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  1. GerryB

    Hockey Style Neck Guard???

    Thought about it once, came to the conclusion that a dangler preventing any impact is better than a pad dissipating impact.
  2. GerryB

    Ebay finds

    Isn't there the legend of a warehouse that has new Powers (gray and in colors), stored due to Joe West's lawsuit?
  3. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    Sold! @Thunderheads
  4. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    Mods, can alter the topic title to say 13"? Many thanks.
  5. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    It doesn't. Unlike the similar product up, mine only has two tags. Seems shorter than my Douglas.
  6. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    I measured, 13"
  7. GerryB

    For Sale, 13" West Vest Gold

    I believe it is M/L, but no tags to that effect. It might be from before the sized them. I'm 5'11, 190 and it fit fine.
  8. Has been my backup. Three years old but only worn twice. $100 includes shipping in the continental US. Toes not included.
  9. GerryB

    Rules Survey

    Yeah, I could have misread it. I was going quickly.
  10. GerryB

    Rules Survey

    Yes, I did. Didn't understand how allowing no more than 6 free visits would help pace of play.
  11. GerryB

    Mask Porn?

    Had a bar bender (eye opening bent open) in a fourth inning a few years ago, the mask was done. Glad I had my back up.
  12. GerryB

    Douglas Padding

    Left my new Douglas CP in my hot car two days in a row...just bent the plates each day. They are staying shaped fairly well. Yep, here in Boston we went straight from weeks of forty degree days to high 80s....
  13. GerryB

    The Ump hard shell chest protector

    My partner last Saturday had a "The Ump". He used it through the minor leagues and now college.
  14. GerryB

    Douglas Custom Gear

    I don't think so, I just ordered a custom from Jeff Cook on February 24th. I believe Jeff Douglas passed on March 19th. Could be the same but doubt it.
  15. GerryB

    Dangling Throat Guard

    I've been ambivalent about using a "dangler". Isn't the mask extension enough? Yesterday in a D3 game, a D300 catcher passed on a 92 mph pitch. My partner the PU caught it in the throat/upper CP padding; it completely missed his extension and he has an excellent stance. Scary. He choked and gasped for a while, but insisted on finishing the last inning and a half. His voice was low and hoarse after the game. OK, I'm putting one on each of my masks...