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  1. Obstructed View

    18U fall ball game yesterday and working 90' by myself. BR hits a little duck snort down the RF line about 30 feet behind the bag. I also have plate responsibilities with R3 tagging. The OF slopes down/away from infield. I have RF, 1B and 2B all converging and the latter two plus the runner in my line of sight. I lose the ball as it drops below player head level on the horizon. I took a guess it was fair. My guess is I was wrong as the fielders let up their effort when the ball hit the turf. This was the first time I have encountered such a severely obstructed view. I am thinking I don't want the player's reaction to dictate my response, but it may be the best indicator. Should I have waited for them to react? Or, are there other techniques I may have used? All help is appreciated.
  2. Newbie in the Chicago 'Burbs

    Speaking of fun, my first two were more than any adult human being should be allowed, well except maybe four days in Vegas. Game #1 a run-rule; Game #2 won in the bottom of the seventh. I'm hooked, my quad's are paying the price working one-man for the DH, but I'm all in nonetheless. To the bad: Put my shins on the wrong shins and took off the mask with my right hand and signaled "Play" with my left too many times for my liking. (I am a bit ambidextrous, so I need to get my brain straightened out.) To the good: Didn't miss a call, corrected a coach on the IFF (runner on first only? Don't think so) and had another coach ask about the timing of inserting a courtesy runner for the catcher. In this league, it can be anytime and last batted out, so yes coach, the other team can wait if the fast guy behind the slow catcher makes an out...duh...that's a strategy and know your rules! Thanks for all the support. Ros@, apologies for addressing to the crowd as, "Hello, boys". Momma raised me better than that. Still have a lot to learn and working three in a tourney on Saturday...can't wait.
  3. Newbie in the Chicago 'Burbs

    Yes, Fox Valley Blues
  4. Newbie in the Chicago 'Burbs

    West, northwest. I do know its "Play". The coach in me just had to fire one last shot before I go over to the "blue side". And thanks for the welcomes.
  5. Newbie in the Chicago 'Burbs

    Hello, boys! With all the pro guys recently introducing themselves, I thought I'd throw a change up. I am brand new and scheduled to work my first two games tomorrow night. A 13-yo travel DH. I can't wait. When I graduated from college in '84, I seriously thought about packing up the car and heading off to ump school. But, I actually received a job offer in my chosen profession (accounting). So, my umpiring career was put on a 27-year hiatus. Now, it's time. I can't wait. Managed/coached Junior from T-ball through travel and now he is off tossing the ball in college. This has provided me with some free time and I need to be on the diamond. So, I took my tests, joined an association and bought some gear. I can't wait. Through Junior's career, the folks on the hsbaseballweb forums always provided great advice. As I have been lurking on this site for the last two weeks, I think I have found a new home. I have gathered much great knowledge already, so thank you. Looking forward to calling, "Play Ball!" Did I mention I can't wait?