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  1. I have been reading some posts about this lately and did some searches and found some old discussions but it never seems to be resolved. Some say the umpire is to call the out immediately. Some say it must be appealed. Some claim abandonment even though the batter never even reached first. What is the correct mechanics when this scenario happens? Do we call the out right away or wait for some sort of appeal? And when this is a game ending scenario do these mechanics or the way it is called change? (4.09 b) This may sound dumb on why would a runner go to the dugout if it did not end the game well in one scenario I am referencing is that in middle part of a game there was a five run limit and the coache tells his runners that is 5 runs come on in and the batter did not touch first. The main point here though is the out called immediately or on appeal?
  2. bengalvfan

    FPSR rule FED

    ​Well I believe the wording in 8-4-2b are more applicable. in 2-32-2 this just defines illegal slides. 8-4-2b elaborates further on when and when not to enforce.
  3. bengalvfan

    FPSR rule FED

    The main discussion I am having with this play is does the rules support getting two outs on this play. To me the pop up slide does not alter the play. Does this matter here? Relevant rules are: 8-4-2b and 2-32-2
  4. Thanks, That does sound like the best route and I should of handled it that way.
  5. I am working the plate in a little league minors game with R2 stealing, Catcher throws the ball to 3B and R2 slides headfirst. Third base umpire signals safe and does not say anything about he headfirst slide. The first base umpire and myself look at each other and wondering why he did not call him out for a head first slide. I give him a bit of time to realize there was a headfirst slide but I assume he has forgotten that sliding headfirst is not allowed. I call time and rule a headfirst slide and the runner is out. Now the 3b coach says that he tripped. I call the umpires together and we all have a headfirst slide and not a trip and call the runner out. I was the one that signaled the out coming out of our meeting. So after the game I was told that the headfirst slide was the 3b umpires call and if the coaches did not call time and ask U3 to get help I should of not said anything. Now I can understand not saying anything if this was a simple safe/out judgement call but I believed this to be different. I also was dinged for signaling the out after our meeting since this was U3 original call but felt that under the circumstances it kinda became my call since I had assumed earlier that he didn't know a headfirst slide was not allowed and was the one who called the runner out before our meeting discussing a trip or not. What would have some of you guys done in the situation as the plate umpire? I did want to say that I did agree with the eval about U3 making the out call out of our meeting but did not think this was me over ruling another umpire on the field.
  6. bengalvfan

    called strike 3 then batter interference

    Well it was not intentional if that is what you are getting at. But what the right handed batter actually did was after the called strike 3 he took a few steps towards his team dugout (1st base side) and stepped right in front of the catcher making a throw down to third base. Not getting at intentional. Some believe that it's always interference even if the batter stays frozen in the box so I wanted to check. ALSO, if it's backswing interference then the runner is out if thrown out otherwise he returns to the TOP base. So what happened IS a need to know thing., Thanks. And -curious again, how did he take "a few steps" toward the first base side and still be in the line of fire to third base? [Don't punish the batter for a sucky play by the catcher] Thanks. So is what I said correct as far as under little league rules I dont have to worry about if I think the catcher would or would not have gotten the runner out on his throw that was interfered with since the runner will always be out in my scenario whether or not he was or wasn't going to be safe by a mile? It is cut in dry in the NFHS ruleset that if I think the runner would of made it to third safely if there was no interference that I just simply put the runner back on 2B. I am basically asking if this is a rule difference or am I suppose to rule on whether or not the runner would have been out or not at 3B under Little League rules?
  7. bengalvfan

    called strike 3 then batter interference

    Well it was not intentional if that is what you are getting at. But what the right handed batter actually did was after the called strike 3 he took a few steps towards his team dugout (1st base side) and stepped right in front of the catcher making a throw down to third base.
  8. I had one of these last night in a Junior little league and it caught me a bit off guard at first. I had no outs, R2, 1 ball 2 strikes. Called third strike on the batter, runner is stealing, retired batter interferes with catchers throw to third base. I called both out as 7.09 E says to do but I have a question. First here is 7.09 E: "Any batter or runner who has just been put out hinders or impedes any following play being made on a runner. Such runner shall be declared out for interference by a teammate;" My question is according the NFHS case book in this situation I have to judge whether or not I think the catcher could have retired R2. If I don't think he would have gotten an out here, I put him back on second and play on with only getting the out on the batter from striking out. Is this a difference in the rules, or was I supposed to judge whether or not the catcher could have gotten an out in little league as well? NFHS case play: "7.3.5 SITUATION C With R1 on first base, one out and two strikes on B3, R1 attempts to steal second base. B3 swings and misses the pitch and interferes with F2's attempt to throw out R1. RULING: B3 has struck out. If, in the umpire's judgment, F2 could have put out R1, the umpire can call him out also. If not, R1 is returned to first base. """"""
  9. bengalvfan

    What cha got II

    So lets assume there are no outs instead of 1 out like the video. R3 was out on the force, then when he interferes with the catcher the batter runner is out and the other runners return to first and second right? What if the catcher was throwing down to third base to retire that runner after the interference? Is the runner going into third then out instead of the batter runner? Runners again would be at first and second with two outs right?
  10. bengalvfan

    Illegal Bat in First Game

    I think all of FED was like that. Thats what was up with those stupid lists from last year!!! The athletics store I work at has two racks of BESR bats that we have to discount to $50 because no one can use them besides in the cage. Thats $200-$400 bats that now cost $50. My boss cringes every time we sell one. Junior division of Little League can still use the BESR bat as long as it is Metal and not composite.
  11. will this iOS app work on your phone when you have no service/data connection? One of my main reasons for wanting a PDF is so that it can be loaded when I have no data connection on my phone. Otherwise I would be happy witht he rulesbook that is already on the web at NFHS.arbitersports.com.
  12. I did actually download the rulebook and it is just a pdf file. I have Symantec endpoint protection 12 (supplied to US GOV employees for there home computer) and a great program called malware bytes and the file is absolutely clean. Not sure if it is actually illegal for me to download the file since I could have just scanned the book from the one I purchased myself legally (right?), but am too lazy to to do all that work.
  13. I don't think those exist anymore. The NFHS wants us to user their cumbersome Arbiter Sports site now, which really stinks for trying to actually study the rules. Someone just posted a link to 2012 baseball rules in PDF at this link: http://forum.officiating.com/baseball/89672-NFHS-baseball-rulebook-2012-pdf-free.html Below is what is posted at the link above:
  14. bengalvfan

    hat camera for us umpires

    Another year is going to be starting soon and I have yet to find something I think can work well. Did any of you guys try out some of the above sun glasses? I would love to see some ingame vids if you have them. Thanks!
  15. bengalvfan

    Tag ... no Tag ??

    If a home plate umpire did that to me at any level I would be pissed. For gods sake let me ask for help when I need it. He may have asked for help anyways if the plate umpire would of let him... That is way to close for the home plate umpire to know for sure there was no tag. On the replay, I lean on the side of there was a slight tag to the cleat and baseumpire got it right.