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  1. scrounge

    Potential Bucket Alternative?

    Well....I guess it's something. I have no idea how much actual protection it's giving you, but it beats a cloth ha without the side-eyes you might get from other umpires for a skull cap (which I have no problem with - but you know how people are). Still won't do a thing for protecting the ear/jaw area
  2. Aw, isn't that a shame. Someone get Alex a very tiny violin...
  3. scrounge

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Given the actions of the runner, I don't really care. MC supersedes all of that, so it's immaterial given my judgment that the runner not only made no attempt to avoid but intentionally delivered a punishing blow.
  4. scrounge

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    This, at least to me, definitively proves that the catcher didn't materially move into an unavoidable collision. The runner made absolutely no attempt to do anything other than go in a direct line to the plate, catcher be damned. He had his line and dammit, he was sticking to it. Upward crouch, initiating contact to the catcher's head/neck area, raising his elbow and shoulder in order to deliver a blow, no attempt whatsoever to avoid. What on earth do we need further to say it was MC? Frankly, while I deeply respect those who disagree, I'm troubled they don't see it. And could the PU have had a worse angle? Completely screened.
  5. scrounge

    Shoes for Football

    A lot of guys seem to be buying the UA Ultimate Trainer turf shoe, but I tried it and found the heel drop to be too excessive and flat for me. I went with the UA Deception Trainer, but the tread isn't quite as aggressive as I'd like for grass, especially some of the poorer fields I may see. The NB baseball shoes are very good as well, no reason they can't do dual purpose. I have a pair of Adidas Turf Hogs, but they bend so easily that sometimes I get a mild case of turf toe with them. And they're hard to clean with mesh and a weird matte finish leather/pleather. Honestly, whatever you're using for base shoes will probably work just as well.
  6. scrounge

    NFHS Malicious Contact?????

    Targeting! Hell yes, it's MC. I'm surprised there's even any debate on this.
  7. scrounge

    Dropped 3rd strike

    No, regardless of when the runner from 3rd crosses the plate, if the batter/runner is put out before achieving 1st base, no run can score. Same answer if the catcher had thrown to 3B or 2B to put out the forced runners before they achieved the base to which they were forced to advance.
  8. scrounge

    Pickoff to F5: Balk ?

    It's umpire judgment whether 10-15 ft away from the base is 'close enough' to constitute being 'at the base'. ETA: Doh! Totally didn't notice that you said the pitcher stepped off, thanks @Tksjewelry. So let me amend my answer to say: what she said.
  9. To add on, in OH we only have 1 option for HS games - red t-shirt with navy shirt that has state logo on it. For summer, just match....black and cream are common, but so is powder blue. Some guys have red, but I don't have it so it's never worn in my games . I can't recall ever seeing a navy (blank) shirt in the summer. A good number of guys have the MiLB style powder and black with the white piping, and a small but increasing number have the new MLB style with the charcoal/black panel. And then there are the small % that have....unique....styles, like camo or pink, but don't really ever see that outside of guys that know each other and do kiddie ball. So, to make a long story boring, don't sweat it, just match.
  10. scrounge

    Time between games

    Tell him you'll get there when you get there....that's outrageous. This kind of nonsense really happens on a regular basis? Screw that....
  11. scrounge

    Occupying a base

    The one who came from first. The runner originally on second is the one with the legal right to the base, as he was never forced to leave.
  12. scrounge

    Even 90º+ Gets to the Best of Us

    Someone pretty high up in your association is an idiot, pure and simple.
  13. scrounge

    Vacating a base

    Well, he doesn't have to vacate the base - but if he's tagged before he reaches the base to which he's forced to advance, he's out. In your case, you had what the result should have been exactly right, R2 was out upon being tagged, R1 was out when the base was touched. Now, if that happened in reverse order, the base touched first, then R1 is out on the force, but that then would remove the force from R2, making him safe since he can now legally stay on 2B.
  14. scrounge

    Horrible news - @grayhawk

    dammit, that sucks...please pass on my best wishes
  15. scrounge

    Simulating Delivery & Disengagement

    absent nothing else, like arm movements associated with starting a motion, sounds like nothing....are they really fooled by the back leg coming up? If so, they have bigger problems than not getting a balk call.