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  1. Gfoley4

    Interference, Obstruction, or Nothing?

    obstruction, although the umpire's "no call" had the same effect
  2. Gfoley4

    Looking For A New Equipment Bag

    Hit up your local thrift shop. Needed a bag for a study abroad trip and found a massive bag made by a camping company for about $15. Works great for umpire equipment too
  3. Gfoley4

    Ball Kicked Out of Play in Outfield

  4. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    here you go, I wasn't lying.
  5. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    No, that screenshot is from mlb.tv and it was the beginning of his time signal. His hands are pretty much cut off from this point on so I screenshotted this.
  6. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    PU was a bit premature to call time I believe. Should have waited until B/R was retired, no? Would that have had any effect on if the defense wanted to take the play? Or they would have just acted like time wasn't called. (F5 threw to F3 just after this)
  7. Gfoley4

    Time between games

    I did a bunch of 6/7 game days for tournaments usually with 1:40 time limit with games scheduled on 1:45 headways this year. Never had a TD say anything about not being able to switch.
  8. Gfoley4

    interference/obstruction/play on???

    Sounds exactly like (@2:37) Seems to have been ruled a "play on" here
  9. Gfoley4

    2-man mechanics

    you just said it. and on situations where there would be B/R touching third at the same time another runner crosses home, PU doesn't have to worry about getting to a position to see both
  10. Gfoley4

    Which hand?

    Simple question, which hand is considered proper for indicating that there was a tag or that he held the bag, before banging the out? I've always used left,. but noticed some MLB umpires using right.
  11. Gfoley4

    Appeal process gone awry

    I’m not familiar with softball rules, but that does not sound right for baseball. If you step off the rubber and are attempting to make an appeal, it’s certianly not an illegal pitch and the onus is on the batter to not swing and interfere
  12. Second clip. can’t tell where the fly ball is hit but didn’t think PU would come up to third in this situation
  13. Gfoley4

    Is this a balk or not? (Video)

    yeah, related, I've seen a lot of RHP this year on a pickoff throw to third base from the rubber move (or maybe more aptly slide) their pivot towards first base then immediately step and throw to third. Haven't called a balk on it
  14. Gfoley4

    Base Running Question

    Seems clear enough to me. This is almost the exact play of Aaron Judge being out for appeal in the NLCS last year. Yes, he would have been safe if he beat the throw to second.
  15. Gfoley4

    balk or not

    yep, balk in USSSA. And might as well round out the major rule codes by saying it's legal in NCAA