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  1. What is Your Primary Mask?

    Black Nike Titanium with blacked out Wilson Memory foams
  2. Douglas Custom Gear

    Well the one in the pics at least has black padding which isn't like the odd Royal Blue on the Douglas!
  3. WTT 12" Douglas

    Sorry I should've requested this be locked or deleted. I sent it back to Jeff @ Douglas and had it made original again. Thanks for the offer though!
  4. I wear the F3 shins and they fit well under the combos. I wouldn't push it and try wearing them with the base pants.
  5. Douglas Custom Gear

    I sent mine off for T-hooks, tried them and reverted to the clips. I like that the clips don't show through my shirt and I feel I get just as tight of a fit with them.
  6. WTT 12" Douglas

    It's probably a long shot but I recently got a 12" Douglas and had T-Hooks added but I don't like them! I wanna go back to the plastic clips. Is anyone out there willing to trade a Douglas with plastic clips for mine with T-Hooks? It's too close to the season for me to send it back to Douglas to be reverted. I'm also willing to sell it for the cost before T-Hooks plus shipping since it hasn't ever been game worn, only tried on.
  7. SSK Japan Mask

    Very well put. I didn't know how big or small the umpire market was in Japan but that makes perfect sense.
  8. SSK Japan Mask

    I say no as although I'd like to try a couple of those chest protectors, they're extremely expensive and a bit much to buy just to test. Anyone know why the Japanese market is so proud of their gear and prices so high?
  9. SSK Japan Mask

    I say no as although I'd like to try a couple of those chest protectors, they're extremely expensive and a bit much to buy just to test.
  10. 2018 School Roll Call

    C/O 2013! Have fun and take it all in!
  11. Team Wendy WV Platinum

    13 inch Team Wendy Retrofitted West Vest Platinum for sale. Make me an offer. I can't get pics to upload so inbox me a cell to text for pics if desired.
  12. CP advice for college games

    The Douglas! I've tried many chest protectors and this thing is the lowest profile! I've tried both the Force 3 V1 and a WV Platinum with Team Wendy.
  13. i just got my new Douglas chest protector in today and I think I'm in love with it straight out of the box. I have a West Vest Platinum with Team Wendy pads and it's a bit long for my liking. I'm sending it off for T-Hooks and possibly gap protection. With that being said...my West Vest w/ Team Wendy padding may be up for sale soon. What are those things going for?
  14. Looking for plate jacket

    I emailed the guy about that coat and he said he didn't have it.