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  1. Richvee

    Does run count?

    I got it. Acknowledged my error.
  2. Richvee

    Worst baserunning ever

    I agree.....Here is the worst base running ever...
  3. Richvee

    Does run count?

    It’s still a force play no matter how the forced runner is out before reaching his forced to base.
  4. Richvee

    Hoodie under plate coat

    All deductible on your taxes if you report your umpire income. Don’t forget mileage if you go to games straight from work
  5. Have we gotten to the point where kids can’t play baseball if an adult isn’t telling them what to do? If their coach is tool and got ejected from a game where he knows he’ the only adult, my guess is the kids know he’s a tool too, and will probably have more fun playing baseball without the jack wagon up their asses Oh.. by the way, @SavoyBG is correct. In NJ the ejected coach can stay in view but not coach. “ Whenever it becomes necessary to disqualify a coach from the game, the official should determine the availability of another coach or qualified faculty member who can assume responsibility for the team. If the administrator is able to designate such a person The disqualified coach must leave the immediate area. If not he should be assigned to an area where he can visually observe the game and be available to protect the safety and welfare of the team. If the disqualified coach uses this privilege to communicate with the team or is again guilty of an unsportsmanlike act, the game shall be terminated and the central office of the NJSIAA notified in writing. “
  6. Richvee

    Hoodie under plate coat

    It's been in the 50's here, even touching 60...but it's been cloudy, and steady wind. I'm not a fan of the cold either, but mid 50's is usually comfortable for me. Not these 50+ degree temps lately..it's downright cold. .
  7. Richvee

    College DH

    Off the top of my head, legal. pitcher, #14 no bats in the 4 hole, the DH is terminated for the remainder of the game. (the pinch runner is out of the lineup also) I'll be corrected shortly if I'm wrong.
  8. Richvee

    Only room for one pitcher in bullpen

    I don’t think i’d touch this one. Foul territory with a protector is good enough for me. Or, if it’s a nit you want you pick, the two pitchers could share the pen. ...a few pitches each, switch, repeat.
  9. Richvee

    Arbiter Pay Debit Card

    Oh boy......just wait until that second card comes and you find out the $300 you put on the first card that got lost isn’t on this one
  10. Richvee

    Foul tip from swing above the head

    “Sharp and direct” is the term used for s foul tip. Doesn’t matter if the swing contacts the ball on a high pitch over the batters head. there’been plenty debate how high a foul ball must be off a bat to be called a foul pop and batter out if caught. Basically if the balk has an arc after contacting the bat, it’d s pop up.
  11. Richvee

    Arbiter Pay Debit Card

    If you just wanted to keep your umpire funds separate from your joint account, it would probably be better to open a no frills checking account, get the bank debit card, and have arbiter funds sent to that account.
  12. Yes, it’s a speed up rule that can be adopted by the State Associations . The “rule” and it’s conditions are in the rule book after rule 10. I’m just suggesting what the poster of the OP may have witnessed.
  13. In high school. You can “pinch run” for the catcher and pitcher any amount of times without removing them from the game. They are called courtesy runners. A courtesy runner can be any player who has not been in the game, and the same person can courtesy run any number of times. The same player cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher. Once that courtesy runner enters the game in any other capacity he can no longer courtesy run, but another eligible player can.
  14. Richvee


    That's what I'm saying. So indeed we keep it live (Non FED). My only point here was, referring to rules that talk about a balk followed by a wild throw may not be relevant here. What we're talking about here isn't a balk followed by a wild throw, it's a balk because of the direction of the throw and positioning on F3. Nothing to do with the pitcher's original move from the rubber. Although the same principle does apply. It remains live.