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  1. A couple pictures from last week

    It's AZ.... They hardly ever come off!
  2. Funny Comment from a HS Coach

    2nd HS game of the season.... HT is winning big. Just waiting for the 5th inning to get the run-rule.... HT coach: Can we just keep playing all 7 and forget the run-rule? Me: No. Conversation over!
  3. I'm back on the UE forums....

  4. Force at 2nd?

    Absolutely!! No different than stepping on the base for the force.
  5. What delay on the call?? I didn't see the whole game and what Holbrook's timing was like but the Strike 3 to Rasmus looked pretty normal....
  6. "IF" he legally disengaged, then he is considered a fielder and can do whatever a fielder can do.... Yes, he can fake a throw to first then.
  7. Francona's EJ on a neighborhood-no review

    Why didn't he just request a challenge??
  8. Junior League WS - mechanics

    I fixed my original reply.... Many
  9. Junior League WS - mechanics

    Not talking about you Rich.... There is alot of talking on the forums about the LLWS umpires.... Obviously, its not all.
  10. Junior League WS - mechanics

    I haven't seen what your taking about, however if it's anything like regular LLWS umpires, many of them have ALOT to be desired!!
  11. I'm back here on UE

    Hello all, Took a break from UE for a while.... Not umpiring nearly as many games as years past.... (I pretty much quit doing the all day weekend tourneys.) Lots of Jr High school ball has just started here and Fall Ball begins next month. Looking forward to catching up on everything here and getting back into the forums.
  12. LLWS Regionals -HPUs

    But I guarantee the Coaches sure as heck will remember!!!
  13. Things I Learned....

    Mine is one of those soft sided coolers..... I hang it on the shady side of the backstop with carabineers about waist high. Pretty much what everyone else does around here and it has never been an issue.