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  1. Ebay finds

  2. ISO: Force 3 V2 mask Silver Frame Black Pads

    Didn't you have one at one point and sold it? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  3. F3 helmet failure

    I'm pretty sure that is a supply demand situation. To much demand and not much supply. The only issue with manufacturing is IMO that the factory can't make it fast enough as the buyers want it. Buyer think about buying it today and want it for yesterday. And as Mad Max says F3 is a very innovative company that listens. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  4. F3 helmet failure

    @scrounge why you don't contact F3 directly then?
  5. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    Mail call. Received the replacement shorts from Armored Nutshellz. Thanks Jeremiah. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  6. Nike titanium $275

    @rjdakin here is a good one for your friend.
  7. F3 helmet failure

    To add up more, I wouldn't call it failure because the catcher stayed in the game, wearing the Force3 mask with a helmet. I think that the San Diego Padres believe in Force3 Pro Gear products. Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
  8. F3 helmet failure

    I don't see any spring break, what I saw is a bent mask.
  9. From who you ordered the mask?
  10. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    I received at 3:56 PM an email from Jeremiah, the owner of Armored Nutshellz saying this Hello sir, I apologize for our social media guys response. I would be willing to send out another pair of our Nutshellz shorts and also offer you the 15% discount on a three pack as well. Let me know your current shipping address. Jeremiah Raber - Founder/CEO, Nutshellz
  11. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    I can imagine they will not approve it so that's why I copy paste it here so there is proof. @grayhawk I also have Nike but the next step is using the Armored Nutshellz cup on the Force3 tights pouch for my next plate assignment. I will check what else can be done about this situation, might go to BBB or Consumer Federation of America.
  12. Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts

    I just posted this on their shorts page as a review. Reviews Rated 1 out of 5 Your review is awaiting approval I purchased the cup and jock combo on July 2016 Today 04/04/2018 while preparing my bag for my game I noticed that one of the short straps came undone from the waistband. I don’t use this shorts daily and no use for it whatsoever in the Winter. Their Facebook inbox reply was offer me a 15% off on the 3 pack. To every retailer that I know I will tell them to not become a retailer for this company. They send me 2 likes as a response and then blocked me so now I can’t message them. Areal class act.
  13. While I was preparing my bag this morning for my game today I took my Armored Nutshellz Jock Shorts and noticed one of the straps came undone and the second one soon to be undone. The cost of this product is $54.99 I took pictures of it and sent it to them through their Facebook inbox and their response was: "I just looked back and the purchase date was July of 2016. I can't really warranty an undergarment that is this old. I could give you a 15% discount if you order a 3 pack. Let me know and I will send an invoice." I responded: "Thanks but no thanks. A $54.99 item should last longer than 19 months when is not being use in daily, only when working the plate and not being used for 2 Winters. So in reality the use that I got from them is between 9-13 months and not being used everyday during that period." They replied: "I understand your frustration but it's an undergarment, it's not built like a backpack or something of that sort. If you change your mind I will honor the offer. From the image it looks like the stitches came loose - maybe you could throw a few back there? If it is in my power any retailer that I know I will say to them not to support this company by buying their products. The shorts have a high markup for a product Made in China also known as obscene profit.
  14. The Ump hard shell chest protector

  15. 12" Platinum on Closeout at Epic Sports for $99

    Only 1 left, somebody better hurry up.