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  1. scrounge

    Runs scored on appeal play

    Nope, no runs can score if the batter doesn't successfully achieve 1st base. It does take an appeal, but since that happened in this case, it's not really different than if a batter was thrown at first with a runner on 3rd - even if the runner on 3rd crosses the plate before the batter is thrown out, it's still no runs.
  2. scrounge

    Dump the asst. and restrict HC?

    Those in charge being responsible for the actions of their direct subordinates? CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZY, maaaaaaaan. That never happens, except pretty much in every walk of life. Don't like paying the price for having clowns as assistants? Don't have clowns as assistants.
  3. scrounge


    It's not common, but about 4-5 times in the past 8 yrs I've had to call a sun delay on fields where the setting sun was directly in CF and neither I nor the catcher could see the pitch coming in. Usually lasts no more than 15 minutes. Have never done so or faced the problem on bases. I'd just do your best, watch fielders' reactions to find the ball if necessary, but if truly blinded and there are no other options, going to B isn't the end of the world.
  4. scrounge

    Umpire like a Girl

    Yep, other than virtually nothing - from chest protectors to pants to shoes - being designed for them and having to often use ill-fitting small men's sizes, they got it made by saving on that $19.99 cup (and as mentioned, usually using the equivalent anyway).
  5. scrounge

    First time I've ever seen this one

    The description is accurate. In fairness to them, they were in complete shock when it happened and everyone pretty much stopped. They did the best they could....and it turned into a learning opportunity for all of us when the question went up to NFHS
  6. scrounge

    Fed Drop Third Strike

    I don't think so either. Quite the contrary, I think OBR has it wrong on this one.
  7. scrounge

    First time I've ever seen this one

    This actually happened as well in a varsity game in our area last year - it's on youtube even!. It went all the way up to NFHS, who said that since the runner had indeed scored, couldn't get him out but the batter/runner is out on the interference. The ball was bunted and bounced off the sliding runner's back. https://youtu.be/C1_kcF6R364 As to what if there were 2 outs? I'd say that since the third out was made before the B/R made it to first, no run. But that's just my opinion.
  8. scrounge

    Interference question

    Not quite enough information on this one. Where was the ball when the runner ran into the fielder? If it was very close - as in, the fielder could have picked it up without taking more than a step, then this should have been interference on the runner. If it was further then that, then it is indeed 'interference' (more accurately and probably what was actually called, obstruction) on the defender. You stated the runner couldn't avoid, so no malicious contact as described.
  9. scrounge

    Assisting Runner on Dead Ball

    I disagree with this take. The rule was changed to make it an immediate out rather than a delayed dead ball, to align it to a similar outcome as passing a runner. It was overly complex, and this simplified it. Also, the term playing action appears in other areas and does not seem to be 'live ball'. For instance, ejections are made at the end of playing action. One of the cases, 3.3.1TT, has a player hit a HR and get ejected at the end of playing action. If playing action only meant live ball, why woudn't he be ejected as soon as the ball cleared the fence and made the ball dead? Also, consider an appeal and an award during dead ball. The award has to be made and an opportunity for runners to legally advance prior to entertaining any appeal. Playing action in that situation clearly doesn't happen only during a live ball.
  10. scrounge

    Assisting Runner on Dead Ball

    I think BRD overstates and misinterprets the case 3.2.2A. If the rule makers wanted to make assistance to only be a penalty during live ball, why would they not just say that instead of 'during playing action'? The case allows a coach to pick up a tripped runner, which would be preventing the defense in live ball but really isn't impacting the play during a dead ball award. However, preventing a missed base with physical assistance IS impacting the pattern of play and preventing the defense from an appeal. BRD is certainly persuasive, but not authoritative, it's not the rule book. And in this case, barring some direction from NFHS otherwise, I think BRD is wrong.
  11. Yep, I thought Gardy wanted out of that one last night. Once he was ejected, he just calmly walked out, had what looked like a cordial short discussion and took off. Getting his butt whipped on a 35 degree night? He wanted out! On another note, my gosh Kirk Gibson is a boring color guy. Damn near put me to sleep But he was quite fair, acknowledging that those calls were indeed right.
  12. scrounge

    Bat flip extreme

    Oh hells no, he's getting ejected at the end of playing action. This is much more than carelessly flipping a bat per rule 3, it's intentionally using the bat as a weapon AND taunting. He gone in one of the easiest ejections ever.
  13. scrounge

    Catch or no Catch

    If the fielder has 1 foot in play, then he's still in play. Can't say that I've ever seen a below-grade dugout in HS, so not sure it's really any more of a safety issue than any other boundary line in the vast majority of cases.
  14. scrounge

    NFHS - Ejected coach; where must he go?

    The game is suspended, let the state handle it from that point.
  15. there is nothing more pathetic in sport than the half-hearted jog-in from the bullpen