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  1. scrounge

    Pitch count question

    Indeed, this is entirely state-dependent. Edited to add: in OH, we have no umpire involvement in this issue whatsoever...we don't keep track, we don't enforce, we don't report. If a team thinks there's been a violation, they take it up with the state on their own.
  2. scrounge

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    True, but the overrunning was an announced change, with the rule changed but an old case missed. I can understand that. This is kinda the opposite - no change to rule or existing cases, just a new, contradictory case just appearing out of nowhere. It's reasonable to use the new interpretation, but I'm going to wait for further direction before doing so. And let's face it, this is kind of a unicorn play in the first place!
  3. scrounge

    Ball Stuck in Glove...Lodged?

    Until I see a clarification or official word from NFHS or the state, I'm ignoring the new case. It's in direct conflict not only with long-standing cases still in the book but also the plain letter of the rule as it exists today. If they want to change it, then change the rule and do this in an orderly process, not by sloppily backdooring a contradictory case play under the radar like this.
  4. scrounge

    Car storage

    I just rock out a couple of these in the back of my 2004 Honda Odyssey with the back seat folded down...
  5. scrounge

    On deck batter

    I am mostly on the get on your side perspective, and virtually ALWAYS in a varsity game or anything played on a varsity quality field, but if the fences are that tight and it's customary, then I'll allow flipping. In my experience, that's almost entirely on non-school fields - which I don't really do much anymore.
  6. scrounge

    You Get An EJ! And You Get An EJ!...

    Nearly right there with you, brother.....HS, a few of the bigger summer tournaments (15U and up only) and that's pretty much it anymore. Avoiding the unholy trinity of 10U-12U like the plague!
  7. scrounge

    Question re: Plate Shoes and Schutt HSM

    I too have been boinked on the back by a short backstop, and it didn't injure but it hurt for a bit. For years I had both a TM and an All-Star MVP4000, for those situations (and on hot windy days when it was actually better ventilated). Would probably wear it 20% of the time, less so last few years as the # of games on those older fields has lessened. Now, I have an F3 TM and love it, selling the HSM last year for a deal too good to pass up, but wouldn't wear any TM other than the F3 in place of the All-Star. With all due respect, I have heard on occasion of this research but have never once seen a citation or summary of an actual study. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I simply do not believe it's anywhere near definitive. There's also research on the other side - Brad from All-Star himself posted on these very pages years ago about some of their research. There are some angles and scenarios where a traditional mask is as good or slightly better, according to them, many where the more angular HSM is better. Yes, they were a manufacturer and worthy of a grain of salt, but he at least put his name and rep on it. And the All-Star and F3 HSM are the only ones I'd ever use - very low opinion of the Shock F/X due to durability concerns, the multiple stories of woeful warranty service, not to mention that big ole flat forehead area on it. Frankly, I think the idea of a TM spinning being protective is - well, far more old wives tale than physics. If it spins the wider, flatter TM, it may be a tangential shot that would have either missed a high quality (All Star or F3) HSM altogether or harmlessly glanced off. If it's more frontal, even if there's some spin, the direct force is already transferred to you in either case. I just don' t buy it as a material advantage. I would love for more research - on either side - to be more publicly avail, but I doubt the differences for either (caveat: a high quality example of either, not some cheapie plastic bargain rack helmet or budget TM with light foam) to overcome what someone feels comfortable using.
  8. Well, I started in 2011 and that was the first mandatory year for the new emblem design, which hasn't changed since then. As I remember, there was a 2 year transition period where both the old and the new were acceptable. I think that's more than fair.
  9. Oh, I'd like to add that I did not mean that to come across as angry or overly confrontational, just wanted to clear up the idea that Ohio is making lots of changes or anything. LIke I said, in 8 years I've never had a change in the baseball uniform, having started just after the last one went into effect. I appreciate @MadMax input on this and many other topics.
  10. If you're insinuating that all those things about performance aren't important in Ohio, that is totally unfounded. Baseball uniforms changed right before I started 8 yrs ago, but haven't changed since. Yea, it's navy, but it's one uniform for the entire state, available from multiple suppliers. No differences from the Cleveland associations or Columbus, for example, no need to worry if your old-school partner has black or powder. It's one thing, period, a total non-issue.
  11. This happened 6 yrs ago to a colleague of mine. As far as I know, nothing ever happened to the attacker cop. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2012/06/17/adult-brawl-ends-youth-ballgame.html
  12. scrounge

    Defensive conference

    Yet another instance, though not a huge one, where I think FED is superior to OBR for youth baseball. These aren't professionals, it's entirely appropriate for the coach to be there to teach, as long as it doesn't delay anything. Charging a trip here is unnecessary (NOTE: I am NOT advocating not charging a trip if it's required by rule, as it seems to be in this situation with USSSA, I'm talking about an opinion on the rule itself).
  13. scrounge

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Well....I guess it's something. I have no idea how much actual protection it's giving you, but it beats a cloth ha without the side-eyes you might get from other umpires for a skull cap (which I have no problem with - but you know how people are). Still won't do a thing for protecting the ear/jaw area
  14. Aw, isn't that a shame. Someone get Alex a very tiny violin...
  15. scrounge

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Given the actions of the runner, I don't really care. MC supersedes all of that, so it's immaterial given my judgment that the runner not only made no attempt to avoid but intentionally delivered a punishing blow.