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  1. NFHS Jewelry

    you didn't explain the frugality of calling balks!
  2. Balk? Fake to third, fake to first...

    I can't even picture it in my head... seems like a tangle of legs and arms for a RHP to be able to do that still while still engaging
  3. Advancing retreating runner

    The quick “jab step” move when the pivot foot moves but it’s in front of rubber is still considered to be on the rubber. So if the ball goes out of play on this it’s only a one base award. Furthermore, as this is considered from the rubber the pitcher must complete the throw.

    It’s nothing new. You’ll find that observation in https://sabr.org/research/observations-umpires-work
  5. Runners advancing on throw into dugout

    Yep, just remember that if it’s the first play by an infielder, it’s two bases from time of pitch. In this situation, it’s not the first play because the first baseman stepped on first. Now it’s two bases from time of throw.
  6. Catchers Mask

    That’s only listed for “Cal Ripken divisions” Seems fine for Babe Ruth
  7. Question about controversial play

    Haha, same. I was PU and all I could do was just chuckle a little after all the fans are yelling “ITS DEAD!!”
  8. Safety Base

    So you’re saying they appealed after he came back and was standing on the base? If so, that’s wrong. If he missed it and they appealed before he came back, yes he’s out. Also, interesting that you use double bags on Major. In my neck of the woods we only have them for rookie and minor
  9. Easy to second guess, but would a better position be rotating into fair territory behind the catcher? https://instagram.com/p/BisPPOjlqtG/
  10. http://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2018/05/12/2034333283/1526103049821/asset_1200K.mp4
  11. Balk?

    Yes, someone will no doubtly have the official interp for you, but it’s something like “the fielder must have a chance to make a play on the runner” It’s not a balk if the first baseman is not covering the base and the throw goes directly to the base where he’s not. Third base is is considered the same thing as first base in OBR, so it’s judgment. In high school and NCAA that would be legal.
  12. https://mediadownloads.mlb.com/mlbam/mp4/2018/05/06/2015781683/1525644372183/asset_2500K.mp4
  13. USSSA Injured played

    Hmm, yeah I'm not sure of the official interpretation of this with a continuous batting order. When I do Babe Ruth Cal Ripken League games and this happens, I usually just have the player who last made an out go out and run. This is usually in low stakes "regular season" games and I've never had a coach complain, so maybe someone else know a better ruling for a "higher stakes" game. When I did the state and regional tournaments, we never covered a situation like this because every team uses a 9 or 10 man lineup.
  14. Is this obstruction under FED rules?

    What’s the award on this then? R1 is protected back to first?