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  1. Missed call?

    Yes, this is incorrect, at least as far as baseball. Awards are from a specified time, either time of throw, time of pitch, or time of infraction. In this case, time of pitch - when the pitcher made a movement committing him to pitch - is the relevant time. As an example, have you ever seen a batter hit a deep fair ball that bounces out of play after he's already past 2B and would have made 3B easily? Even though he may already be past 2B, he still has to go back to 2B on a 'ground rule double'. Well, it's not because of any ground rule, but simply that is a two base award from time of pitch.
  2. Balk

    Pretty much all the regular youth travel in central OH and most of the tournaments are Fed based, with varying degree of local modifications.
  3. Batter turning at first base

    Man, I'm still bitter about the dude that called me out for simply turning slowly left 40 yrs ago when I was a kid!
  4. Batter interference at home plate

    This sounds like a clip that was posted some time ago (or maybe I'm remembering from youtube) from the LLWS....I'm going to disagree with my OH colleague as well, which is rare. The batter made a movement that interfered with the play. He didn't mean to, but he chose...poorly. It does kinda suck, especially at that age, but...
  5. 6A UIL Championship Collision

    Indeed, I have no problem with U1 saying something. I don't have MC, especially after seeing from the other angle and in full speed rather than just the 1B side angle in super slo mo that has all the Facebook warriors screaming ejection. But any unusual situation like this NEEDS our presence, especially with the bit of a staredown at the very end. They need to hear our voice and know we're there watching, or that stare becomes a stareoff becomes a faceoff becomes a shove and here we go.
  6. Getting older vs. getting old

  7. Getting older vs. getting old

    Weirdest...plate meeting...ever
  8. walk off ground rule double

    I don't care, game's over
  9. Champro Magnesium

    An intriguing mask, but at $125 plus $40 for TW pads or other pads, you're right at the F3 price point.
  10. Balk

    Was the runner stealing or did something like breaking hard or anything else that reasonably could have made the pitcher think he was stealing? If so, then it's fine - you can't throw to an unoccupied base UNLESS it's for the purpose of making a play on a runner or driving him back.
  11. Girls fastball

    I believe the term is second year little person, thank you very much...
  12. Coach interference?

    That is colored a bit by the comment and case play in 6.01(d), though, where it states that if you think the coach did all he could do to avoid interfering, no call should be made. But I would agree that the onus is on the coach to actually attempt to avoid, (from 2018 OBR) PLAY: Batter hits ball to shortstop, who fields ball but throws wild past first baseman. The coach at first base, to avoid being hit by the ball, falls to the ground and the first baseman on his way to retrieve the wild thrown ball, runs into the coach. The batter-runner finally ends up on third base. Whether the umpire should call interference on the part of the coach is up to the judgment of the umpire and if the umpire felt that the coach did all he could to avoid interfering with the play, no interference need be called. If, in the judgment of the umpire, the coach was attempting to make it appear that he was trying not to interfere, the umpire should rule interference.
  13. Force3 Defender Mask V1 or V2?

    I was shocked how much I preferred the v2. It's not just lighter but feels more balanced as well, especially with it snug as it's supposed to be. I've just sold my Diamond ultra lite in favor of an F3 v2.
  14. Coach interference?

    Sounds fine to me. If he had the opportunity to move and willfully stood there, knowing he was in the way, that's intentional in my book. Now if he didn't have time to move or reasonably tried to do so, different story. But as you described it, good call.
  15. OHSAA Garb

    getting out of the business?