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  1. Razzer

    Imitation is a form of flattery I guess...

    If I may reply to who was first I am a hockey guy who once had his hand in everything goaltending. Growing up or Shoulder pads and chest pad were 2 separate units which I solved that problem by joining the two parts into one. I used the same design as my current harness although it was not neoprene at the time....this was over 30 years ago using the triangle donut only inverted I then adapted the donut to baseball when I payed baseball and did some catching. Next came umpiring and what we have today is nothing more than me figuring out what to do with it. Many people over the years have had me fix and make better all kinds of sports equipment as it was just a hobby On the new W Harness all I will say is I gave an umpire samples and last year I asked what happened to those samples...The MFg has them In those samples were a cooling vest, female harness and thinned out CP pad with ventilation I also do not believe the inspiration came from the W catcher CP because what they had was covered in plastic and rubber parts One thing comes to mind and that is the length is identical and elastic is used...coincidence ? My age right now 57 so maybe I was first
  2. Razzer

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...

    He sent an email this morning...I am buried with work and even my own projects are on hold
  3. Razzer

    The Ump hard shell chest protector

    The Cooper rig is nothing like the Ump HD & LD Plastazote foam molded together with covering
  4. Razzer

    Ebay finds

    Not a Ti BUT WELDS ARE MUCH BETTER... Must have been fabricated from Tuesday-Thursday
  5. Razzer

    The Ump hard shell chest protector

    I have serviced a few of them..I also own one that had to be converted. They strapping is terrible and will need to be replaced or a harness added. Overall this is a solif CP and very confortable to wear
  6. Razzer

    "I'm good" - Wegner

    I am meeting with 24 and crew in Toronto Tusday afternoon and will see what they all are using
  7. Razzer

    Nike Lunar Clipper Turf on Sale

    very narrow fit with a tight toe box Have a pair 11.5 sitting on a shelf doing nothing
  8. Razzer

    Nike steel value?

    The Nike Frame is the best looking mask period. To do this right the welds would have to be the same as the Finished Nike. The Addidas and the Reebok welds are a mess and that bugs me how they let them out of the factory looking so bad. I will have a few samples made up and see what can be done
  9. Razzer

    Nike steel value?

    I can get the Nike Template made in Steel and TI but what is the interest? Price will depend on how many are made.
  10. Razzer

    Celebrating 10 Years

    Made Logo for you Warren..congratulations
  11. Razzer

    All American CP? Paint chipping off padding

    Nothing will fix this problem...natural breakdown of the foam
  12. Razzer

    CP advice for college games

    I already made a new pad for it and still need to work out a few things but it is much better
  13. Razzer

    CP advice for college games

    I ran the +Pos Cobra out for a few games in the Fall and liked it Not my go to rig simply because it is not padded enough. Love the engineering and think it was well thought out in design and function. You can take the pad off and clean it. Plastic is fine and shoulders have adequate protection. It is light and not restrictive. I just feel that a better pad or materials used would or could be better. I like the idea of the D30 and have looked into seeing if I could perhaps have a pad made using the D30
  14. Razzer

    Any update for brd

    UIC is spot on Brent told me he was doing it
  15. Razzer

    CP advice for college games

    I have made harnesses for guys working MiLB all the way up to AAA wearing the Champion CP and including a few guys working MLB. If the Champion CP works for them it will work for you doing college ball.