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  1. scrounge

    HS JV Game EJ on Friday

    When did 15 after 4 come in? School or travel?
  2. scrounge


    I don't know enough from just a still to say if it's FED FPSR or not. Did the fielder just get the ball in front of the bag, giving the runner no opportunity to do anything? Then nothing, the contact is n front of the bag, the runner didn't interfere. Or did the runner have ample opportunity to slide or veer off but chose to actively come into the fielder like this? Then absolutely FPSR. If egregious, we'll move on to MC as well.
  3. scrounge

    Spin move question

    I think whoever is saying that is totally misinterpreting a 'spin' move where the pitcher does NOT gain ground but merely spins on the free foot - which is a balk - with a jump step or jab step move. As others have said, as long as there's no movement to home first and the pitcher generally gains ground towards first, we're fine.
  4. scrounge

    Guidelines for Intentional Drop

    If you feel that he intentionally manipulated the ball to the ground or otherwise intentionally dropped it, then call it. Allowing to hit the arm or body? Other than sounding extraordinarily stupid and painful, why would they do that and risk it bouncing uncontrollably away? But it would still be your judgment. All they have to do is allow it to drop untouched and we're fine. For HS, consider this case, which directly answers your first question: 8.4.1 SITUATION G: With the bases loaded and one out, B5 bunts a ball in the air. F3 uses the back of his glove to gently knock the ball to the ground where he picks it up and throws to F2 who touches the plate and then throws out B5 at first. RULING: The ball is dead. B5 is out and the runners return. Manipulating the ball to the ground is prohibited. Allowing the ball to drop to the ground untouched is not considered an intentionally dropped ball.
  5. Meh, Hinch was being a little weasel and knew exactly what he was doing. "We have technology to help you get better"? In the 1st inning of a spring training game? STFU, little guy.
  6. scrounge

    Pitched Ball in the Dirt

    Unless for some reason, you think the batter stepped into the pitch or otherwise permitted the ball to hit him, yes. It's just a pitch, just like any other pitch. The only thing it can't be is a called strike.
  7. scrounge

    Some Sort of Record..

    I'll be 43 in....2012
  8. scrounge

    NFHS - Hit by Pitch or ???

    From the description, the kid was clearly taking evasive action to avoid getting hurt. Of course he's getting first base. I have very little patience with absurd coach arguments like this.
  9. scrounge

    Can we talk HSMs?

    I had an All-Star MVP4000 and absolutely loved it. It was well-balanced, protective, and actually cooler on hot summer days if there was even a hint of a breeze. I tried the v1 version of the F3 Defender HSM and hated it. Poor vision, uncomfortable padding, and just didn't feel right. Don't know about the v2 but if you like the fit, I would strongly consider it. I wouldn't touch the Wilson if it was free - that big ole flat forehead is an invitation to a concussion. Contrast it with the much more angular design of the All-Star. Plus heard enough warranty and support issues with Wilson to shy away from them. In my case, I ended up selling my All-Star (along with my Diamond ultra-lite with Team Wendy pads) to finance my F3 traditional mask, which I absolutely love. But if you're thinking of going the HSM route, I wouldn't consider anything other than an All-Star or potentially the F3 Defender if you like the fit. If you can take the cash flow, order both from Ump-Attire or Purchase Officials. Both offer free returns, so no risk to trying them out.
  10. scrounge

    Skunk in the outfield illegal

    How so? For most of that time, no play was being attempted on the runner out there, and when there was one, did he veer more than 3 feet from a line from his outfield spot to 2B? Maybe but not sure from this video. I'm just not sure this was a problem that needed a solution. Did it really violate the rules - or just someone's sensibilities? I'm fine if they want to call it a travesty, it's stupid bush crap, but I think it deserves more than just a short case, to avoid unintended consequences like someone calling it on a runner taking a wide turn or stopping to try and draw a rundown in the 'normal' way.
  11. scrounge

    NFHS Interpretations 2019

  12. scrounge

    What if You KNOW You Don't Know A Rule?

    Good point. If NCAA and MLB would just stop with this nonsense of requiring a Kabuki theater of a live ball only appeal, we'd all be better off!
  13. scrounge

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    To say that since the case said pitcher and first baseman, so it must only apply to that EXACT situation, and to put it in this memo like that, is one of the most insanely pedantic and childishly surly things I've ever seen in this context. But in a way it does highlight the sloppiness of NFHS sneaking it in with a last-minute case and not removing contradictory cases. Just remove the glove from the definition of a lodged ball in the rule if that's what you want to do.
  14. scrounge

    Pitching Limits and Umpires

    In OH, we do not track nor enforce pitching limits either. If a coach thinks there's been a violation, it's strictly between them and the state association office. No other rules other than pitch limits.
  15. scrounge

    Advice for Gear? Younger levels

    Welcome, fellow Ohioan. It's great to have some younger folk in the ranks! My son started out in almost the exact same path - youngsters till he was 18, though he did get certified at 17 so he could do middle school and freshmen games. One thing that helped him - and me starting out - was to scour the local Play It Again or other used sporting goods shops. Honestly, for shin guards, a decent used catchers' set will work just fine. You can often find Champ-Pro guards, as well as All-Star (which I'd much more recommend). Same for chest protectors, though those may be a bit more rare. I found a Wilson Charcoal a few years ago for $30 and a Diamond Ultra-Lite mask for $15.