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  1. JonnyCat

    Other Sports to Officiate

    If I was going to officiate another sport, it would definitely be swimming. My youngest son swam for 2 years in HS, so I saw first hand how it was. It's very low stress, pays better than baseball (what doesn't?), and no grief from anyone. All you basically do is start the races, and make sure no one leaves early. I only saw a few DQ's in 2 years. I think the biggest difference in swimming and other "timed" sports, is that you are competing against the clock, and the times don't lie and cannot be manipulated. Everyone knew who the fastest swimmers were. Either your times were good or they weren't. Also, swimmers can compete in up to 4 races per meet, so everyone gets more than enough swim time. No riding the pine for anybody. I never saw anything but great sportsmanship among the swimmers and parents. It really exemplified what I think HS sports should be. As a side note, my son played 4 seasons of water polo, 2 seasons of baseball, and 2 seasons of swimming in HS. He gave up baseball for swimming his Jr and Sr years and wishes he would have just swam all 4 years and didn't mess with baseball. Had a much better experience in the water.
  2. JonnyCat

    Pitcher “hiding” the ball

    We won't have to rule on anything, by then, we'll have Robo-umps! Kidding aside, looks okay to me from this vantage point. Can't tell if the ball is in front. Am I missing something?
  3. JonnyCat

    Pitcher “hiding” the ball

    I guess I have about a hundred years to get used to it!
  4. Honestly, we never ran a drill with this particular situation, but we did run drills where you had to adjust to the fielder and ball. They were big on footwork and being able to move to a position where you could square up to the fielder and then drop step either left or right depending on where the fielder threw the ball. They said sometimes you just have to get out of the way of the ball or fielder and adjust to the situation. UTA felt that starting positioning was critical in getting your proper angles to make the call in different situations. They didn't want to give up what they felt was the optimum starting position. One of their big principles was that the 2 man system has its limitations, but they felt their methodology put you in the best positioning for the majority of the plays that will happen in any given baseball game. That was the rational behind their teachings. They felt that playing deep in this situation would put you at a disadvantage for many of the plays that commonly occur with the infield in.In what ever they taught, they felt that their positioning was the most advantageous for the 2 man system. Give up a little bit instead of a lot. I hope that makes sense. Although in this situation, I do practice what UTA teaches, but I'm not 100% sold on this positioning. It does feel uncomfortable at times, but even with that, I still prefer it over deep B or C.
  5. UTA ( formerly TUS) teaches to stay in your normal starting position. If asked to move by a fielder, move left or right as needed. You can find this information in the bases loaded section (part 2 expanded version) of the MiLB Manual for the Two-Umpire System.
  6. JonnyCat

    Triple Play Appeal LSU

    Why was there a runner on 3rd? Which runner was it? Was it the original R3, the one that scored? If so, and I don't know about the NCAA appeal process, would he have re-touched by virture of standing on the bag? Beerguy55 seems to think it was R2, but I can't tell. If it was R2 standing on the 3rd base bag, what was he doing there? Not criticizing anyone, just curious. I can't tell from the video, but according to the screen graphic, the run was not recorded and it was still bases loaded. Maybe it was R3 that went back. That would make sense about the run not scoring and bases loaded. I just don't know. Very odd. I'm hoping someone can shed light on this play.
  7. JonnyCat

    2 strikes 1 pitch

    I think you want to look at 6-2-4d-1. That specifies how you can get 2 strikes on 1 pitch.
  8. JonnyCat

    Help with a couple of rules clarifications

    In your case of example one, the coach may change the pitcher without penalty. See rules 3-1-1 and 3-1-2. The starting pitcher has already fulfilled his pitching obligation under 3-1-1, and the substitute would have to pitch to a batter or substitute batter, or record a 3rd out under rule 3-1-2. As for example two, I usually allow the batter and the on deck batter to be out of the dugout, but no more. I think there is a provision for this in the rulebook or casebook, but I can't find it right now. I'll look further, or someone else can weigh in.
  9. JonnyCat

