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  1. I did my part.

    And I think it is imperative that coaches are made aware of this. It is probably not appropriate for umpires to make them aware during a game situation, but I do believe many coaches truly think that when an umpire rightfully declines "getting help" they are being stubborn and when one does go to discuss it they are being professional and humble. That is how the coaches and parents perceive it. So there is some value to going to your partner talking about who is buying beer after the game and then sticking with the call. But the detriment this causes is far more than the value of pacifying a coach. Coaches need to be aware that umpires are trained to only go for help if they need it. The umpire in the best position to make the call is the one making it. And the coaches and parents I'm talking about are below high school level for the most part. Coaches that get paid already know these things and they are trying to get an edge when they ask an umpire to get help.
  2. Explain strike zone

    If you can tell the difference between a tomato and an elephant, then you can tell the difference between a newbie coach that simply wants to get a feel for your zone (some call the top of the zone a little more and some call the bottom, etc) and a coach that is working you. If it's in the middle of the game it is almost certainly the latter. I almost always say I call the zone as it's defined in the book. But in either case I agree with Maven, don't say anything that comes across as confrontational. Some view defensiveness as a sign of guilt or uncertainty. I have had some young catchers innocently ask me before the game what my zone is. I usually just reply "I call the entire zone, letters to bottom of knee over the entire plate." I know that technically "letters" is not part of the defined zone, but a 12 year old is going to here "the mid-point between, blah, blah, blah."
  3. Explain strike zone

    You checked off three things I saw coaches do this weekend that had me shaking my head.
  4. I did my part.

    And the other problem are tournament directors that get paid by the teams so they want to keep teams happy so they pressure umpires to "get help" as a way to pacify the coaches.
  5. Route in crowded field on overthrow From F3 in A

    I'd also be worried about being in the way of the throw if I came inside. I'd think if it was going to be a bang-bang play though you'd probably have time to get inside if you followed close behind the runner.
  6. I did my part.

    If there was I ddin't hear it.
  7. NCAA Super Regional 2014

    I replied to an "ask the umpire" post with this one, but thought I would put it here to get more feedback. I thought I had posted it when it happened, but looked back and could not find any such post. ASU was playing Texas in Austin. R1, don't remember the outs. R1 is running on the pitch, which is ball 4. F2 comes up throwing and batter makes a slight lean towards first base. You can see the lean in the video. F2 throws ball into CF and R1 advances to third on the throw. PU call INT on the batter for interfering and causing the errant throw. Thus he calls the batter out and returns the runner to 1st base, even though it was ball 4 and R1 was entitled to second base so the throw meant nothing. Did the umpires kick this one or do the rules actually support this?
  8. I did my part.

    I had he converse of that, sort of. Two-man, I'm in "C". Ground ball to F6, R2 runs in front. F6 is about 6 feet behind the R2 and coming in. He fields the ball with a slight bobble and throws the BR out at first. As I trot back to "C" I here my partner telling the now R3 that he is out. What? He says "the ball hit him". I'm thinking I was right there and the ball did not hit him. We get together to confer and he is adamant that he was looking at it the whole time and the ball glanced off R2. Well I don't feel I can tell him that he didn't see what he said he saw, so we rule R2 out. I was right there and I'm 99% certain the ball never touched the runner.
  9. Some Nachos with that Foul Ball Sir?

    If there was cheese on the ball but not on the glove could he have used that as evidence of no catch?
  10. Shirt Color

    On another note, use the term "powder blue" and not "baby blue". Did a game a few weeks ago and I communicated with my partner over the phone about shirt colors. We agreed on navy. Or so I thought. I was saying navy and he was saying baby. We showed up with different colored shirts. Thankfully I had my 'powder" blue in the car and it was a quick switch.
  11. Shirt Color

    I would say powder and cream are the two most popular colors here and it's not even close. Red would actually be third. One reason for that though is that the tournament organizer that I do a lot of games for gets shirts made with his logo on it and gives them to umpires. He doesn't necessarily care if you wear his shirt, but they are a great light material and they are really sharp looking with some white trim on the shoulder and hemline. And he only has them in powder, cream, and red. I actually wear them on the bases with no undershirt (buttoned up all the way of course) as they breath really well and I'm far cooler that way.
  12. When to intervene

    I actually was meaning to ask if it could be interpreted as a quick pitch if F1 pitched as soon as the batter was ready because F1 was already set when the batter got in the box. I know it's not a balk when they come set before the batter is in the box. I used to think that but was corrected about that last year on this board. So now I've been doing as you do by stopping it as soon as it happens. But I've been doing it when I'm BU if I don't see the the PU doing it.
  13. When to intervene

    Correct. Which I would allow as long as the batter was ready when he did it and watched him do it. At that point the batter is seeing the pause. I am just not comfortable with the batter looking up and already seeing him set.
  14. When to intervene

    Sorry my question was in response to both yours and Rich Ives responses who did say "the pitcher can come set before the batter is ready all day long" and MUAUmp2 who said simply "yes" to my comment. It appears as if they were implying that no preventive umpiring should be done as it's not a rules violation. So I was seeing if it was reasonable to interpret it as a quick pitch given that the batter expects to see a discernible pause when coming set just like the runner and umpire. And I agree this is only really an issue in lower levels. But many umpires allow it to go on
  15. When to intervene

