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  1. JDavis225

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    I got my plate coat from Out West today and am impressed. It is very nice and fits well outside of the lengthy sleeves. I’m 5’7 and the sleeves and body are long even on the “short.” I plan on taking it to my tailor on Monday and having the sleeves adjusted. Outside of that, I’m happy and excited to break this thing out. Coaches and fans get excited and know we mean business and actually care about our profession when we come out looking professional in our coats. If you desire to look as good as you umpire then I’d definitely recommend ordering one of these from Out West.
  2. JDavis225

    Team Wendy WV Platinum

    Sold. Please lock this up.
  3. JDavis225

    New plate coats by OutWest Officials

    Anybody else gamble and order one of these? I’ve ordered one and am hoping to have it for opening weekend.
  4. JDavis225

    College Rulebook Study Guide

    Where's that tie into this question? The book I'm talking about is a supplement to the rulebook.
  5. JDavis225

    Ebay finds

    That's a beauty! I can't afford it but it's extremely nice!
  6. JDavis225

    College Rulebook Study Guide

    Around what time is it usually released? I'm sitting out this year but still want the book and wanna stay on top of my rules.
  7. Douglas sold. Low profile Wilson Ti still available.
  8. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    Yes it's definitely for looks.
  9. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    They offer darker ones? I guess I need to look more.
  10. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    What type of visor fits in a Nike Ti? Also, what method do you guys use to black them out as I know they're usually silver when purchased.
  11. JDavis225

    All Star FM4000MAG

    What's the big craze with these masks? I'm watching Boston and Houston at the moment and Guccione (sp?) is wearing one and I've also seen others. Are they more protective? Lighter? Just trying to figure out why everyone is switching to those atrocious masks.