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  1. csabo17

    Need some advice

    I was always taught to stay in my position and let the coach come to me. The reason being if hes mad and storming towards you and you start towards him it looks aggressive. I also like to run back to my position when I know hes coming just so he has to come all the way out to me. Either giving me time to explain what I had or give him time to cool off just a bit before getting there. Not sure if thats right or wrong. Just how ive always done it.
  2. csabo17

    2 ball bags behind the plate?

    My partner george tackleberry has that covered on the bases!
  3. csabo17

    2 ball bags behind the plate?

    Always 2. I keep a small glock in my left one, just in case! Lol
  4. csabo17

    +POS, Honig's, MiLB, Throat Guards

    is the jim evans book really a $55 book? Having a hard time pulling the trigger on that. Would love them both though. May just end up with the pbuc for 12 though.
  5. csabo17

    +POS, Honig's, MiLB, Throat Guards

    Are the books/manuals up to date? I know it says 2014 but are all mechanics taught the same today?
  6. csabo17

    Anyone have RLI here?

    Was the base guys in sleeves and pu in short sleeve?
  7. csabo17

    Chest protector harness suggestions

    Plus one for raz. I bought one a while back from him. Best upgrade ive made to my gear. Fits perfect, requires no adjustments during the game. And the customization always makes people do a double take and ask where I got it done at.
  8. csabo17

    What do you do for a living?

    911 dispatcher. Great boss, I give her my schedule a month out and i get off any night before a game. (Normally work 12-8am) If i get a game added shes also cool about getting me replaced. They also know id quit dispatching in a heart beat if I had to choose. I do 4 sports all year, and make more officiating. The real job is basically for insurance/retirement.
  9. csabo17

    Mask broke wilson dyna lite

    I dont but havent sent the mask back yet. Will try to take a pic sometime tomorrow.
  10. So first game out last week and I take a pretty common foul ball to the face. A few innings later I notice a break around the ear area. Looks like the mask had just snapped at the weld. Wilson dyna lite. Not sure if its because I kept it in a cold place over the winter or what. Anyway, I have to brag on umpattire.com AGAIN! I emailed them and explained situation. Im not sure when I bought the mask, sometime last season I was thinking. I wake up the next morning and I have a new make en route. 2 days later its here. No questions asked, no pics, no hassle. Just great customer service as usual from the umpattire crew! I showed my appreciation by ordering the new poly spandex and a few other items.
  11. csabo17

    Wtb shins

    Looking for wilson platinum shins. Smallest size possible. I have some, but the condition is getting rough. So looking for newer/cleaner shins.
  12. csabo17

    Ouch!!! Line drive up middle

    The wife gave me exactly 0% symphony! Shes preggers though. I guess she thinks her pain is worse?
  13. csabo17

    Ouch!!! Line drive up middle

    Did you read the post? I had time to flinch. Drop step, thats funny. Im the fastest white guy to come out of my college. Im not slow by any means. If i had time to drop step i would of had time to avoid the ball.
  14. csabo17

    Legal Move?

    He must of used that move before, runner wasnt fooled at all.