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  1. Appeal Play

    Runner on 2nd, 2 outs. Batter hits double. Runner going 2nd to home touches third and home, BR misses first, but touches second, and is safe standing up. Appeal to first, out. Easy. Does the appeal count as a force play, and the run does not score, or is it timing? If it is force, and no run, how is it any different than a similar situation where if you have a BR miss first on say an infield single, and the ball is thrown to the base, but is after he crosses the bag. You aren't going to call the runner out just because he missed the bag, it must be appealed. The touch is assumed. I may be off base, but my argument is for a timing play in my original situation. I would like a ruling for FED, NCAA, and OBR of there are any differences. Thanks group.
  2. Pitch cheat sheets

    So it is 100% discretionary on distracting?
  3. Pitch cheat sheets

    I'm sure this is on here somewhere but I can't find it.FED rules. Where is a pitchDr allowed to place one of those arm sleeve and waste pitching sleeves? I'm sure this is covered on the book, but a quick glance didn't return any results to me. Is the pitcher allowed to use one on his non pithing arm (glove arm). What if the holder is black but the card inside (that had a clear is covering in it) is white? Is it all umpire judgement? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Pitching change allowed?????

    Since this game was played under protest, but LAA won anyways, if MLB upholds the protest, can LAA drop the protest claim and just take the win? I would assume so.
  5. Handling fans/parents, specifically "that fan"

    I disagree with "ignore fans" in every case. Yes, ignore whining, ignore you sucks, ignore that's terrible etc. But, if she wants to keep going, and she wants to get up on the fence of the backstop, go ahead and address it, but never ask her to settle down. If I speak to a fan, it is to eject them. I don't do 12U ball (for this reason), but there is no place for it at that level. If you get to college games, or professional baseball, its 100% different, but this game is FAR from that. Moral of the story, eject the fan - don't ask them or warn them to stop.
  6. Hood

    I bought the UA cold gear, and LOVE IT. I have used it probably 3 times this year, and have never regretted it once. I don't care if there is something else out there, I can't imagine it would be better. I got mine online from UA, and they were on clearance for $19 (usually $25). This was back in Feb. so I have no idea if they are still on sale.
  7. Postgame EJ

    In 12 years, I have never had an experience like this. Quick background on game: HS - VAR HT is 8-3 on the year, VT is 11-1 (only loss is to HT). Conference rivals. Not friendly. Partner and I were put on game 2 days before because guys who were on the game apparently shouldn't have been. HT scores 3 in bottom of 7th to force extras. Now we are in top of 9. Bases loaded (Walk, HBP, Error), 1 out. 3-1 pitch is low (for some reason, despite working the slot very well, I was tighter than usual on low pitches, but I stayed fairly consistent . Run walks in. HT HC loses his mind, I ignore it. Next batter triple on a very hung breaking ball (my fault of course). HT is losing their minds out of the dugout, HC takes a couple of steps out, argues something that I wasn't going to acknowledge, heads back into dugout. Inning ends, game is 9-4. HT up to bat in bottom 9th, first out is a whacker at first, and the kid is out (correct call from what I could see trailing the play up the line). 2nd out, is a diving catch in right field, partner went out, had good position. Home 1st base coach goes nuts on my partner, who immediately put him in his place. Games ends on a swinging (thankfully) strike 3. Now the fun part. Walking off the field, my partner was ahead of me by about 10 feet (he wanted to give a quick thanks to the trainer for helping with a concussion that happened during the game). I'm about half way between the 3rd base line and the dugout when I have a baseball land about a foot away from me. I turn around to see the home first base coach glaring at me. I give him a look that must have let him know that I thought the ball came from him because he replied "Yea, I threw it, I was aiming for the dugout. Keep walking". Well, that was enough for me, I dumped him. I was no wear near the opening of the dugout, and if he wanted the ball (which was the game ball he picked up near the mound from the final out) in the dugout so bad, my opinion is he should have put it in his pocket, or thrown it no where near me. Thoughts? And before I start getting comments that you would have dumped someone in the 9th, yes, the coaches were getting a little extra rope because I understood the importance and rivalry of the game. I have thicker skin when needed, I just saw this as an easy EJ. Damn that was a lot of words!
  8. Rule differences

    Is there a good website, anywhere, that shows all of the rule differences in the different rule sets. I am primarily concerned with the major rule sets (FED,NCAA,OBR) but would love to see something that has Babe Ruth, LL, Legion, NAIA, etc on there as well.
  9. Blue ball bags or black, that is the questions!?!

    What about T-Shirts? In Ohio HS ball, we have only navy shirts, and the state says we must wear red under them (looks really bad, why not white?). So a lot of umpires around here in the summer wear red tshirts under EVERYTHING. Cream/red Black/red, Powder/Red. When I say something people look at me like I am an idiot. I was always wear black or white under my shirt, to match trim color. Anyone else have a problem with this?
  10. What do you put on your feet?

    Does anyone have experience with the Reebok Zigs? I was looking to get a pair because I had a partner that swore by them, but he was kind of absent minded, and I don't automatically trust his glowing recommendation.