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  1. Douglas sold. Low profile Wilson Ti still available.
  2. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    Yes it's definitely for looks.
  3. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    They offer darker ones? I guess I need to look more.
  4. JDavis225

    Visor in Nike Ti

    What type of visor fits in a Nike Ti? Also, what method do you guys use to black them out as I know they're usually silver when purchased.
  5. JDavis225

    All Star FM4000MAG

    What's the big craze with these masks? I'm watching Boston and Houston at the moment and Guccione (sp?) is wearing one and I've also seen others. Are they more protective? Lighter? Just trying to figure out why everyone is switching to those atrocious masks.
  6. JDavis225

    ISO Nike Harness

  7. JDavis225

    ISO Nike Harness

    I’m in search of a Nike Harness. I’d prefer new if posssible. Anybody got access to one?
  8. JDavis225

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    They are pretty awesome and they are now ON SALE! I just ordered mine last month and now they're on sale.
  9. can i get a pic or 2 of the douglas if its still available...

    1. JDavis225


      Sure. DM me your number to text. 

  10. JDavis225

    Samurai Gears Website/Mizuno Pro Plate Shoes

    I got the Mizuno plate shoes and they look and feel nice out of the box. I'm gonna wear them tomorrow and pray no catchers spike me this weekend and scratch them up.