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  1. Razzer

    Smitty Body Flex Shirts

    They are a very nice option to the Majestic They fit great and have the same look and feel to the Majestic
  2. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    both materials can be used for protection products, I personally think the ABS works better. Hell you can cut up a mud flap and make that work if you have the right kind of rubber
  3. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Holes in the TG are more oval and just to big for the post and IMO too long. Thicker shorter post will work but the Chicago screws are a much safer option
  4. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Game Day Can you tell me what the temperature was when this happened. It could be a factor with the material used for this product
  5. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    I'm a doctor Jim, not a mechanic Yes it would make it safer
  6. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    NO IDEA MAN JUST A HOCKEY GUY Male .5" Female .25"
  7. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    not sure it failed, I believe it is just the wrong hardware being used. I always thought the same with the real shovel...replaced it day 2 with Chicago screws much safer IMHO
  8. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Video is far to large to upload You can see the Samari/Mizuno Bolt and nut and the Chicago screws One thing i noticed about the bolt and nut is when you tighten it up it still has lots of play If you were wearing this TG with a mask with a normal rake extension nothing would have happened and the TG would have not shattered. The OP was wearing a non extended mask and the TG would have some play and movement back and forth. The batter swings and fouls the ball off the shovel 80-85 mph was the pitch speed so it most likely gained a few mph and could changed flight path before it impacted the left quadrant of the mask or TG The bolt/nut has some serious play when you make it tight and if the bolt was impacted at an angle it would torque and bend with most of the pressure being on the screw hole which is more oval than round . Hope this makes sense? I am not convinced this TG is a good idea to use with a non extended mask because of the Bolt/Nut combo and the holes being more oval than round. Poly carbonate can shatter and I am sure a more flexible ABS semi rigid but pliable may be a better option moving forward I also suggest replacing the bolt/nut with Chicago screws Image one I can spin the left side 360 Bolt/Nut I cannot spin right side Chicago male/Female screws
  9. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    I am trying to do a video for everyone. I think I know why the STG shattered
  10. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Not a rumor, i am working on it. We are testing 3D PRINTING and considering paying a mold charge for injection molding. New Plate Brush is also in the works
  11. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    They will hold up very well and they will be safer...Think hockey helmet
  12. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Mizuno is ABS Samari is poly carbonate Both are good but I am thinking the ABS will have more flex when impacted. Might be one of those perfect shots and the Samari did the job Not a fan of the screws used and mine will be getting new Chicago screws
  13. Razzer

    Samurai Throat Guard

    I had an email early Wednesday confirming shipping Your order has been shipped and is on its way. This order has a tracking number so you can follow its progress. Thanks for shopping with us. See you soon! Order No. 10101 Placed on Mar 31, 2019
  14. Razzer

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    I am too busy to do this right now Not hard to do once you line everything else up
  15. Razzer

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    I just had a delivery of one First impressions...not bad Second look at it I would not play road hockey in this rig I could snap this cheap plastic in a few bends Velcro used is worse than the Dollar Stores sells Foam Pad is ok so may use this pad as a project to thin out my Gold Harness sucks