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I started umpiring in 2009 after my son finished playing. Did some little league that year, and all I can say is I'm glad nobody has video. It was ugly  :shrug: . Well I caught the bug anyway, joined an association that fall, took the cadet class, and and few clinics and did sub varsity ball in 2010.  Always trying to improve through reading, clinics, and doing a lot of games. High school schedule consists of mainly Varsity, with a few sub varsity thrown in. Summer schedule now consists of mostly 15, 16, 18u and 18+ leagues. Glad to say I've had exactly one 60' field  game this year.

I've always loved the game and can't believe I waited so long to begin my umpiring career.


My "other job"? I'm a licensed optician employed by Luxottica retail.  I'm married 27 years, with two adult children. My son and his girlfriend have been in Eurika Ca. for 2+ years now,  and my daughter graduated from William Patterson Univ in Dec '17 and is working as a temp art teacher while adding to her portfolio while she searches for graduate opportunities in printmaking.