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  1. Richvee

    Ohio High School letter to parents

    This letter has been making the rounds across the country in different states and different groups. Great letter.
  2. Richvee

    Can an infielder deliberately drop a line drive?

    Intentionally dropped line drive????? Funny part of this. They talk about the possibility of ever using instant replay, and still today, this play would not be reviewable.
  3. Richvee

    Car storage

    Understandable. It’s a basic car. I do, however, have cruise control Other than a very underwhelming sound system, I’m real happy with mine. The Honda is a nice car. Congrats.
  4. Richvee

    Car storage

    I opted for the Hyundia Accent. 4 doors, hatch, equipment bag fits in the back, room in the backseat for a bar to hang shirts, jackets and pants, and I’m getting 38-40 mpg
  5. Richvee

    Game 4 - RLI No Call

    I was taught to take force plays at the plate from that spot. You can see the catch, transfer, and touch of the plate from there. Then it’s a matter of a read step to look up the line for RLV. There was lot going on fast here, plus he had to delay looking up the line because of the late touch of home by F2. As for getting help from U3 of RFU, someone else may know the 6 man mechanic a lot better than I.
  6. Richvee

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    We can quibble about the definition of local, and we can debate the merit or need for the rule til the cows come home. My point is when when Little League International is voting on adding this as a rule, regardless of the outcome of the vote, it tells me the rule is being used with a decent amount of frequency in areas all around the country.
  7. Richvee

    Another step

    Very nice. congrats. I too will be doing my first spring college games this year. JUCO and possibly a few D3. Only JUCO on the schedule as of now, but that’s fine. Real excited about the opportunity and real excited about the quality of my high school varsity schedule as well.
  8. Richvee

    Verbal OBS (FED) - Was I right or being OOO?

    So would it follow that in play 239-375 had the pickoff throw been handled cleanly R1 would not be awarded 2B? What if R1 dives back into 1b and F1 delivers a pitch? Can R1 be awarded 2B under the premise that he was hindered from attempting to steal 2B? What if we have a hit by the batter? GB to F6, steps on 2B for the force out. Award R1 2B?
  9. Richvee


    Yes. It’s a time play.
  10. Richvee

    Ump Attire Black Friday

    At the risk of a complete hijack. Some years ago my little cousin was staying over. He was rummaging through the basement and came up with box of 8 tracks and asked “uncle Rich do you have the console to play these video games”
  11. I’m a big fan of Chris. Enjoy watching him work. Got to meet him a few times at clinics and hang with him a bit the night before the clinic. Great guy. He’s been doing the fill in role a while now. He’s got to be close to the top of the list for full time.
  12. Richvee

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    Not an issue. As a mater of fact I've never even thought about it, or noticed how the shins sit next to the shoe. Get the force 3's.
  13. Richvee

    In field fly

    Maybe more like this.....Invariably the batter hits the next pitch out of the park Coach goes off on umpire claiming “That’s on you blue, you called him out on an infield fly and changed the call. You need to learn the rules”.....An so ends this coach’s day on the diamond.
  14. Richvee

    Bunt to Chop Swing

    We used delayed dead ball. On the off chance batter hits into a DP. Don’t want to take that away from the defense.