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  1. Got it. keep it short. Introductions, lineups (if not done at the scorer's table), ground rules specific to the field. Players properly equipped. Sportsmanship, and If you want to add the ask for time and we'll discuss any issues...That's about it.
  2. Pet Peeve....Why do we have to talk about every hole in the fence? It's real simple..If a ball goes under, through, over a fence, we have a book rule to govern it. I really don't need to know where the groundhog dug under the outfield wall, or where the landscaper ripped a piece of chain link.
  3. You said you were doing the bases for this game? Then you stand on the fair side of home plate facing your partner who is behind home plate facing you. You don't say anything. UIC runs the pregame conference. As for the "speech"itself, If you are the plate Umpire, then it's your conference Just give them your name. get their names. Shake hands. No need for the rest of it. "Coaches, are your teams properly equipped? All jewelry including necklaces and wristbands removed?" LL tourney this is usually done at the scorers table prior to the game. No need to bring it up again. I've heard plenty guys throw this in their pregame conference. Level dependent. I guess it's not a bad idea at lower levels. Shorter is better. "Gentlemen, if there's anything you need to discuss with us during the game, please wait til action has stopped and ask for time and then we can discuss any issues." Any questions?? Good luck guys.
  4. Richvee

    Balk or no balk?

    I’ve seen it work. As a matter of fact I saw it work this year in a varsity high school game. R1 started on initial movement and got caught. He gets tagged, looks at me and says” Isn’t that a balk?”
  5. So the consensus is no balk. I told you I could be persuaded
  6. Richvee


    Sounds like something we would have to see. Did R 1 deliberately stop to hinder F4? Did F4 stop because R1 was in his way of cleanly fielding the ball.? Real hard to say without seeing it.
  7. So, I am sorry if you are confused but your post has confused me as well. I do not see this thread as being “all about a 4 pitched balls walk.” The thread isn't about base on balls when throwing 4 balls. Your post after the softball interp post was, and all I'm saying is that post is irrelevant to this conversation. The thread is about NO PITCH Intentional walks. .
  8. I’m confused as to why you post this. Nothing above has anything to do with a no pitch intentional walk. I cited the relevant FED rule and you cited the relevant MilBUM section on no pitch IBB. This one is all about a 4 pitched balls walk.
  9. I’m interested in the answers here. The throw was to the bag. However, the throw was also to F3 who was not on the bag and , I assume from your wording, was in no position to make a play on R1. I’m inclined to say balk. I can be convinced otherwise by an interpretation or our esteemed panel
  10. Richvee

    Time out

    And as long as you didn’t say “time”. The play stands.
  11. Here is the Fed cite Art 3 : The ball becomes dead when time is taken to make an award when a catcher or any fielder obstructs a runner, when an intentional base on balls is to be awarded, or when baserunning penalties are imposed.
  12. Intentional walks with no pitches is not live. Time is called and and the batter awarded 1B, so I don’t think he would have to wait for him to reach base. I’d say legal appeal.
  13. Richvee

    Tag & Missed base

    So you’re saying verbal with no signal? No way I’m going with “ show me the ball “ when I know damn well it’s on he ground. Same with a bobble sign. It’s not bobbled, it’s on the ground. R2 ground ball to F6. He swipes and misses R2 who’s on his way to third. Safe signal and verbal “ no tag”.
  14. Been watching a lot of the tournament and Maybe I’m wrong but it looked to me like throughout this tournament, not just last night, that L’Ville is... let’s say a “ mouthy bunch. “. They seemed loud and obnoxious during their game vs Mississippi St when ESPN would cut to the bench, and there were other times over the past few weeks I thought they were over the top. Maybe some of our D1 brothers would be able to shed some light on this or maybe I’m totally wrong. Makes me wonder how much crap was coming out of that dugout in the super regional the day their closer got ejected late in the game.
  15. Richvee

    Tag & Missed base

    I had the biggest coach blow up of my career on such a play. Catcher applied tag and dropped the ball about 4-5 feet up the 3BL. Runner slid but never reached plate. I signaled safe and verbalized “ no tag”. F2 picks up the ball and tags runner while he’s sitting on his rear end a foot in front of the plate. I bang the out. All hell breaks loose from the offensive coaches resulting in 2 EJ’s. “ you called him safe Blah blah blah” I think about this play often. I can’t see making no call when a tag is applied and the ball is dropped. I’m pretty sure if you go with no call here you’re going to hear it from the defense. Especially if the ball is wedged under the runner or something where its not clearly visible and obvious the ball was dropped Missed tag and missed plate I agree no call
  16. Richvee

    Time out

    At lower levels like 10u, In such a situation I think it best when a coach comes out early be preventive. Coach “ Time”. U1 “ Wait there coach. Not until she reaches first.”
  17. Whoa... solo umpire on the phone during a live ball??? something tells me we’ve got one of those guys with multi years experience ..... one year experience multiple times.
  18. Richvee


    See Andy Pettitte.
  19. I use it often. I generally don't hear a lot of negative talk about balls/strikes, so I guess it works for me.
  20. I'll give you the same answer as in this thread from a day or 2 ago with essentially the same question. I believe it depends on the ruleset. OBR says if a batter kicked the ball or otherwise hinders the catcher from fielding a d3K, it is interference and the batter is out. FED says the act by the batter, such as licking a D3K has to be intentional or it's nothing. I'd treat the bat just like the BR kicking the D3K. INT in OBR, nothing unless intentional in FED.
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