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  1. DontFlinch12

    Nike ti for sale

    UmpNation, is the mask still available?
  2. DontFlinch12

    Customizing your gear?

    Had to post this one...It's a WV Platinum with Team Wendy padding. I removed the throat pad, patched the holes, and painted it black. Also has an All-Star harness. This thing was a pain in the butt patching and painting the plastic.
  3. DontFlinch12

    Wilson Titanium low profile

    UmpNation21, I have a Wilson Titanium Low Profile mask that's been powder coated satin black. If you're still interested in buying one PM me. I might be willing to sell if the price is right.
  4. DontFlinch12

    Used All-Star System Seven Single Knee Shin Guards

    I'd be happy to put extra money in on top of the guards for a trade. Some have asked how much cash I'd sell them for, but I'm not interested in selling them just swapping.
  5. Used pair of All-Star System Seven Single Knee Umpire Shin Guards. I just bought a set of the double knees. These are the best guards I've ever owned. I'm looking to trade for a chest protector. What I'd like is a Douglas, WV Gold or Platinum, System Seven, or Unequal. If interested PM with your email and I can send additional pictures. Thanks guys!