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  1. Between Innings

    In Louisiana, as far as I know, we don't really strictly enforce the "1 minute rule" but we do encourage a quick turn around. Only occasionally have I witnessed teams getting out on the field slowly and its pretty easy to help out by just telling the catcher to throw it down. I've never actually timed the interval myself, but I was involved in a game that was "televised" recently. I use the term televised loosely as it was part of a school course, where students man the cameras and it was broadcast over a local cable channel. Anyway, for this game we had a mandatory 2 minute break between innings for commercials. At each break, we were waiting at least 45 seconds after the pitcher was finished with his 5 warm ups, and that was after we encouraged the teams to "slow it down" getting on the field.
  2. Smitty pants and a crease

    Ah! I never knew what the name of that was. All I knew was that my old honigs had it. Thanks
  3. Switched over to the Smitty pants this year since my old Honigs Poly-wools were looking more heather than charcoal. I've washed them 3 times and already seeing the crease "de-creasing". Since you can't use a very hot iron (I learned the hard way a few years ago), whats the best method of re-establishing a sharp crease?
  4. Plate Coat

    This has been a very depressing thread. I just recently got measured with the plan of buying one once the correct size popped up on Honigs. Guess I'm a day late again.
  5. Dumb Rule Nomination

    Personally, I'd rather see the "protector" WITH a helmet and NOT a glove. Face it, the "protector" is usually one on the roster who is most unlikely to get in the game, or even a non-team member. All we need is some kid out there with a glove and long foul ball hit down there that he thinks is a chance for him to make a catch.
  6. Flooding

    Ran across this thread while killing time this afternoon. Below is an aerial photo of my neighborhood taken last August when we were flooded out. See that bright light blue "dot" in the middle" That's my redneck swimming pool in my back yard. That was about the only thing that escaped unscathed. Just moved back in 3 days before Xmas. Not 100% rebuilt but close enough to be comfortable and a lot more convenient to work on.
  7. Prescription Glasses and Fogging

    Thanks for all of the input. I have tried Cat Crap and it worked for a period of time, but it never lasted a full game for me. I've tried the "anti-fog" wipes that are available but those last about 9 outs max. @Richvee I absolutely agree with the air circulation idea. That is why I tried the smaller lens size. @NavyChiefBlue I really like those frames. They look as though they sit a good way off the face to allow air flow. @MadMax I'm going to check out that product also.
  8. I've asked this on another forum and all I got was replies to the effect of "don't wear glasses, wear contacts". Well that's not an option for me. My eyesight needs help, especially during lower light conditions like night games. Problem is that the lenses fog up badly under the mask. I'm looking for solutions that any of you have found. The only thing I have found to help at all was getting a pair of frames that were narrow (in height) so there was more air flow around them. Problem is that the smaller lenses tend to limit peripheral vision and can be a distraction. I'd like to hear about what types of glasses/lens treatments some of you wear. Thanks
  9. Stumped

    I give the runner 1st on the OBS and 2nd for the ball going into dead ball territory. If I get an argument from the coach about no obstruction because 1B was trying to catch the ball and not block the path, I simply tell him the runner was not out (1B dropped ball) and ball into dead ball territory gives him 2nd.
  10. Pitching Stance Question

    I was about to bring up the above issue as a related situation. Also, the consistent enforcement is basically the arguement I get from coaches.
  11. Pitching Stance Question

    With the new (last couple of years) emphasis on the legal and illegal stances, we're allegedly trying to enforce the rule more now. I had a pre-season scrimmage last weekend (no records) so the "enforcement" is a little more gentle. A pitcher was taking his warm up throws and I noticed he was starting with his non-pivot foot obviously, 6"+ in front of the rubber. I immediately told the coach so he could correct it (Remember, this is a scrimmage). Coach gets all upset and asks me, "Are you really going to call that on him?" I told him I was not calling anything, I was letting him know now to correct it. He continues his rant, not toward me but to his assistants that he can't believe it. Anyway, he got his pitcher to change his stance before the inning started. After that half inning, he came up to me to apologize saying he knew it was a point of emphasis and it wasn't my rule, blah blah, bah....Later though, the opposing coach brought up a good question. What is the reasoning behind that rule? What benefit is the pitcher getting by taking that illegal stance? Is he deceiving anyone? I couldn't give an answer. With no one on base, which is probably 90% of the time the wind-up is used, he can't deceive anyone. Besides it violating a description written, why is that stance illegal? Maybe I simply haven't seen the situation where that stance would be beneficial to the pitcher, but I just don't see the reasoning. Anyone have the reason for it?