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  1. I'll pull the trigger when the WV Gold goes on sale... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. I'll pull the trigger when the WV Gold goes on sale... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. UmpJeff

    WS crew..

    I’m suspecting that would mean he’s headed to the Replay Room. Meals had the same assignment when he worked his plate job in Game 1 WS
  4. UmpJeff

    MLB Situation

    Being a Detroit Metropolitan area resident, I was watching the game and have seen the play you're talking about. Your question, "... if the batter had not been injured on the play, that he would have been allowed to re-enter the game to finish his at-bat?" If the batter had not been injured, and based on the original call of HBP, he would have been awarded first base as happened in this particular situation. And, as a result of the review...reversing an HBP to a foul ball, he would have been called back to the plate to finish his AB. There would be no need for a substitution if the batter wasn't injured.
  5. UmpJeff

    Balk call extends MiLB playoff game

    Mr. Turgeon should bone-up on the rules. The ball isn't dead on a balk under OBR, which I assume is the rules code this league plays under.
  6. UmpJeff

    Farewell for now

    Make sure you look up Scott Taylor when you get to Indy. If you would like his contact information, PM me...
  7. UmpJeff

    open season on umps

    Parking ticket.
  8. UmpJeff

    Strike 3 Mechanic

    Good for him. I take my avocation of umpiring the game I've loved since I've been 4 years old a lot more seriously than this. A whole lot! The game, and the profession of umpiring, deserves respect. I would, respectfully, decline any assignment I would be given with Mr. Reed. Of course, that would never come to opportunity, but I think you catch my drift...
  9. UmpJeff

    Two Umpires Make Opposite Call

    The rotation with R1 (or R1 and R3) is PU takes the play on R1 if he commits to 3B on a clean batted ball that leaves the infield. BU abandons R1 once he commits to 3B and picks up the BR for a play at 2B or 1B. UMPIRING 101...this should have been part of their pre-game discussion.
  10. UmpJeff

    Decide a bet

    PU has the play at the plate. Also, he should bust back to the plate in fair territory and stay in it.
  11. UmpJeff

    Replacing the foam in the Gold or Platinum

    The RGP knows.
  12. UmpJeff

    Watching Vanover Work, 7/9/17, takeaways

    I call every pitch...ball or strike. However, I prefer to call strikes.
  13. UmpJeff

    2018 Games

    Don't forget to register! I just completed mine. Deadline is 7/31/17 sans Late Fee...