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  1. Base Award

    Interesting...So even though it's a base award due to the BB,the runners get 2 bases TOT. SO in my above example, score R1, BR to 2B. Strange play I never really thought about before.
  2. Biggest blowout ever?

    Had one of those 20-0 after the 1st inning games this year. Losing team HC wanted to know if we had to play 5. (Only 10 after 5 rule here in NJ). I figured we needed to complete the game in order for the winning team to get credit. Last thing I wanted was some other school getting wind that the game wasn't played to completion and the winning team lose a win over it. Winning team coach had his kids take legitimate AB's and then wonder off the bases to get picked off or trying to stretch singles into doubles, etc. It was ugly.
  3. Base Award

    Ok,I have bait on my hook, and I'm not catching anything. Are we saying the BR gets 3B IF AND ONLY IF he has touched 1B, even though it was an award? Otherwise just 2B? What if we throw in an R1 into the equation? R3, R1, Ball 4 is thrown skips away from F2 up the line. F2 throws home to retire an advancing R3 and throws into DBT. At the TOT,R1 had reached 2B and BR had NOT reached 1B. Score R1 and put BR at 2B? Anyone have any cites on such a play?
  4. What is the Correct Call

    Hopefully......But you are assuming they didn't scream at the umpire(s) That the batter was at 1B before it went foul and he should get the base. .I've heard parents scream about stranger things...
  5. Base Award

    Interesting question. I follow your logic. 2 bases TOP make sense, but something's telling me maybe BR gets 3B....TOT. At the time of throw BR was already awarded 1B without liability to be put out, so he gets 2 from there? I don't recall ever reading such a case play, or discussing such a play.
  6. Dislodged base after slide

    And FED and NCAA as well
  7. Dislodged base after slide

    Safe. Players are not expected to run after a bag after their slide dislodges it. All codes.
  8. Balk to 2B?

    As mentioned, a jump turn towards 2B with the F1's feet basically "switching positions", I would consider a step towards 2B, regardless of which side of the rubber the free foot lands on. Now, the argument over the free foot landing behind the rubber comes into play when F1 has come set, lifts his free foot and puts it down, still on the HP side of the rubber, but a little closer to his pivot foot, and feints or throws to 2B. Many highly respected umpires here have said they would balk this, and I agree. To me, this means his free foot has moved more towards 1B or 3B than 2B.
  9. Cooooold Weather

    The "bubble wrap generation" at it's finest.
  10. Cooooold Weather

    It's been crazy. Tuesday, 37 and snow. Yesterday was 51 and spotty sunshine and it was like heaven. It was nice to takeoff the gloves and the thermal hood for a change. Sure got my money's worth out of that hood this year. Better get warm soon...I only have 2 sets of hand warmers left.
  11. triple play???

    Once BR is retired by the throw to 1B, R1 is fee to return.
  12. triple play???

    Correct. Poor job by F3. Sounds like he could have tagged R1, or at least get him in a rundown to complete the triple play.
  13. Passing a runner on base

    No runs. All codes. Time play. There is some debate under FED (high school) rules. The consensus is call it like OBR and NCAA, unless, like @Tborze says, it's a high school game in Pa.
  14. HA! Yeah, just once. And with a lot less fanfare (pun intended) than yours. I was actually waiting for the OHC to at least question it...but not a word.
  15. How many batters are allowed to warm up between innings?

    Just a little fix.