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  1. Razzer

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    I am too busy to do this right now Not hard to do once you line everything else up
  2. Razzer

    Schutt XV-HDX Question Re: Attachments

    I just had a delivery of one First impressions...not bad Second look at it I would not play road hockey in this rig I could snap this cheap plastic in a few bends Velcro used is worse than the Dollar Stores sells Foam Pad is ok so may use this pad as a project to thin out my Gold Harness sucks
  3. Razzer

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    I used the Majestic size charts for the convertible jacket 95% POLY WITH 5% SPANDEX for some give and stretch
  4. Razzer

    Hockey Style Neck Guard???

    Max nailed it Great idea for Canadian Fall Ball...lol The clear dangler will also shatter just like Plexi Glass when a puck hits at the perfect angle You also are stationary when umpiring and just the sound of getting hit would scare the life out of you. As for the bib....they do not work for protection...more for skate cuts and they are hot as hell
  5. Razzer

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    Might be an all black version or both We will see how the samples look wear and feel before I make a big order
  6. Razzer

    Officials Depot vs Ump attire

    I will have samples of this convertible jacket Monday I was asked to source the same materials as Majestic from many umpires, I told the factory to use modern lightweight weather proof materials that will work II sent a Majestic jacket as the template so we will see just how it turned out Monday. Photos from factory of the 2 samples I had made
  7. Razzer

    New CP

    You know it Brother
  8. Razzer

    New CP

    Still a Diamond with out arm extensions..lol
  9. Razzer

    Future Nike Apparel?!

    MLB have restrictions that must be adhered to and negotiated It will be visible but small
  10. Razzer

    CP under plate coat

    This is the Smitty which is more grey than black and matches the pants
  11. Razzer

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    Arik is the world record holder in tire kicking...lol
  12. Razzer

    Thoughts on Rayflex mask harness

    MiLB guys like it, many not using the F3 mask It will be in MLB next season with lots of interest....they are always the last to know...lol It is a mask harness just different materials that work better and have more comfort with neoprene and elastic...no more poly webbing
  13. Razzer

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    simple to do....I will do it to mine when I get some down time. It will not ruin the f3
  14. Razzer

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    I found the mock up I did
  15. Razzer

    Shin Guards with Mid-Cut Plates

    F3 make a great shin pad for sure and I wear them. I have been taken many a good shot and the occasional bouncer. If I were to change anything on the F3 SP it would be adding an outer plastic ankle guard like the Wilson or Douglas. It would be the best shin pad never made...lol