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  1. Baseball ump 14

    Field of dreams/umpires needed this weekend

    Contact Denise guys....I'll be there both weekends. Looking forward to meeting you all. ...thanks. ...huggy
  2. I know it's last minute but umpires are needed this weekend at Allstar Ballpark Heaven in Iowa. It's where the movie Field of Dreams was filmed. Please contact them ASAP if you can help out. $50 per game. Hotels are $100 night. Split with partner. Plenty of open slots. I'm traveling and won't be able to respond here so contact info is in pic....Thank you!!!!!!!
  3. Baseball ump 14

    Reebok Zig Mid-Cut Plate Shoe Size 11 (Nearly New)

    I have the same exact pair/size...I llove them.comfy as can be. light as a feather also. they blow new balance away. just a pain to clean. but great shoe. wouldn't buy any others
  4. Baseball ump 14

    New to Forum

    welcome aboard sam...jump in and join the crowd
  5. Baseball ump 14

    Year to Forget

    you and ur family a in my prayers. God Bless
  6. Baseball ump 14

    New Member

    //////////....................................good deal...see u soon
  7. Baseball ump 14

    why I'm depressed

    thats freaking awesome...
  8. Baseball ump 14

    New Member

    .hi john,welcome aboard...sweet,i was the new rookie on here...now its your turn...don't take anything serious on here when it comes to joking...alot of jokers on here but good guys....i will be at school for the 5 weeks. my advice is to go onto wendlestedt site and buy the two books for 2 man system...put in "2013 student" for 15% discount...........c you then...tom
  9. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    ....danny,typo...meant to say,ty from the bottom of m,y heart...ur thoughts n prayers are greatly apprciated
  10. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    .....now now jax in the box....lol
  11. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    danny,ty i really apprciate ity from the bottom of my hearet...its all good with jack in the box...lol...
  12. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    i go home to ny once a yr,ny.when i can...do most of my traveling to nc...that is where my mother is doing her cancer treatments...duke medical...
  13. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    point lookout,long island(dad) and troy ny(mom)...and you?
  14. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    c brown,i'm from ny...i live in ilinois... i travel back n forth every couple of weeks to nc,mom is fighting cancer for four yrs now,...i've officiated all over the place tx,nc,fl,ny,nc...really love the game...shoot i'll umpire in east bum ---- as long as there s a game...
  15. Baseball ump 14

    new to the forum

    jax, u have issues lolol...