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  1. JoHart10

    Reebok Field Magistrate

    @BT_Blue - Do you have pictures?
  2. JoHart10

    Douglas Tee Hooks w/Force 3 Harness

    I have that set up and it has some slack on top and side straps, but I am a small guy. 5’7” 165.
  3. JoHart10

    low profile umpire chest protector shirt

    Like my daddy said, “The lower the level you are doing the more you should put on!”
  4. JoHart10

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    A Riddell Power for $30 dollars!
  5. JoHart10

    All american fit

    It was me! Hope you can get the issue worked out. It is a beaut.
  6. JoHart10

    Poly spandex in MLB?

  7. JoHart10

    Poly spandex in MLB?

    Anybody think that Under Armour will just keep the Majestic stuff going because they bought the factory and line from VF? Make money on both sides? Idk...just a possibility.
  8. JoHart10

    Dangling Throat Guard

    2 options. I have a couple you could send me your thoughts about or buy a 3/4 in roll of Velcro and cut pieces to size.
  9. How much do you want for the plate shoes 


    1. JoHart10


      $145 shipped in us. 

  10. I have a brand new pair of them. Not for sale...but everything is for sale !
  11. JoHart10

    No Logo - All-Star MVP4000 HSM

    @Thunderheads - sold. Lock it up.
  12. @Thunderheads - sold! Lock it up.
  13. This item is in great used condition. Less than 10 games of use. Looking for $140 obo. Thanks
  14. JoHart10

    Wilson's and UA Gear