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  1. Gfoley4

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    interesting, is this only a NCAA rule? and you could still make the case that the ball was in the batter's box I suppose
  2. Gfoley4

    Quick pitch or no

    looks like this was under NCAA rules
  3. I think the major, major downside of this would be that they're so much closer to (drunk) fans for potential physical/verbal assaults throughout the game
  4. Gfoley4

    Angle vs Distance

    ...but you would agree that the line umpire has a better angle, yes?
  5. Gfoley4

    Interference on Batter?

    Isn't this spelled out in the rulebook? Runner is out with 1 or 0 outs, batter is out with 2 outs (no run scores) and inning is over
  6. Gfoley4

    Bat hitting a fair batted ball

    Any batter is out when:
  7. Gfoley4

    Assistant Coach

    I think the Matt Holiday Red Sox-Yankees game proved that to be false, unless you want to say it was different
  8. Gfoley4

    No idea how this would be called

    say a runner in FED is past third base when ball is out of play, then tries to come back and retouch second. As an umpire, do we not allow this? Or is the onus on the defense to know that it was not a legal retouch.
  9. Gfoley4

    Pitcher Steps off plate and throws to catcher

    just to be clear, a swing and a miss would be considered the same as swinging and making contact (in OBR)? The only difference in that if he swings and misses, the catcher can still tag R3 out, making it so there's actually no interference, right?
  10. Gfoley4

    Interference, Obstruction, or Nothing?

    obstruction, although the umpire's "no call" had the same effect
  11. Gfoley4

    Looking For A New Equipment Bag

    Hit up your local thrift shop. Needed a bag for a study abroad trip and found a massive bag made by a camping company for about $15. Works great for umpire equipment too
  12. Gfoley4

    Ball Kicked Out of Play in Outfield

  13. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    here you go, I wasn't lying.
  14. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    No, that screenshot is from mlb.tv and it was the beginning of his time signal. His hands are pretty much cut off from this point on so I screenshotted this.
  15. Gfoley4

    Penalty or play?

    PU was a bit premature to call time I believe. Should have waited until B/R was retired, no? Would that have had any effect on if the defense wanted to take the play? Or they would have just acted like time wasn't called. (F5 threw to F3 just after this)