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  1. acpar72

    Mask Porn?

    I do. And FYI O'Nora, Winters, and Wagner have all switched from F3 to All Star Magnesium.
  2. acpar72

    Mask Porn?

    new fm25 pads. not as pictured on the website but look good. much better than the grey mag pads
  3. acpar72

    Mask Porn?

  4. acpar72

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    my question is...are the body flex shirts different than the v2 shirts?
  5. acpar72

    Adams convertible jacket

    Depends on when you purchased the Majestic. Every Majestic version I had (medium and small) were the aforementioned "trash bag." The MLB version was as well. However, if you purchased the Majestic early on, it was the softer Adams type material.
  6. acpar72

    Adams convertible jacket

    I have one. It is better. http://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/399086_2ff8222eda424eceb72bb95e5d6c7302.pdf
  7. acpar72

    Tight Umpire Jacket

    I have one. Its an XL I believe. Hunter gave it to me.
  8. acpar72

    Samurai Throat Guard

    MIzuno Shovel weighs 1.75 ounces Samurai weighs 1.90 ounces
  9. acpar72

    Samurai Throat Guard

    The differences between them will be small. However, only some of us will have one that has Mizuno imprinted on the back of the guard.
  10. acpar72

    All Star FM4000 MAG Grey Pads Brand New

    Sold. Please lock. @Thunderheads
  11. I have a set of brand new All Star Magnesium FM4000 pads. They are grey, never worn, and fit any mask style. They sell at All Star for $45 plus shipping. I will ship for $40. PM for pics or more information.
  12. acpar72

    Mask Porn?

  13. acpar72

    Smitty making shoes

    And why not bring the 450 back instead of 460?
  14. 9/10 condition Mizuno 2QA-122 frame with Black TW Pads and new Zett throat guard. No dents, no scratches, barely used. Pads are 9/10 barely used. Great complete rig for a great price. Will ship for $105. Can send pics upon request. Thanks.
  15. acpar72

    All Star FM4000MAG

    In that case...it makes a really good addition.