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  1. still hasn't made its way down to central jersey yet
  2. BRUMP

    Transaction Experience Thread

    great transaction with @acpar72 very responsive prompt shipping and item exactly as described
  3. BRUMP

    Transaction Experience Thread

    great transaction with @grk17. item exactly as advertised good communication and a fast turnaround. would not hesitate to deal with him again
  4. BRUMP


    For me I think its a little bit of both. Im fortunate to have one big tournament site that does attract very good talent in the summer and the coaches are generally pretty mellow at the 17U and 18U level because the primary goal of the tournament is exposure not competition. Of course some lower level stuff is mixed in there but for the most part its pretty good. This wasn't there tho. This was a lower level travel league that I have slowly been getting away from for reasons like this. I still do games for that league from time to time but nowhere near what I used to. For the most part tho my weekdays are gonna consist of legion, and a NCAA summer league I got aligned with this year. Partner was right there with me attempting to rodeo clown.
  5. BRUMP


    In the top of the 6th the Batter-Runner was ruled out for Running Lane Interference. The HTHC came out to dispute and was warned twice for being overly demonstrative before finally being told to return to the dugout to resume play. He then responded by screaming loud enough for everyone on and around the field “You’re out of your F*#King mind.” He was then ejected. Despite his own players attempting to hold him back to end the situation the coach sidestepped them and continued following me yelling “You are a goddamn joke to the game” and “You F*#King suck” before finally leaving the after being told that terminating the game would be the next step. At the beginning of the next half inning he was again instructed by myself and my partner through the assistant coach of the team that he needed to be out of sight and sound of the field and not merely sitting in the bleachers. He then finally left while loudly and profanely ranting regarding my partner and myself. If you wanted to make a youtube video titled "textbook example of RLI" this would've fit the bill. Kid was no closer to the line than 3 feet in fair territory the whole way and the throw drilled him in the helmet 5 feet from the bag. This guy actually brushed off his kid to continue going at me. Its always an abrupt change going from HS back to travel (daddy) ball once the HS season is over and I got a taste of it yesterday. Guess this is what its going to be like once my HS season ends this week. PS- Did I violate NJSIAA rules saying I have a HS game this week lol
  6. BRUMP

    post game interview

    Little bit of both As @Kevin_K mentioned Im not allowed to. If I was, I probably would've only answered under the condition that my name was not used. Nothing against that gentlemen or reporters as a whole, I just wouldn't want my name used regardless. Being quoted as a "game official" would've been fine tho. The NJSIAA is definitely its own world.
  7. BRUMP

    post game interview

    So HS varsity, 1/4 of the prep tournament (prep schools do a separate additional tourney). top 6 in a close game. R1 and R2. Basehit to F9. F9 fields and throws the ball before R1 and the BR have achieved 1b and 2b respectively. The ball deflected off of F3 (cutoff man) after R1 and the BR achieve 1B and 2B respectively and ends up going out of play as BR is just about at 2b. And R3 is just about at 3b. call is made, quick chat between my and my partner and we both have the same thing and are certain leaving us with R2 and R3. Of course HC is incredulous but what else is new? The parents aren't much better. This team loses on a walkoff in bot 7 and as we are walking out a parent asks us "respectfully can i ask you a question" to which i replied "respectfully no." I get changed, leave and stop at a wawa about 5 min away before my hour drive home and a guy approaches me and asks me if i just did the *school name* game to which i replied "yes." He then identifies himself as media and is looking for a quote on the play. I respectfully tell him "I don't have a comment" and refer him to NJSIAA for anything further. First time ive ever been "chased down" by media postgame.
  8. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    @johnnyg08Im rereading this cause of some new replies. When you say "at the amateur level" consider more depth...can you elaborate? Are you trying to say the higher the level the closer you could/should get to a play? Or am I just reading way to deep into it? (also a very good possibility lol)
  9. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    @millerforrest67 Video might be inconclusive, but I'm gonna need you to trust me on this one he was definitely safe.
  10. BRUMP

    Game Management - Ejections

    I agree with what maven says that it has no correlation with an umpires game management. Me for example I will have been umpiring for 10 years this september. I have 11 ejections. 2 players, 9 coaches. 3 at the LL level, 7 at the travel/club level and 1 at the HS varsity level. Ive gone stretches of up to 2 and a half years without an ejection, but I also had a 5 week period where I had 4 ejections. What do all these stats mean, in the end I believe nothing. I don't think it has any correlation with my skill level. I will agree with Maven where he says the level of ball will diminish ejections. At the HS level I've only had one ejection in 3 years (a couple weeks ago) and have never really come close until then (except for having to restrict two opposing HCs when they decided that they should have a shouting match from across the field, but again didnt really involve me).
  11. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    @johnnyg08Thanks Johnny. I appreciate the critique.
  12. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    @millerforrest67are you referring to the one where the umpire gives a triple safe signal?? If so I can say with absolute certainty he was safe.
  13. BRUMP

    Easy as it gets plus a story

    HS Varsity game. Im PU. Bot 6. Player takes a called K3 over the outside corner. Draws a line in the dirt and gets run. After the game I see a woman in a sweatshirt of that team coming over to my car. I was starting to think that id have to make a quick exit and get changed at wawa but to my surprise she said she was the players mother and asked for my email address to have him apologize for me. That night this popped into my inbox. (personal information redacted) Dear Mr. BRUMP, I apologize for losing control of my emotions during the second game today. My behavior was inappropriate. I understand that I need to handle my emotions, especially in high-intensity situations, better in the future. I meant no disrespect to you or to the game. I acknowledge that drawing a line where I thought the pitch should be called was wrong as it showed you up. My actions do not align with my values, and I regret disappointing my parents, and letting down my team. I will treat this experience as a valuable lesson going forward in this season, throughout my college career, and beyond. Sincerely, First Name Last Name Somewhere in NJ High School ‘18
  14. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    I see what you are saying. Take my play though. In order to account for the last minute adjustment, or in my case the pitcher going to ground, I would have to be pretty close to the play right?
  15. BRUMP

    Plays at the Plate

    @Kevin_KIm trying to follow along here. On this play I would end up around 3BLX right? Thank you Rich. And yes. We should find a way to make it work. I will see if I can work some magic in Monmouth CO.