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  1. Gfoley4

    Balk or no balk?

    NCAA actually changed their rule for this year I believe. No more faking to third from the rubber. High School is still a holdover.
  2. Gfoley4

    Fair or foul

    all that matters is the position of the ball when it was touched by a fielder. If it was touched over home plate, it's fair.
  3. https://cuts.diamond.mlb.com/FORGE/2019/2019-06/09/89206bf1-4740d15b-f7badae5-csvm-diamondx64-asset_1280x720_59_4000K.mp4
  4. Had this come up in 13-14 year old PONY league game last week. Pitch comes in on the outside corner, maybe a little bit off, I of course give it a strike. Player shakes his head a little bit and and when he takes his practice motion where you do a few check swings, he makes an exaggerated motion where his bat swings to the outside corner, or even further out. I sternly warned him (mask still on) and just said "no, we're not doing that today" while the pitcher came set. Would you guys have treated this differently?
  5. The above is the official interpretation, but I would simply treat that spot in the lineup as in out in a rec-level league. USSSA tournament probably would take the forfeit (or whatever TD says)
  6. It is a rule in Cal Ripken Major and Minor divisions (9-12 year olds), but not USSSA as shown above.
  7. batter became a runner on ball 4, hence the next batter in the lineup would leadoff the next inning
  8. I'd imagine it's under the "always better to have a another pair of eyes" on it. Not much responsibility U1 would have besides touches by B/R or retag by R1
  9. Interesting play, can't really be at 3BLX because the catcher is coming from there. Got straightlined at 1BLX and couldn't see the missed tag. Anything you could do differently here? https://www.mlb.com/video/diaz-scores-on-acrobatic-slide
  10. Gfoley4

    3 man

    I've seen this exact situation happen with a 3 man Division 1 crew. Mind you, this was a field that there was not a lot of "trouble" possible down the LF line, no openings etc. Hot shot, U3 rules fair and keeps his eyes down the line while walking backwards to cover third in event of a triple. U1 rimmed outside and took B/R into second. I posted about this play when it happened, and was told it was an advanced mechanic.
  11. the pickoff throw is already very unlikely to third anyways, and even with some hard steps towards the mound on a groundball, that's a long ways away from first base for a groundball
  12. Typo? He says B/R collided with F3
  13. better angle on a (rare) straight pickoff or slightly more common backpick of third base.
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