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  1. So, we're going to limit the 10 second conversations to change signs, remind F1 about a scouting report, etc., but we'll keep letting the manager talk to his video review room for thirty seconds every time there's a close call, instead of mandating challenges need to be declared immediately after the play....Or fixing the ridiculous amount of time it takes to review some of these plays. Or maybe trying to be a little creative and and cut the time between innings down by 30 seconds, and for the first 30 seconds of the inning put your precious commercials on a split screen? There's almost ten guaranteed minutes off every game. I find the whole pace of play thing an absolute joke. If an average game is 3:05 and they somehow succeed in knocking the average time down to 2:45-2:50, do the Powers That Be think there's anyone out there who doesn't watch baseball now, will turn around and say, "Hey, baseball games are 15 minutes shorter on average now ,I think I'll start watching."
  2. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    Exactly my point. I'll stick with "if the shifted fielder is an appreciable distance in front of F9, he's an infielder as far as I'm concerned."
  3. dead ball

    we just did
  4. Defensive Shift and NFHS Question

    So I have to ask. Where does the " former infielder " need to be yo be considered an outfielder? R1, LHB, F6 plays behind 2B, F5 is near SS, and F4 is 3 feet on the outfield grass. Is F4 now an outfielder? If not, how far off the back edge of the infield dirt does he have to go before we call him a 4th outfielder?? Personally, it makes sense to me that they're infielders unless they're playing almost 4 across the outfield. If the shifted infielder is an appreciable distance in front of the "real" outfielders, he's an infielder as far as I can tell.
  5. Check Swing Question

    Maybe just a silly Jersey thing. Maybe I'm 100% wrong.
  6. If only I was making this up

    And....according to the FED umpire manual (that In NJ is gospel) U1 should make a call first. Never go directly to your partner first.
  7. If only I was making this up

    My favorite....Here are the answer choices on my test . a. Both B and C. b. Base Umpire should have immediately asked Plate Umpire for help if this were a pulled foot or swipe tag scenario. c. Confer with Plate Umpire to make both of you look good. d. Both A and B are correct.
  8. If only I was making this up

    You missed some of my favorites. Umpires choosing to wear sunglasses shall select a conservative style and not draw attention. a. correct b.incorrect With R1 on first, R3 on third and one out, B4 hits a line drive into the gap. R3 holds and R1 runs. The ball is caught in flight. R3 tags and R1 attempts to return to first. The ball is caught by F3 in contact with first base, before R3 touches home plate. PU rules run does not score. a. correct b. incorrect (I guess we should guess if the ball beat R1 back to first???) The bases are loaded and there are two outs. B1 hits a triple but misses second base. A legal play is immediately made by the defense. How many runs should score? a. 0 b. 2 c. 3 Play?...Do you mean legal APPEAL???
  9. Check Swing Question

    Just to be clear, as Maven said, He SHOULD..in all codes. OBR says he must, if it's reasonable. under FED (national High school rules). PU can refuse a request to ask his partner. Why he would refuse, is beyond me. Just makes for ill will between officials and coaches. FED softball has some silly "rule" that says PU cannot go for help in certain situations...Not sure when...I think maybe from "C".I don't do softball, but I've heard of such a rule among HS softball officials.
  10. Interference

    interesting. Another rules difference I didn't know.
  11. Interference

    We could have tangle/untangle. It turns into INT or OBS when one does something that blatantly impedes the other i.e. F2 trips BR , BR shoved F2 out of the way. If they merely bump and separate, we could have nothing.
  12. Interference

    I pictured a batter swinging and missing, F2 blocks the ball, ball is out in front of the plate, BR pushes F2 as he starts towards 1B. Not a tangle/untangle, but a blatant push. Fact is, the question is about how to handle this play when there's INT by the BR, which has been answered...Kill the play, BR out for INT, return R2. How and if the BR actually interfered is another conversation for another thread. It's just a given in this question.
  13. Interference

    I stopped reading the comments on the other thread when someone said, it's a delayed dead ball because "There is no type A INTERFERENCE in FED, only type B."
  14. I don't get this interpretation

    So I always think back to this play. it sounds to me like FED and NCAA want a safe call here. What about OBR? has the rule been changed since this play? https://www.mlb.com/video/varitek-stymies-the-squeeze/c-3600013?tid=67794254
  15. HS qualifications

    My guess would be this varies from state to state. Here, we need to take the NJSIAA re certification test and NFHS on line concussion training every year to be eligible to work varsity games, no matter what other levels you work.