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  1. Just purchased this from Douglas for $297 will sell for $280 with free shipping.
  2. Are the shin pads still available?
  3. I'm looking for a 13 inch Douglas with grey pads .
  4. How much are you looking to sell it for?
  5. I chest protector still available?
  6. redsox25

    Douglas West Vest

    Is it still available?
  7. redsox25

    Wilson Platinum Chest Protector $125.00

  8. redsox25

    Wilson Platinum Chest Protector $125.00

    Chest Protector sold
  9. 13 inch Platinum Used one season with two harnesses 1.Original and Ray Brownlie's
  10. redsox25

    Wilson Gold M-L

    Is CP still available?
  11. redsox25

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    Is it M/L ?
  12. redsox25

    Davis Two Tone Pads

    Brand new $35.00 shipped