    So is it not reasonable for a batter to expect that when he steps into the box and looks at F2 pitching from the stretch that he will see F2 begin his motion and come to a set position, pause, and then deliver the pitch? Generally when pitchers do this it is a glitch not something they do every time. So the batter has become accustomed to that process. If all of a sudden he sets himself in the box and gets ready and the pitcher delivers the pitch as he's already come set, then hasn't he delivered the pitch before the batter was ready? I ask this because I had two instances yesterday where F2 came set before batter was ready. As soon as batter was ready and looked up, F2 delivered pitch. Both times the batter kind of looked at the PU as if to say "what the hell?". One time first base coach yelled "he quick pitched". But technically it was not a quick pitch because the batter was ready and looking when the pitch was delivered. When I'm PU I always tell the F2 to step off if he comes set before the batter is ready. Unfortunately most umpires I work with do not incorporate this practice. They wait for after it happens and the batter requests to be given time by holding his hand up.
  16. When to intervene

    So the pitcher can come set before the batter even enters the box? What about if he is one foot in and taking signs?
  17. Funny F2

    Doing a 13U AAA game today. AAA is supposed to be the top talent but it sure didn't look like it. First inning pitch comes in about 6 inches above the top of the zone. F2 barely gets his mitt on it as it plunks me square in the mask and bounds out in front of home plate. I'm a little annoyed of course. After throwing the ball back to F1 he addresses me. I'm expecting "sorry about that won't happen again". Instead he asks me if it was a strike or a ball. I just laughed. I so wanted to say "A ball. The same thing every close pitch is going to be if you keep letting me get hit".
  18. Funny F2

    Doing a 19U consolation game yesterday. Bottom of the 5th VT winning 8-0, R3 with 2 outs (there is an 8 run mercy rule after 5 innings). Pitch comes in high and tight. F2 doesn't even get a glove on it. Hits me square on the shoulder. Luckily it was right where my hard plastic is. Didn't really hurt at all. What hurt way worse was the ball ricocheting off me towards the third base dugout and R3 coming home to extend the game. We played the full 7 innings after that.
  19. Funny F2

    I 12-year old told an umpire "you do your job and I'll do mine?". That 12-year old's "job" would have been sitting on the bench and running wind sprints until he puked if I were his coach.
  20. NCAA Super Regional 2014

    And so since that rule was changed to state "intentionally" the following year, then technically the crew in that game did not get it wrong? I'm an ASU alum so I'm still losing sleep over it.
  21. When to intervene

    So it has been my practice to tell the pitcher to step off if I'm in "B" or "C". I just felt it would look bad for the crew if I did it from "D". Is everyone in agreement that I shouldn't even do it from "B" or "C"? Unfortunately I work a lot of tournaments where there is not an evaluation of umpires and some of the umpires get lazy and don't care about this stuff. Additionally I originally thought coming set before the batter was in the box was a balk based on the quick pitch verbiage. I was told by umpires on this forum that I should be telling the pitcher to "step off" when I notice this. So by me not getting this from "B" or "C" and then him pitching won't I have a balk for a quick pitch? And then won't it be my responsibility for calling that even if I'm in "B" or "C"?
  22. Runner Steals During Checked Swing Appeal

    With all due respect noumpere I can list all the advice I've taken on this forum and applied it. I no longer take a plate brush to clean the bases. I've learned many new rules interpretations. I've been on this forum for a few years and have posted numerous times. The vast majority of my games go off without a hitch. I just like to get input on those situations that do occur so I post on almost all of them. So it may seem like I have a lot of issues on the field. That is not the case at all. I've also improved a lot in this area so I have even fewer issues than I once did. I've admitted my faults regarding communicating with coaches during tense situations and being indecisive on calls. But I don't take all advice. Some of it simply won't work for me. I think sometimes communicating on forums creates disagreements that would never exist in face to face communications. I appreciate you reply. I admit that I defend my respect vociferously. I don't take lightly being disrespected. But also remember that it is also a positive character trait that when someone points out that a person is being condescending that the person see it and take responsibility for it. I was pretty sarcastic in a comment to someone last week. When they reacted based on that I replied "that was sarcastic and I apologize". I'd like to see the same humility at times from some members on this board. Humility is a good quality to have and it would better serve the purpose of this board if some on this board developed it.
  23. Runner Steals During Checked Swing Appeal

    Thanks for the reply Maven. I was speaking specifically about high-level umpires on these forums, not at clinics. I've never had that experience at clinics I've attended. I would be interested in your opinion about the multiple private messages I've received from umpires that have chosen to view rather than post on these forums because of the condescending approach taken by several of the other umpires. I appreciate that you give your opinion, but always do so in a respectful manner.
  24. Runner Steals During Checked Swing Appeal

    Matt calling "time" during a live ball situation is something I've literally never seen any moderately experienced umpire do, let alone someone at my experience level. Now you may not like me based on my responses on these forums. But I have done games as high as junior college. I've been evaluated by my association and worked games with my association VP and they felt comfortable assigning me junior college games. So I'm not an umpire that is going to call "time" while the ball is in play. I clearly stated that I would never engage the coach as the ball was still live. That should be enough for you to assume that I would respect a ball in play enough to not kill the play just to engage the coach. I feel as if you are just being stubborn about this. When people are posting on this forum it is not a college thesis. We may leave certain details out. If you truly were not clear about what I was stating then I apologize. I don't believe that to be the case. My past experience from witnessing your responses to me and some others is that you like to look at a post and critique it when it comes from someone you don't respect as a "high-level" umpire.
  25. Runner Steals During Checked Swing Appeal

    Do I really have to spell it out to you Matt? You insulted me by implying that I was a bad umpire and insinuating that I just might call time in the middle of live ball play. You told me to take that as I will and I did just that. So in return I insulted you by stating that maybe the reason you didn't get what I was saying the first time is that you felt calling time during live ball play was something you might do. It makes perfect sense and I sense you are intelligent enough to know that, but just too stubborn to admit it.