding a 15" and 17" option, making it the longest umpire chest protector on the market without a sizing plate Champro Pro-Plus Plate Armor Has 3 sizes including two larger options - 14" and 15". Douglas 3 sizes including a 15" option All-Star System Seven 2 sizes including a 15" option For value, the Champro and Champion give you the additional length you are looking for at a much lower cost than the Douglas or All-Star.
  14. Father's Day Masks

    We are not.
  15. Father's Day Masks

    We have a very limited few blue-and-tan pad masks on hand that have not been available to the public. Since you asked, and because it's Christmas, I will let you have an opportunity to purchase 2 of them. You can find them here through this link (can not browse through the website and find): https://www.ump-attire.com/product.html?id=869