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  1. Size 13 These are brand new and never been worn - $65 plus shipping PM for pic
  2. Jacket is brand new and never been worn - $65 Had an issue uploading the pic but PM me and I can email it.
  3. misterblack36


    Welcome, Bigfoot!
  4. misterblack36

    Looking for a few specific items

    I have the black Nike replacement pads if you're still looking.
  5. misterblack36

    Douglas 12" w/ T-hooks

  6. I have a Platinum that has been retro-fitted with Team Wendy padding for sale. This protector is only a year old and is in excellent condition. Please PM with any questions/pics.
  7. misterblack36

    Douglas 12" w/ T-hooks

    I have a lightly used Douglas that was just purchased new a year ago for sale. It is in excellent condition and has only been worn in about 25-30 games. Please PM with any questions/pictures.
  8. misterblack36

    It's nice to be organized....

    How are you liking the Air Max shoes? I have worn the same pair since last season and they're still in good shape but I'm getting worried because I don't see them on eBay much anymore. I've been searching for a backup pair that I could rotate.
  9. misterblack36

    Champro Wheeled Umpire bag

    I used the Force 3 bag last season but just recently bought the eBag 29 motherlode. I absolutely love the new eBag. I packed everything for a game today and it holds all my normal stuff and more with ease. I love the dividers in the bottom compartment - the bag is more compact than the Force 3 but holds more gear, if that makes sense. Highly recommend it to anyone.
  10. misterblack36

    Champro Wheeled Umpire bag

    Actually got lucky and saw a TLS 29 in black last week so I ordered immediately. Went back in and checked a few minutes later and they were no longer listed. Thought it was really strange but I was able to get one.
  11. misterblack36

    Champro Wheeled Umpire bag

    I just purchased the TLS model in black and received it Saturday. I like the bag but now wondering if I should exchange for the eTech model.
  12. misterblack36

    Champro Wheeled Umpire bag

    I've been checking the eBag site every day since late November waiting on this to be re-stocked. Hopefully not much longer because they have blue and green shipping in early February for the larger size.
  13. misterblack36

    WV Platinum Team Wendy Retro

    I'm about to ship my platinum so I'd really like to see pics, ump13.
  14. misterblack36

    Wilson Platinum Question

    I am sending my platinum to Team Wendy for retrofitting in a couple of days and was curious if they will remove the extra sternum padding or leave it. I would prefer to have it removed - has anyone here removed it or had theirs removed?
  15. misterblack36

    Rapuano/Team Wendy/Riddell Power

    Hey Fittske24, do you feel the Team Wendy addition to the Douglas CP eliminates the need for the extra shoulder gap protection as Rapuano suggested with his Power? Thanks.