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  1. NFHS Rules: Catcher's Helmet

    I don't believe a skull cap meets NOCSAE standards. Therefore, it would not be allowed.
  2. Odd colored shirts

    I need that teal jumpsuit. Now THAT would look good on the field!
  3. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    Oh, has that happened to you when you strapped on the gear and actually worked a game?
  4. Common BS Comments — Translations Included

    "You're better than that." (I don't really know what that means, but I heard my favorite Major League manager say it, and I think it sounds like I know what I'm talking about.)
  5. LL Championship Plate

    In LL majors and below, the batters box is in fact 4" from the plate.
  6. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I'll save my outrage for the next time ANY unarmed person with their hands raised gets shot.
  7. LL Championship Plate

    Shout out to my friend Chris Rutz from California District 70. He was just assigned tomorrow's championship plate for the LL World Series. Chris is a great umpire and has donated thousands of hours of his time working games, and instructing here in SoCal. I've had the pleasure of working many games with him, and instructing with him the last 10 years. It's been a long time dream of his. He's an awesome guy, and I couldn't be happier for him!
  8. RLI Called in LLWS Regional Maryland vs DC

    Love the soccer flop. Did you notice the kids reaction when he got called out?
  9. So I finally got around to looking at my notes from my time at TUS/UTA. (Thank you Jimurray for being so patient!) We did cover 7.09h, albeit briefly. Interestingly, I did write down the following two sentences, which seem to agree with Wendelstedt's interpretation of assistance. "7.09h - A teammate, coach, or a runner who has scored cannot assist another runner. Runners chances were improved to accomplish his goal." Not sure if this info was written on the screen from a Powerpoint, or just from the lecture. That's all I found, however, based on the fact that we did cover it, MiLB must have a ruling on this type of play. Granted, my notes are unofficial, but it may shed some light on how they want it called. I'll try and reach out to someone at UTA and see if I can get more info. Hopefully someone there will remember me, and not immediately delete my inquiry! LOL!
  10. Any luck finding anything TUS teaches about who should be called for coach assist?

  11. Thanks, @Jimurray. I don't specifically recall this point being covered in the rules classes. I can look at my notes and other material when I get home. I'm in the beautiful state of Oklahoma visiting grand-kids, won't be home for another week.
  12. Left Coast

    We have earthquakes everyday in California, thousands of them, millions of people are talking about them! Tell everyone not to move here!
  13. Dugout rules

    No such rule.
  14. Strange Play

    Never heard of it either in 16 years of umpiring. I'm sure I've read some of the threads here about that play, but I guess I wasn't paying attention! In our meeting the PU admtted he wasn't sure what to do and when the stalemate continued, he called time and re-set everybody. Some at the meeting argued for abandonment, and our local HS governing body ruled this a legal play. We did not discuss what to do if F1 doesn't pitch and there is a stalemate. I'm most curious on what to do in that situation.
  15. Strange Play

    This is more what I was thinking. In the situation described in our meeting, it seemed that F1 just was standing there off the rubber and made no play on R1. At what point do you get the game moving? Can you call F1 for delay in this situation?