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  1. Yes. Obviously becomes a safety issue if the pitcher is ready to pitch and is set
  2. Gfoley4

    bunted ball hit by the bat

    Yep. And to add on, the only part I could find specifically mentioning "unintentionally" is Casebook 8.4.1 Situation A: "After bunting a ball, B1's bat, which is still in his hand, unintentionally strikes the ball a second time on fair territory while (a) he is still in the batter's box or (b) he is outside the batter's box. Ruling: (a) is a foul ball (b) the ball is dead and the batter is out" But, this situation in the OP seems a bit different as the bat is not in the batter's hand when the second contact was made.
  3. Gfoley4

    bunted ball hit by the bat

    do you have a cite? What you said is my understanding of the rule, but I couldn't find anything regarding this particular situation in the casebook nor rulebook.
  4. Gfoley4


    Same numbering and wording in the 2019 casebook, for reference.
  5. https://bdata-producedclips.mlb.com/c3108847-1086-4afd-b3cc-69e535734367.mp4 drinks on U1 after this game
  6. Gfoley4

    Dropped Ball/OBS

    you can also 'screen-record' your screen of the video. Fairly simple on mac, probably similar on windows
  7. If I can find another video later, will also link.
  8. Gfoley4

    Series of Infield Fly or Potential Infield Fly Plays

    Is 4:34 a miss? Don't see how R1 would be out, obviously no force and seems to be back before tag
  9. Gfoley4

    Tennessee Wins When F1 Throws Ball Out of Play

    Seems like it went into the dugout area here, but what so we have if a player, coach, batboy simply grabs the ball after it hits the dugout screen thinking that it's a dead ball?
  10. Just to be clear (and because I'm doing a lot more FED games this year), if this happens in FED, first award 2 bases TOT from where the runner is (third, then home), then change the award to third if the runner goes back and "tags" up? But, this tagup is not valid under the rules, so the defense can still make a valid appeal of first base.
  11. https://bdata-producedclips.mlb.com/da2b842d-312f-4e31-8070-a1e90c7c0627.mp4
  12. Gfoley4

    U2 in 4 man positioning

    Not sure, I only was watching for a little bit and saw this as noteworthy.
  13. Gfoley4

    Interference Padres-Diamondbacks

    yeah, bat isn't even what Welke called. If you look close you can see PU pointing after the very slight contact between F2 and B/R in the LHH batters box
  14. Gfoley4

    U2 in 4 man positioning

    as in far beyond the infield dirt yes. I just mean deep B/C as inline with the first to second baseline. That's the typical position I see in MLB umpires, and just thought it was interesting this U2 would have to take some steps for a steal of second in this case
  15. Gfoley4

    U2 in 4 man positioning

    Obviously very few of us on this forum work 4 man regularly, but I noticed this interesting starting position a few days ago. More similar to standard "B" rather than the usual deep B/C.