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  1. Best way to cure that is not umpire Softball.
  2. Behind the plate, counter or no?

    Strikes are on the top. I could never use it. That what I want. You need more strikes.
  3. Do you verbalize "Infield Fly"?

    it's not that tough and in fact you have rule support to do so. It would kind of suck to have to do, but to fix it really isn't that tough. Call the batter out and return the runners. except for the out, it's no different than a close foul ball where guys are running. call it foul and the runners return. It's certainly not great umpiring to not verbalize/call an infield fly, but it is pretty easy to fix. Johnny, Why would you return the runners?
  4. checking bats

    And I will not take a head nod for a yes. I want a verbal yes.
  5. Another Brawl

    I can't believe that there is only a $300 fine to the schools. In Alabama the 1st ejection for the year on any player or coach is $350 ( I think ) per person. If you only had 10 player on one team ejected in this situation that would be $3500. Some schools pay the fines while others hold their players and coaches accountable for paying their own fines.
  6. Why so many 1 man games?

    It seems like a lot of you guys work solo. Why? The only time I have worked solo in 12 years is once or twice I had to work an inning or two until my partner showed up. In Alabama I don't know of any baseball at any level being solo.
  7. LL Junior 1 Man Video

    :shakehead: From one Marine to another, NEVER say no balls!!!! It gives a jerk coach or fan a line we don't need to give them. I only give the count after the third and fifth pitches. I know you could have 2 strikes and a couple of fouls, but that's not the norm. If that were to happen I would just say "Oh and two" and let it go at that. On the batter HBP, Great Call of TIME!! Too many umpires say Dead Ball. I do not point the runner to first base ever, HBP or walk. If a batter is hit he usually knows what to do. I will jump out and get in between the runner and the pitcher and walk with the runner toward 1st base, just in case. Semper Fi, Loyd
  8. High School Substitutions, Lineups, etc.

    What are you asking? Are you saying a player can not be restricted? 1st off let me say, I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. I'm not saying a player can't be restricted, but he can only be restricted for being an illegal sub. Visious cycle.
  9. High School Substitutions, Lineups, etc.

    Just thinking here. Pasting below from your post: How does a player get restricted? An Illegal Substitute:(2-36-3)(3.1.1c) Illegal Sub may be discovered by the umpire, the opposing team, the scorer, or a fan. An Illegal Sub is: A player who is ineligible to participate, which includes a withdrawn substitute a twice-withdrawn starter ejected or restricted players
  10. Appeals

    The question is, if the ball's thrown out of play, how will the umpires know which runner was going to be appealed? Why does that matter? If the defense errs in OBR, there are no more appeals, regardless of whom they were appealing. If the defense errs in FED, they can still appeal any runner at any base. Part of the reason (i guess) in FED is that they are allowed to use dead ball appeals. If I have a coach try to appeal with the ball still live I will call time and ask him what he said. That way I might get an out. :notworthy:
  11. Exploring Fair / Foul

    Oh heck, let me try. 1. Foul 2. U1 How did I do? :smachhead:
  12. Interference

    If he is already out and interferes, who am I going to penalize? I'm penalizing someone!!! :notworthy:
  13. Hand to mouth

    Don't you mean ball or balk them. You can ball them if you want. :shakehead:
  14. Interference

    How is this FPSR? There is no slide in OP. FPSR is a situation. No slide is required.
  15. The fielder is considered to be in fair territory as long as one foot is touching the foul line.