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  1. jjskitours

    Nationals game 4/27

    Thanks. Found it under “Rules”. Agree with your analysis.
  2. jjskitours

    Nationals game 4/27

    Either way R2 scores so only question is where was R1. Was he already at 2nd base when F2 went into dugout (?). I assume so or there would be no question. I’m being questioned based on a short video of F2 stopping the ball and immediately falling into the dugout. If ball had stopped no question, agreed. In this case TOT.
  3. jjskitours

    Nationals game 4/27

    Can anyone tell me why Joe West and his crew needed to spend more than 5 minutes to determine that ball was out of play and make the appropriate 2 base award. F2 stops moving thrown ball by F7 at the lip of the dugout, but his entire body fell into the dugout with the mitt / ball still on the lip. Was there some doubt as to whether this was a dead ball?
  4. jjskitours

    Coach interference?

    I’m really trying to get a clear ruling for Fed when a coach clearly attempts to avoid a fielder chasing an overthrow. However, he in fact does “hinder” the fielder either by direct contact or maybe by simply forcing the fielder to alter his route to the ball. Does 3-2-3 make it INT no matter how hard the coach attempts to avoid the fielder. After all the defense made an errant throw and of course no matter what there would still be umpires judgement as to whether there would still be any play on the runner, a ball 50-60 ft away vs 20-30 ft.
  5. jjskitours

    Coach interference?

    I'm confused. Do we have a consensus? If a coach unintentionally interferes with a fielder (not the ball) chasing down an overthrow, is he out under NF rule 3-2-3?
  6. jjskitours

    Runner intentional interference

    Actually I raise this situation because we had a number of veterans who believe because R2 intentionally interfered or at least attempted to interfere (I realize the putout at 1st may infer no INT), there should be a 2 out penalty. However, does the umpire wait to see if the out is made or immediately call INT when it’s obvious that it was R2’s intention to disrupt the play.
  7. jjskitours

    Runner intentional interference

    The stutter step was a clear attempt to distract F6.
  8. jjskitours

    Runner intentional interference

    R2 and no outs. On a ground ball to F6, R2 intentionally stutter steps in front of F6. However, F6 fields the ball and throws out B2. The umpire calls R2 out for INT and awards B2 first base. Does anyone disagree with this call and want to get 2 outs? Any case play to support either position under NF or OBR
  9. jjskitours

    Passing a runner

    These scenarios at 3rd base are nice, but I don’t believe in the OP that the preceding runner, namely R1 was entitled to 1st base, but rather was forced to second. Therefore, would it be correct that BR is safe at first and R1 out on the force at second and No passing the runner violation.
  10. jjskitours

    Passing a runner

    No outs, R1 stealing on the pitch. The batter hits a line shot toward F6. R1 sees it so he stops and runs full speed back to 1st. F6 unintentionally drops the ball which R1 didn't see. R1 overruns 1st as BR crosses 1st base. F6 threw to F4 and umpire called R1 out on force out. Correct or is this a case of passing runners and BR out with force being removed and R1 entitled to 1st base.
  11. jjskitours

    Appeal play

    R1 stealing on the pitch. Deep fly ball that is caught at the wall. R1 was half way to 3rd and before even reaching 2nd on his way back to 1st, the throw comes into F4 who stands on 2nd and appeals. Can R1 be called out or does the ball need to go to 1st for a valid?
  12. jjskitours

    2-man mechanics

    Just curious as to the logic of why PU has the touches at third on every situation EXCEPT a HR out of the park. Obviously, I realize the BU has no other responsibilities as the BR trots around the bases, just curious.
  13. jjskitours

    2-man mechanics

    Not when BU goes out from the A which would leave it up to PU. How about the simplest with nobody on? Which publication covers this?
  14. jjskitours

    2-man mechanics

    Who is responsible for the touch of 3rd base on a HR out of the park?
  15. jjskitours

    Runner INT on a pop fly

    Can anyone address this as it pertains to my original issue. Under NF does there have to be an obvious DP in order to get 2 outs which seems to be contradictory to the 2013 Rules Interpretation no. 15 hereby noted.