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  1. 3-man, R2 vs R2-R3 -- slide or no?

    slide in both.
  2. NCAA Exam Thread

    B... he can throw if attempting to retire a runner
  3. NCAA Exam Thread

    it changed last year. If you catch and step. slide, fall, run, walk, two step or seawalk into any dead ball area. it is a 1 base award.
  4. NCAA Exam Thread

    I didnt see the play, i just know one happen.
  5. NCAA Exam Thread

    yes.. we had one in the SEC.. the went to video and changed it to a safe.
  6. NCAA Exam Thread

    the rundown is nothing as the runner tried to create Obstruction. Live play
  7. NCAA Exam Thread

    The runner has 3 choices when he enters the dirt circle. 1. Slide legally 2. Give himself up 3. Avoid collision. if he slides legally every time, then it makes the plays start to get easier. Now i can watch the catcher to see if he is cheating.
  8. NCAA Exam Thread

    Foul ball
  9. NCAA Exam Thread

    if you need help let me know.. I got a 96% and then a 100%
  10. Neoprene Sleeve

    fyi.. I only work D1 baseball ( im not trying to brag, just stating it) I enforce on every field... SEC...CUSA...CAA..Big South..any field i walk on. that way when the coordinator calls me and ask why i didnt enforce the rule, i have no come back. enforce like it says.. Just like FPSR. get every single one, even the small ones where they just miss the base. alot of our games are on tv, and I cant explain the ruling when TV clearly shows it.
  11. Neoprene Sleeve

    That is wrong.. you cant have just one sleeve on.. either 2 or none.
  12. Mississippi Juco

    I'm a friend of the Miss JUCO.. what do you need?
  13. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

  14. 3-man, R2 vs R2-R3 -- slide or no?

    it was a mistake an oversight that wasn't added, but should be treated as the same sit.
  15. 3-man, R3 , less than 2 outs

    Should should not happen in this play either. The coach would tell U1 what they were appealing, and maybe U1 had a brain fart. he (U1) would then go talk to PU. together ( all 3 umpires or 4) always wait for all the umpires to get together before we talk in any sit.