    Loose player equipment

    This is a live ball situation. Play on.
  10. JonnyCat

    Ejecting Fans

    I have never ejected a fan, but I have had some removed via an administrator, TD, or Board Member. I also agree we have no rule authority to eject fans. I'm fine with some umpires that want to eject fans, like Beerguy55 said, most people think we have the authority to do so. If that is what you want to do and it works for your games, knock yourself out. I teach, and have always been taught not to eject fans as an umpire. With that being said, maybe it's time to re-evaluate whether we should eject fans. With the shortage of umpires nationwide, mostly due to abuse, it wouldn't be a bad thing to start dumping unruly fans. It might be at least be something to consider and I don't think the world would end. I'm not saying it must be done, but it is certainly something to consider, or at least worthy of some civil discussion. We don't have to continue to conform to many of the old archaic philosophies that permeate our vocation. We can actually adapt to changing times and consider options that may be considered blasphemy by some. What would be the worst that could happen? We dump coaches and players, and usually everyone else shuts up. Why couldn't we do it with fans? Most say no, you can't do it or shouldn't do it, but why not? What if the rule books adopted provisions for ejecting unruly fans? Would it necessarily be a bad thing? Would it be a good thing? This may be one solution that helps replenish our diminishing numbers. Thoughts?
  11. JonnyCat

    To see or not to see

    As long as the batter is legally in the box, then you can't very well tell him to move. The batter 's feet must be entirely in the box, and the lines are considered part of the box. Sometimes the slot does get smaller, but you have to do your best to see the pitch. There are two schools of thought when dealing with this situation. Always stay in the slot, do not move over to see the pitch. At pro school they teach to move up in the slot to get a better look, so yes, you may certainly be above the catchers head. The other school of thought is to move lower and try to look through that area below the batters arms. I've tried both ways and prefer going higher, but I will make adjustments depending on the situation. YMMV, use whatever method works better for you.
  12. JonnyCat

    Stretching Routines

    Minor League Baseball actually has a stretching matrix they developed. They taught it to us when I was at pro school. It's a program specifically designed for umpires. I use parts of it everytime I umpire or play softball and I really believe in it. It's helped me with flexibility, movement, and recovery. I can't stress enough the importance of stretching before any exercise. Any type of stretching is beneficial. Perhaps you could reach out to the Umpire Training Academy for more information.
  13. I don't normally do this, but I just had to weigh in on the subject of patches. I guess I'm in a particularly venomous mood today! Disclaimer: This rant is in no way directed any anyone in particular, just my general opinion. I for the life of me can't understand the obsession with patches. We go round and round in my area at all levels about the patches, particularly at the HS level. Our HS association spends more time policing the patch requirement than anything else. We have members that haven't bought new uniforms since the 1990's it seems. I guess it's okay to have crappy looking uniforms but God forbid you show up looking sharp with creased pants and pressed shirts without their gaudy patch. Even if you have a logo on your hat, you still have to eff around with that ugly patch. You can go without the logo on your hat, but not your shirt. I don't get it. What in God's name is wrong with just the logo on your hat? I don't know, but apparently it's a mortal sin and subject to a fine if you don't have a patch on your shirt or jacket! A patch! You can show up with a filthy wrinkled ugly as heck navy shirt and as long as it has a patch on it, you're good to go! Really, at the HS level and down, who gives a flying F&@# what association you work for? Does anybody care? Does the HS coach not know which association has been working their games for the past 30+ years? Is the LL coach really that concerned if the umpire(s) are volunteer or from an association? Will the travelball (or Daddyball) coach temper his distain for your calls because he knows which association you represent? Does the TD of a weekend tournament not know which association they hired to work their games? Do the spectators look at the patch and say, "Oh great, the "XYZ Association of Extremely Talented Umpires of the Divine Burning Embers of the Holy Strike Zone", are working our game. I will have absolutely no reason to complain about anything on the diamond today!" Said no one ever! And branding and advertising doesn't matter either. It seems we waste so much time and energy on the patch. News flash. Nobody cares about the patch. Nobody cares what association we work for. Many of the umpire traditions and practices are stuck in the 1970's. The patch is a prime example. How about focusing on making sure your umpires look sharp, work hard, and try to get the calls right?
  14. JonnyCat

    In field fly

    If I understand correctly, the ball was foul. Treat it as any other foul ball. Batter still at bat with whatever the count is. Call was "infield fly, if fair." Ball was foul, what was the issue?
  15. JonnyCat

    All Star FM4000MAG

    Not sure if this would work, but maybe worth looking into? From Gerry Davis Sports. https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B51AC01/Con-Cushion-Mask-Enhancer.html?cid=19