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  1. NCAA Postseason

    I wanted to start a topic. If anyone has gotten NCAA postseason this year let us know. Congrats to @MidAmUmp who is working the Southland Conference Tournament.
  2. Looks like PU got straight-lined here

    Not straighted lined.. just in the wrong position.. he should have come up just in front of the plate on the catchers left hip pocket.
  3. Detached equipment

    I actually do not think that was the right ruling. I is a 1 base award from the base at time of pitch.. even though it was ball 4.. he still shouldn't have gotten 2nd.. that is like a pitched ball going in the dugout on ball 4.. still gets 1 base.
  4. Chairs and buckets ok. But no beer coolers or bbq.

    Its dead ball area, its fine they sit in there. It's just like an opening of a dugout somewhere else down the line.
  5. Okla State vs ORU May 1

    that wasnt sam on the dish, that Umpire is a buddy of mine from Kansas
  6. Okla State vs ORU May 1

    you say that part, but no mention of the elbow to the kids head?
  7. Plays at the Plate

    he would not be able to get in the wedge on f1 hip.. the throw would have come and cause him to have a rapid head movement. He would be must better straight down on the catcher box line on the left side,
  8. Two runners on third, lead runner out?

    so no one is going to ask WTH the PU was doing all the way up the line?
  9. Poly spandex in MLB?

  10. Using HC First Name

    question... why are you worried about the score?
  11. Using HC First Name

    Please only use their 1st names ( unless you forget) always use it. It is a sign of respect. In D1 and Pro ball we do this.
  12. Poly spandex in MLB?

    MLB umpires have a contract.. they are not allowed to wear other guys pants.. Just like their mask cant have anything but a Wilson logo, or their CP cant show Douglas or anyone else.. I have a CP that a call up guy wore, if you want a pIC
  13. Poly spandex in MLB?

    They've never worn Gerry Davis pants MiLB is wearing the POLY spandex.. FYI you dont have them, you might wanna... I dont wear anything else now.. these pants are AWESOME
  14. 3-man, R2 vs R2-R3 -- slide or no?

    slide in both.
  15. NCAA Exam Thread

    B... he can throw if attempting to retire a runner
  16. NCAA Exam Thread

    it changed last year. If you catch and step. slide, fall, run, walk, two step or seawalk into any dead ball area. it is a 1 base award.
  17. NCAA Exam Thread

    I didnt see the play, i just know one happen.
  18. NCAA Exam Thread

    yes.. we had one in the SEC.. the went to video and changed it to a safe.
  19. NCAA Exam Thread

    the rundown is nothing as the runner tried to create Obstruction. Live play
  20. NCAA Exam Thread

    The runner has 3 choices when he enters the dirt circle. 1. Slide legally 2. Give himself up 3. Avoid collision. if he slides legally every time, then it makes the plays start to get easier. Now i can watch the catcher to see if he is cheating.
  21. NCAA Exam Thread

    Foul ball
  22. NCAA Exam Thread

    if you need help let me know.. I got a 96% and then a 100%
  23. Neoprene Sleeve

    fyi.. I only work D1 baseball ( im not trying to brag, just stating it) I enforce on every field... SEC...CUSA...CAA..Big South..any field i walk on. that way when the coordinator calls me and ask why i didnt enforce the rule, i have no come back. enforce like it says.. Just like FPSR. get every single one, even the small ones where they just miss the base. alot of our games are on tv, and I cant explain the ruling when TV clearly shows it.
  24. Neoprene Sleeve

    That is wrong.. you cant have just one sleeve on.. either 2 or none.
  25. Mississippi Juco

    I'm a friend of the Miss JUCO.. what do you need?