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  1. Does it mean anything if I ejected Maddon before I started playing?
  2. Check Swing Appeal or not

    1. Telling a coach "no" when asked is just asking for a fight (unless he's being a dick and asking for everything, and we're going to fight anyway) 2. Anytime I can get a Strike out of a Ball is a good thing.
  3. Odd colored shirts

    I think it just gets out of hand, when MLB changes a collar, a panel, a button, and everyone HAS to rush out and buy it, “because that’s what the Big Dogs wear”. So now, you’ve got to go out and buy that new shirt, because you won’t match what the other guys wear. Eventually, the back of your truck starts to look like a Goodwill Store. Think; how many styles of powder blue are there, now? It’s starting to sound like a racket; MLB Umpires don’t have to pay for the new stuff; we do. When they change, it’s not a big deal for them; for us, it’s another shot to the credit card. Somebody’s making out on this, and it isn’t us. IMHO, It doesn’t matter what color we wear; personally, I told my crew’ “you guys can wear jockstraps and feathers, as long as you look alike”. I’m with another association now, and will have to adjust; I just hope they like the old stuff. For you guys with 31 shirts, 8 CP’s, 5 masks and 4 sets of plate brushes, hey, Vaya Con Dios, have at it. But I’ve got a WV Gold, A Diamond Mask and a set of Wilson Shins about 30 years old that work just fine. I’m done with keeping up with Laz. Thanks. Thus endith the rant……
  4. Wow; limiting visits to six by anybody, including the catcher.
  5. Runout or boundary

    If the bumpus strikes the cats-eye, (without a call of “marmalade, naturally), the result will be mixed. You're welcome. .....(BTW, FED is thinking of adopting this).
  6. Cold Weather hoods

    I've had mine for years, and they only stretch when you pull it back over your head like a neck warmer. They're nomex and used by the fire service for cold and wet protection. Never wore the Manzella or McDavids, but I swear by mine. (I used it today to clear snow).
  7. Cold Weather hoods

    Look for firefighter hoods on-line. They're designed for cold, wet weather, long enough to fit tuck under anything, and they also come in black. I was never cold in them.
  8. Celebrating 10 Years

    UMPTALK! I was trying to remember. Wasn't it the site where, if you didn't post, like 12 times a month, you were kicked off and banned? It lasted about 45 days and melted away.
  9. Celebrating 10 Years

    You really had to be here for the McGriffs' days to understand the difference. ETeamz was only marginally better.
  10. Veterans Check In

    USMC, '72-'76. Ran a section of Marine One Security Guards in the Nixon/Ford Administrations. I'm the tall one under the "U"
  11. Took a job that requires dress shirts tucked in. Any ideas?
  12. Starter uniforms for rookies

    I think how you look affects how you are perceived; therefore how you are treated. Put an Umpire in khakis and black shirt out there, and they are going to be treated as “second-class” Umpires. Not to be taken seriously. Every close play they call, it will immediately be followed by the coach looking at the “real” Umpire behind the plate. The shirt isn’t that expensive; most big-box sports stores will have them, either in powder or navy. Wal-Mart has gray slacks. Dark shoes, navy hat, whatever. Now, he/she looks like the guy behind the dish. Before you know it, he/she will be acting like the guy behind the dish. MHO.
  13. Y'know, you're right. I think I'm going to use this; Coach: "That call was horrible! I can't believe you're even seeing the same game!" Me: "Coach, you're just projecting negative emotions onto me in a Level 2, or immature, defense mechanism, similar to the defense of displacement, whose rationale is similar". Coach: "----------------------" (walks away). This is awesome.......
  14. Kneeling for National Anthem

    I don’t know. I was brought up different. I’m a Baby Boomer, born just after a war, and was brought up to know that there’s a “right” and a “wrong.” Even through the 60’s and 70’s, things were the same; what you did was “right” or what you did was “wrong”. Now it’s a mess; the lines that I was brought up with are being deliberately blurred. Kill your parents? “Not your fault, it’s because you weren’t breast fed”. Kill your ex-wife and her boyfriend? “Not a problem, one of the cops used the N-word 5 years ago”. Try and take the gun from a police officer? “not your fault, your great-great-grandmother may have been a slave”. For crying out loud, you can’t even call your son “he” anymore, without being called a “bigot and Dr. Suess is a white supremacist!”. It seems that virtually everything in the country that’s designed to bring us together is being deliberately cast side. No longer are we “Americans”. We are now, “---------americans (small “a”), “------privileged americans”, “rich” “marginalized” “fascist” and “supremacist”. We’ve been broken up into parts to be eliminated one at a time. It seems that everything that’s supposed to keep us together is being cast aside as “old”, “antiquated” and “racist”. Now we’re looking at symbols of America. First, it was “the confederate flag”. “Racist, gotta go, tear them down”. It then morphed into “confederate statues”. “Racist, gotta go, tear them down”, Then, it was Jefferson, Washington, Columbus. No one is safe. Where does it end? Now we’ve gotten into sports. The one thing that brings us together. A guy in a Raider shirt can sit next to a guy in a Charger shirt, and, (aside from a little good-natured ribbing), together watch a competition away from work, politics or just “the real world”. And the competition starts with everyone standing together, hands across hearts and TOGETHER hearing that we are one nation. We’ll break up into Patriots and Jets later, but, for now, we are one…. Now it’s changed. The National Anthem is being discarded as “antiquated”, “obsolete” and “racist”. Burning, spitting on or turning your back on the symbol of the country is now considered “courageous”. Holding your hand over your heart is now “promoting white supremacy”. Right is now wrong and wrong is now right. What is “legal” but “wrong” no longer matters, as long as its “legal” IMHO Screw legal, can we do what’s RIGHT?!
  15. Kneeling for National Anthem

    "The media's problem is they can no longer differentiate between fact and opinion. They cherry pick facts which support their world view and over-engross on the commentary/opinion. If you give me the real unfiltered facts I can form my own opinion". Agree, Warren. The media don't speak in "facts". It's now "spin". The don't deal in "opinion". It's now "a narrative". FWIW, a good friend of mine spent many years in front of the news camera. He's now in Government, and now can't believe how bad the media's become. If it doesn't fit their "narrative", it didn't happen; if it fits their narrative, they'll blast it incessantly. You'll never get "unfiltered facts" ; they don't produce ratings, so there's no advantage to air them. I've found that, if something happens, I'll watch Fox. Then, I'll watch CNN. I know the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.