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  1. NCAA Postseason

    Thats awesome Fittske
  2. My turn now?

    Sorry to hear about the diagnosis. Texas is bestest! Get better soon.
  3. Okla State vs ORU May 1

    No, that wasnt Sam on the dish
  4. Okla State vs ORU May 1

    Great call by the home plate umpire.
  5. I have met Jon. He's a great guy. So you believe the camp is worth the money Majordave?
  6. Left handed pick off (with video)

    I have him stepping towards home. Look where his foot ends up and the direction he runs off the mound. But thats just from a couple viewings on this angle.
  7. Force3 Shin Fit

    Wolfe, Did you pull out the inner padding? it makes them lower profile that way if you prefer.
  8. Force3 Shin Fit

    they do not stick up significantly. I have the 16.5" and i only have a 30" inseam and mine fit very comfortably. You can't go wrong with them I promise.
  9. Runner Interference and the number of potential outs

    Pick the fastest kid
  10. Runner Interference and the number of potential outs

    10-4 gentleman. And it doesn't matter whether you get R1 or BR since all runners return to TOP base. I appreciate the responses. I knew we should have gotten 2 outs, but wasn't positive on the justification for 3 outs if there was any. Thanks again.
  11. Runner Interference and the number of potential outs

    This was 100% a taylor made DP ball. Hard shot to SS and R2 ran into him as he was making a play on the ball. They would have for sure tried to turn 2 on the ball normally if R2 hadn't been there.
  12. Had a situation yesterday as follows: JV Fed Game. Bases loaded, no outs. I'm PU. Groundball to SS, R2 plows into SS as he is trying to field the ball. Partner did not kill the play as he thought it was a delayed dead ball, so I stepped in and killed it and called R2 out and returned R3. I know we can get more outs based on the possible prevention of a double play. At the time we did not rule any additional outs, but immediately after the inning I was thinking we should have potentially gotten 3 outs. R2 for interference, and R1 and BR for the prevented potential double play. Is this too many outs to get from this play? For sure I am thinking we should have gotten at least 2, R2 and R1 at least. Thanks for your thoughts, this play doesn't occur too often and I want to be better prepared next time.
  13. Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate the clarification not to overthink it.
  14. Deflected Ball Base Award Confirmation

    Wanted confirmation of a ruling we made from a Varsity Fed game from Monday. Bases loaded, outs don't matter. Chopper to 1st base, he comes home with the throw to try and get the force, but the ball isn't it time and hits either the catcher or batter (unsure) and deflects into the dugout. 2 base award from TOP? This is what we ended up doing. I was thinking this is correct since the deflection was not intentional or a secondary action.
  15. Shin Guards

    What mwest said. I tried these, took a skipper into the shins, it damn near dropped me. Don't offer nearly enough protection at the higher levels. I'm an F3 fanboy too, bought them 3 years ago, never had a better pair.