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  1. Shouldn't R1 and R2 be returned to their bases on the batter IF?
  2. Mudder

    First piece of new equipment in a while!

    Where did you get the graphite colored foam pads?
  3. Mudder

    Botched Appeal Attempt on R3 Leaving Early

    That should of read less than 2 out
  4. OBB, I'm PU, R2 & R3, 2 out batter hits a trouble fly ball to left, F7 is playing deep, but is charging in hard and makes a circus catch. R3 tags and scores and R2 tags and advances to 3B. Defense wants to appeal R3 left early, F1 steps off rubber and throws to 3B, but overthrows F5, but ball remains in play, runner at 3B comes home, F5 retrieves errant throw and throws home, runner is easily safe. F2 then throws to F5 to again try to appeal the original R3 leaving early. I say they've lost their right to appeal because a play has happened (throwing home to get the runner after the errant thrown on the original appeal play). Defensive coach accepts this, but then says they screwed up, they should have appealed R2 leaving early, not R3, I did not allow that appeal either for the same reason as above. Questions: Was I correct in not allowing the 2nd appeal attempt on the original R3 because of the ensuing play trying to put the runner out at home after the errant throw? Was I correct in not allowing the appeal attempt on R2, or did they have the right to appeal? On the errant throw to 3B on the appeal attempt, if F5 had just gone over to pick up the ball and just step on 3B, instead of throwing home to try and get the runner, would that appeal attempt have been allowed, I think yes as no play has happened to cause them to lose their right to appeal?
  5. Until, and if, MLB comes up with some kind of basic guidelines as to what does and does not constitute an offer, vs being purely based on judgement, these arguments will always happen.
  6. Mudder

    Call at the plate

    I guess I forgot my "tongue in cheek" emoji As a BU, the only time a PU came to me on a play at the plate was when he had a violent sneeze just as the tag was being applied. He made no call and immediately called me in, told me what happened, and asked "please tell me you got a good look at that", I said ya I did, he was easily out.
  7. Mudder

    Call at the plate

    No such thing as a "bad call", you mean a call a coach does not agree with. Unless its something like a ball squirting loose possibly out of the umps view, no way as a PU I can envision a play where I would go to my BU on a play at the plate.
  8. Mudder

    Molina's Foul Tip

    Point #2...you say the play in the video is a foul ball, could not be a foul ball if the batter was ruled out? The batter was called out, the ump signalled a foul tip, so he must have thought the ball touched the mitt first, correct?
  9. Mudder

    Out of Baseline No Call

    I'm impressed that Nelson was able to see that missed tag from where he was standing
  10. While I know this is what we're supposed to do....say nothing unless a coach brings it up, then enforce it for both teams for the rest of the game... I hate it because as officials by not saying anything until its brought to our attention makes us look like we're missing it or not paying attention, and/or we're letting the coaches tell us what to do, at least that's the way it might appear in a game. Why can't we just enforce it when we see it?
  11. Mudder

    Obs, interference or no call

    On the clip the throw is coming from where you normally see RLI called, the plate area, I know the rule does not state that, but its been mentioned on this site many times that you shouldn't call RLI on throws coming say from the middle infield.
  12. Mudder

    Obs, interference or no call

    OP does not mention it, but doesn't this depend on where the throw is coming from, as I thought RLI can only be called on a thrown coming from the "plate area"?
  13. How is this better than a flexbelt?
  14. Thats a real stretch, he's basically down when the pitch is released. Sure I've been critical of Hernandez in past, but in this case ya the pitch is a strike, but F2 is setup on the outer half, has to reach across his body to receive the pitch, most benches expect a ball when they see that, I have no problem with the call.
  15. Mudder

    Balk - Dropped Ball

    Is it possible to be touching the plate, but not be engaged?