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  1. GerryB

    Hoodie under plate coat

    45 and showers & wind today...
  2. GerryB

    Samurai Throat Guard

    Since it looks like you are "chopped" did you go the rest of the game without throat protection, or did you go to a backup
  3. GerryB

    3 man mechanics missed “slide” rotation

    Seeing Hamari looking back as he's departing 2nd. Good for him otherwise he'd be making that call from way way away...
  4. GerryB

    First games of the year!

    Was supposed to have my first this afternoon, but got 14" of snow yesterday. Oh well!
  5. GerryB

    New All-Star Skull Cap SC500

    FWIW: https://www.gerrydavis.com/product/B51AC01/Con-Cushion-Mask-Enhancer.html
  6. GerryB

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    Glad to hear, thanks.
  7. GerryB

    Anyone see the LSU Army HBP

    @Haid D' Salaami did Army HC Foster go easy or prolonged?
  8. GerryB

    Early Hard-shell CP

    Perhaps the old Easton/Donzis? Hunter Wendelstedt wears his dad's. Looks like the neck piece has issues on Kaiser's.
  9. GerryB

    Cold weather and Team Wendy's pads

    Almost all my Spring season is cold, and the TWs are hard. Hasn't seemed to effect performance, and they warm up on my face. As the material was made for military helmets, and those deployments get cold I think, I'd be surprised if performance degraded in cold. But then maybe it is sloth and I don't want to swap pads in season for temperature!
  10. GerryB

    Hockey Style Neck Guard???

    Thought about it once, came to the conclusion that a dangler preventing any impact is better than a pad dissipating impact.
  11. GerryB

    Ebay finds

    Isn't there the legend of a warehouse that has new Powers (gray and in colors), stored due to Joe West's lawsuit?
  12. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    Sold! @Thunderheads
  13. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    Mods, can alter the topic title to say 13"? Many thanks.
  14. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    It doesn't. Unlike the similar product up, mine only has two tags. Seems shorter than my Douglas.
  15. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    I measured, 13"