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  1. balk

    You were right the first time Wrong interpretation
  2. Interference

    To clarify. In strike 3 situations where the base runner is safe, call him out for the (retired) batter's interference. If not strike 3 return the runner, batter is out.
  3. I didn't see anything to set him off , but at first Boone comes out to ask (maybe to get help?). Then it looks like he turns toward the dugout then turns back and goes off. At least he admitted post game the call was correct.
  4. My kids also played Tee ball with the town in the late '90's/ early 00's and never was there an umpire. I don't even think they kept score until the minors. It pained me to see this back when my son first signed up....Dad was expecting baseball . Then you come to the realization that half the kids out there would rather be hunting for 4 leaf clovers in the OF, than worrying about catching a ball. I had to remind myself they're 6-7 years old. They're playing. There will be plenty time ahead for competitive baseball.
  5. Yes indeed...IF kids still "played " ball. At least in my neck of the woods, if it's not "organized sports", I don't see kids "playing" anything accept maybe siblings playing on an adjacent field while big brother plays in the organized game....Very sad. In this day and age, parents have major concerns sending their kids out to play alone.The paranoia, be it real or overblown, (That's a whole "nother topic altogether) of something happening to their little darlings (getting into a fight, injured, the threat of abduction) leads to less "free play". Not to mention video games, internet, etc to take their attention away from "playing"
  6. end of game

    This^^^^^^ ?? Run scored on a WP/PB. Not because R3 was forced to advance on the BB.
  7. Interference

    Umpire judgement. If the umpire thinks the batter crossing in front of the plate hindered the catchers throw in any way, he may call batter interference. Contact, quality of the throw, is irrelevant. The umpire may judge the batter crossing in front delayed the catcher's throw. That would be enough. Some rule points about batter INT in such a situation. The RUNNER is only out if the original throw retires the runner (INT is ignored) OR, if it was strike 3 on the batter, and interference is called, and the original throw doesn't retire the runner. Otherwise, the batter is out, runner returns.
  8. Illegal pitch mechanic.

    Call it like a balk. I believe a batted illegal pitch works much the same way as a balk in OBR. I believe only softball still uses the extended arm for delayed dead ball. FED, it would be dead, so "That's an illegal pitch, TIME. "
  9. Call a kid safe who was really out because he hasn't got a hit yet.....Call a kid out who was really safe because the defense is struggling.... HAHA..I can just imagine that conversation with Daddy coach who the call went against.
  10. Time between games

    That's NOT cool. I don't care how much or how little time there is between games.Two games is two games. I'd make sure it took me 30 minutes to change. Coach: "Cmon, we need to start this game now, it's been 25 minutes" Me "Be right there coach.......OOOps, would ya look at that...broke a shoelace. I think I got a spare here somewhere...."
  11. Feign to Third Balk ?

    Thanks.Doing some 50/70 LL tourney games next week. I better brush up. Haven't done LL in quite a while.
  12. Feign to Third Balk ?

    What about little league INT, Jrs and Srs ?
  13. All well and good. However, the OP mentions only an on deck batter. No one left the dugout.