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  1. baseball 'look back'

    it wouldn't be interference - dead ball - and BR out for interference and sent R3 back?
  2. balk

    this from 2015 seems to show that it's a dead ball and a balk under OBR... although isn't there a ruling where runners can advance at their own risk past once base? I guess that only applies on a pickoff throw?
  3. I thought the rule was you just had to be in the catcher's box when the pitcher started his motion, not actually release the pitch
  4. Batting out of order

    You can't get 2 outs on the BOO. Once the defense properly appeals that it was BOO, the batter that was supposed to bat in that spot is out. Plus, any advancement by the offense will be nullified. So return the runner to first base, send B3 to the plate with 1 out in the inning.
  5. Does Pitcher Have to Pitch Bottom of 1st

    Pretty sure OBR would mandate whoever is F1 on the lineup card to pitch to at least one batter. I'd probably be fine with him not pitching if the HT coach agreed though.
  6. My thoughts on the 2017 World Series

    Ehh, I'm going to have to disagree that Miller's zone was good. There were some awful called strikes well off the plate inside to righties, and it forced people to start swinging at unhittable pitches because it would be called a strike. I mean just look at the first three pitches included in of https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/incredulous-responses-to-bill-millers-strike-zone/
  7. Obstrution???

    it's going to depend on how contact and hinderance there was. If the play was really that close, I'd say that he should have been awarded third base, but it's a judgement call for the umpire. He must decide to place runners to which ever base would have nullified the act of obstruction.
  8. Obstruction Q

    under all rulesets he would be awarded 2nd. OBR and NCAA this would be type A/1 obstruction, which requires at least one base. is an example, although at 2nd base not first
  9. Granted I'm a Cubs fan, but that's complete bullSH*# that they ruled that Granderson strikeout a foul ball.
  10. Who killed the ball in the ivy

    seems like a good call to me. Who knows if F7 pulled the same ball out!
  11. Last time by and other fun stuff

    how was it a dead ball appeal? The first attempted appeal was during continuous action, and was originally ruled out and later changed to safe.