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  1. Dangling Throat Guard

    I've been ambivalent about using a "dangler". Isn't the mask extension enough? Yesterday in a D3 game, a D300 catcher passed on a 92 mph pitch. My partner the PU caught it in the throat/upper CP padding; it completely missed his extension and he has an excellent stance. Scary. He choked and gasped for a while, but insisted on finishing the last inning and a half. His voice was low and hoarse after the game. OK, I'm putting one on each of my masks...
  2. Douglas Custom Gear

    How are those wings attached?
  3. Douglas Custom Gear

    It seems that Smitty has an agreement with Douglas to put out the Douglas CP with Smitty on the shell....hmmm
  4. Douglas Custom Gear

    Thinking of getting a Douglas custom...always been a T-hooks guy because they are further front and less likely to "flip up" over a belly (not that I have one!). I read Major Dave's cautions and thinking about just doing the clips. What are your thoughts?
  5. Online Clinic

    No they want $120 for it...
  6. All New equipment NEEDED!

    I think the Moliben is low profile, and speaking as an older umpire the low deflects the hit less than the regular profile I believe.
  7. CP under plate coat

    Kylejt's suggestion of a Mizuno shirt one size larger feels and looks great.
  8. Replacing the foam in the Gold or Platinum

    Hunter's is a Donzis/Easton CP, hot item just before the WV (90s or so). They had the throat pad, but I think the gap protection is an add on. The pads were a FB pad take off as Donzis was redesigning FB pads back then. Donzis obituary, 2012
  9. Riddell Power 2.0

    IIRC before the ban on the sale of Powers went into effect some were made in different colors. The Arthurian-like legend was that there was a warehouse with a bunch of them that would never see the light of day...? A JW interation one step closer to the gold/platinum?
  10. Curious...Riddell Power clone?

    Joe West's patent. US5530966.pdf
  11. Why is this umpire smiling?

    I know TW doesn't work for everybody, but I had a grown-up wooden bat league game last night...very hard thrower with questionable catcher. Batter swings in an inside fastball, catcher doesn't, straight square to my Honig's/TW...impact, but no buzzing head or sore jaw. Right back at it, love those TWs.
  12. Shin Guards

    Love my Douglas, except for the squeak!
  13. CP padding

    And Clint Fagan?
  14. Original Douglas West Vest

    I'm considering...I have a 13.5. What are you thinking?
  15. Throat protector tip

    Thanks for the tip kyle, the clacking doesn't work for me either!